Together we make it through scary times
Wishing us all strength, solidarity and compassion in these difficult times of COVID-19, feeling the pressure and anxiety of an uncertain future and threats we can barely comprehend.

Processwork is built for chaos, and our awareness skills have never been more needed. We need courage and boldness to follow information from all levels of our experience of the coronavirus pandemic. We must catch and work with signals from Consensus Reality, Dreamland, and Essence levels to guide us through impossible times. 

First priority is consensus reality – please follow all guidelines and directions for public health and safety in your local context.  However, dreamland figures and roles are gripping the public debate with even more than their usual power.  

We need discipline and impeccable awareness to embody deep democracy in these times. Use your experiences of momentary one-sidedness, process these vital roles and bring back new information to help facilitate the whole. 
Phase 4 experiences (like despair, depression, exhaustion, illness) will take us to the essence level, like it or not. 

Can we practice Arny’s advice to pick this up ourselves and go there with awareness?

Breathe and let go, drop your everyday awareness, relax into phase 4 and the essence level, even just for a moment. 

Together we will get through this, but it will take focus, love, and dedication. It will take all our skills and metaskills.

Are you helping your community navigate? Write to us so we can share your story.

Support for community learning

In response to this time, PWI is offering free online community opportunities to connect to the dreaming processes and unfold the meaning and resources in these agonizing, terrifying and perhaps transformational experiences. 

Our Dreambody Medicine team Kara, Jai, Pierre and Emetchi are hosting a series of Friday evenings to explore the individual and social of the coronavirus … Suzette and Kara are hosting Art of You - Tuesdays to create as space for creativity and self-care. Jan is offering sessions to support couples in community as our relationships come under pressure. Elva is hosting a series of community meetings for us to come together. And there will be more ...  

Following Oregon public health orders, the PWI building is closed to the public and we have cancelled in person events until further notice. But we will continue to offer our classes and workshops to support Processwork learning and skill development… We thank all who can contribute financially during this time so that PWI can also survive this challenging experience. And reach out if you need options for sliding scale access. 

We hope many will join us at Arny and Amy’s seminar, May 30, and Arny’s supervision June 1st will provide a powerful space for exploration and support via livestream or video recording.  

And see below for other offerings, with more to come, as we seek to share Processwork skills and ideas for this time.

Hellene and all of us at PWI
Hellene Gronda, Executive Director
Ph.D, PW. Dipl, MA, BSc/BA(Hons) 
Hellene has a life-long interest in personal and collective change and has been inspired by Processwork for over 30 years. An experienced leader in government and nonprofit settings she values the deep optimism and courageous spirit of Processwork, and its ability to find creative and unexpected solutions to the most difficult, confusing or inexplicable challenges.
Special Online Dreambody Medicine Forums
Community Space to Process Experiences of COVID-19
Kara Wilde, Pierre Morin, Jai Tomlin & Emetchi

Free of charge ~ No registration required

Fridays, March 27th, April 10th, April 24th, &
May 8th, 7pm-8:30pm PST

Join us for a special series of forums focused on the Coronavirus. In these forums we will explore the link between individual experience of body symptoms with larger cultural and social issues. We hope to bring an atmosphere of exploration, curiosity and enrichment.
More info here !
Community Meetings during extraordinary COVID-19 times
hosted by Elva Redwood

Open space to connect, and to hold and deepen our experiences during these extraordinary times

March 29th, 9-10:30am PST
April 5th, 6-7:30pm PST
April 12th, 8-9:30am PST
April 19th, 6-7:30pm PST
April 26th, 9-10:30am PST

 Online @  
All Hands for Art!
Art of U

with Kara Wilde & Suzette Payne

Tuesdays, March 31st, April 7th, &
April 14th
noon - 1pm PST

Free of charge ~ all welcome ~ no art experience is needed

You are invited to share online community time making art together & exploring the Coronavirus in our lives, or whatever is pressing to you that you would like to deepen. Creativity & community & PW can support us together to deepen & share our wisdoms, which we need. Our Hands and yours to make Art and connect and infect us with hope and our healing imaginations.
More info here !
Processwork in Practice:
Free Online Intro Class with Dawn Menken
Engaging with Dying, Death and Grief

Thursday, April 2nd, 5:30-6:30pm PST

Free of Charge ~ No registration required
Couples in Community:
Navigating Distance and Closeness in the time of COVID-19
with Jan Dworkin, PhD
April 3rd, April 17th & May 1st
9-10:15am & 4-5:15pm PST

We can use this crisis as an opportunity to deepen or reset our relationships and come out stronger. Let’s do this in community, learn from each other and feel less isolated.

