It's Spring! Here's Why We're Excited
With spring just around the corner, we've got organizing on the brain. 

Ok fine, when do we ever NOT have organizing on the brain? Pretty much never. 

But this year, we are pumped up about a number of things. First, thanks to a certain Netflix show, more people are motivated to get organized. 

For us, the really inspiring thing about this shift in motivation is that more people are beginning to understand the profound effect that getting organized can have on their lives. This dawning understanding is, for many, the very first step in the process of creating a simpler life. A life that rejects the need for more and better stuff, and focuses more on creating experiences and memories. One that has processes in place to improve time-management, planning and communication.

Yet paradoxically, the process of simplifying is hard work ! Especially now in our faced-paced, digitally enhanced world. How to do it? Where to begin?

As the artist Hans Hofmann wisely said, "The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak." This looks different for everyone, but a key component of getting organized is this:

Just start. 

Yes, it sounds simple, maybe too simple. But so many people get paralyzed by perfection when thinking about getting organized. They want the beautiful color- coded files or perfect matching jars in the pantry. Sure, t hose things are nice, but they represent about 2% of the actual work. 

In truth, getting organized is ultimately about making decisions. It's about looking to the future and envisioning how you want to live, and then taking one step forward to begin that process. For us, that is something to get excited about. 

If you are interested in hiring a professional organizer, you might find our recent article, 5 Myths About the Professional Organizing Industry, enlightening. If you are thinking about becoming an organizer, read the above article first, then call us - we're hiring!

Happy Organizing!

Portland Resources and Events

Those three items go HERE instead - the garbage bin
Have You Been Committing this Paper Recycling No-No? 

According to our friends at the Master Recycler Program, plastics get a lot of attention for contaminating our recycling, but few realize that a lot of garbage ends up in our paper recycling as well. They inform us that the following three paper products OFTEN are mistakenly placed in the recycling:

- Coffee Cups

- Take out containers

- Freezer containers


We're all about solutions here at OrgNW, so here are some suggestions for what to do to reduce some of that waste creation. 

Coffee Cups: Switch to a reusable coffee cup. Keep a clean one in your car at all times so that you have it handy. 

Take Out Containers: Check out GoBox! This is a subscription-based company providing reusable containers for takeout food.  Use the GO Box app to check out reusable containers with your takeout from any of the 80+  participating food carts and restaurants  in the Portland metro area. More info here!

Freezer Containers: No fix for this other than eating fresh! Talk about motivation!

Free Shred Event
Saturday, April 27th, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Don't feel like shredding your paper page-by-page, old school style? The Beaverton police department will be hosting another free shred event next month, on April 27th. Bring up to three full banker boxes per vehicle. 

The police department will have two commercial-sized shred trucks available on a first come, first served basis. Once they reach capacity, the event will end. 

Date: Saturday, April 27th, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Location: Sunset Presbyterian Church,  14986 Northwest Cornell Road
Beaverton OR
Cost: FREE. Participants are encouraged to bring canned food to donate to the Oregon Food Bank. What a great opportunity to clean out your pantry as well as your old tax documents!

The Secret of Getting Ready for Tax Time 

This guest blog of ours from Smead is always timely at this time of year! 

"Of the two constants in life, taxes have one big advantage over death; we know when they are coming! So why do we often find ourselves putting it off until the last minute? The answer to that question lies in two parts.

Reportedly, one of the chief reasons we delay filing for our taxes is related to being disorganized; we don't know where the papers we need are located, and sometimes we don't even know what they are. We anticipate the search ahead with dread, and putting it off is a common solution.

Additionally, people tend to have a lot of paper clutter related to taxes in the form of files, envelopes and bankers boxes full of statements and receipts. When the volume of this paper clutter gets out of control, it contributes to a feeling of chaos and we become overwhelmed.

Luckily, there is an antidote to the tax blues: you can lessen your burden tenfold when your tax documents are organized and de-cluttered. Not there yet? Set up this new system so that next year, your taxes will be a breeze."

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