Everyone welcome ~ no charge ~ If you are able, donations to PWI appreciated !
Register for one or more sessions. Participants for each session limited to 16!
Last class coming up - still possible to register & receive the first 2 class recordings!
Co-Creating Politics:
Interventions for our Political Discourse
with Dawn Menken

Online Saturday, April 11th,
11am-1pm PST

Read more here !
Email: to register
Online Case Supervision
with Dawn Menken

Wednesdays, 11:00am-12:30pm PST
April 15th, May 13th, June 10th
Wednesdays, 5:00-6:30pm PST
April 29th, May 27th, June 17th

Case supervision provides an opportunity to develop a process-oriented approach to working with individuals, couples & groups by working with real-life examples from participants. Participants will have the opportunity to be selected to present cases from their professional or personal life & receive individualized coaching, while the group observes & learns together.

Who is this for? Professionals or students seeking to refine their counseling, coaching or facilitation practice with a process-oriented approach. Process Work graduates or professionals.

Early registration deadline March 31st
Our Hearts: Worldwork Amidst Globalisation, Colonisation, & Coronavirus
with Stan Tomandl & Ann Jacob
April 21st, May 12th & June 9th
Tuesdays, noon - 2pm PST
Online only

Sliding scale available
Join us online!
New World Leader-Facilitator Training Seminar To Realize Your Greatest Dreams For Our World
with Arny & Amy Mindell

Saturday, May 30th
10am - 1pm & 2:30-5:30pm PST

Our innerwork, relationships, groups and world suffer from persistent conflicts. Come learn more about your own special way to work best and flow with inner problems, relationships, communities, and international conflicts, including coronavirus. Realize your special WORLDWORK STYLE and ALTERED STATE and GREATEST DREAMS!

Early registration deadline May 16th
Arny in Berlin
Online SUPERVISION for Individual, Relationship and Group Processwork:
Support & Learning for a Better World
with Arny Mindell

Focus will be about your personal development and Processwork for individual, relationship, group and organizational situations!

Monday, June 1st, 4:30 - 7:30pm PST

Early registration deadline May 16th
Check out this project from John Ma - MAPOF5 student!
John Ma's organizing community at  Ground Game LA   has started a  mutual aid network  in hopes of bringing the city closer together during these difficult times, so they can help take care of each other!

They raised $30k in 3 days  and now over  $50k!!

They have received (and are responding to) 800 local need requests and support offers.
Read more on Vice Media about mutual aid!

Here's something YOU can do to help!
Sign up on our  mutual aid intake form  to offer Processwork (or other services!) to those in need in LA.   We are receiving many requests for virtual / phone counseling sessions.  We can connect you with our needy Angelenos sheltering-in-place & looking for support!
Here are some mutual aid projects and resources in Portland:

You can find other mutual aid projects by searching the city you are in, coronavirus and mutual aid !
Staying Home Group with Elva Redwood
Private Online Support and Deep Dive Group
for inner work, working on our experiences, and processing our feelings

Mondays, 2-3:30pm PST starting March 30th

In this time of uncertainty, needing to protect ourselves and the most vulnerable among us from the Coronavirus, we also need to tend to our inner selves and emotional journeys. Share your experiences in a safe and supportive atmosphere, receive nourishing support and learn skills to be emotionally well while living with the unknown.

Group fees are by donation, and paying is not necessary.  
Dreaming in Difficult Times
with Elsa Henderson and Amy Palatnick

April 2nd, 1:30-3:30 pm PST, Online
Sliding Scale $10-$20

In this class, you will explore your relationship to a world issue that disturbs you. Through inner work, we will unfold body experiences and nighttime dreams to actively harness subconscious messages. We will then examine how to infuse the wisdom into our lives, consciously applying it to the bigger world issue. 
Class series with Gary Reiss!
in person if safe - updates in June
Dreambody and Deep Bodywork
Saturday & Sunday, July 18th - 19th
Early registration deadline July 3rd

Altered & Extreme States
Saturday & Sunday, September 12th - 13th
Early registration deadline August 29th

Healing History - Working with Personal & Historical Trauma
Saturday & Sunday, November 21st - 22nd
Early registration deadline November 7th

If you would like to attend all courses please call PWI (503-223-8188) to register and receive discount pricing.  
Questions? Talk to Melissa

Remember you can always chat with our Outreach Coordinator, Melissa Perry, to find out more or explore the full range of training opportunities at the Process Work Institute.

Reach Melissa at
Process Work Institute | 503-223-8188 | |