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Bank's Oreck Vacuum Tips and Tricks

1.  Change the filter bag when it is half-full. This improves the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner.
2.  Remove, inspect, and clean the brush roll (beater bar). If there are signs of wear, the brush roll should be replaced. Remove hair, lint, and other items entangled on the roll. 
3.  Unscrew the cap on either end of the brush roll (if applicable) and remove any debris inside.
4.  Make sure the brush roll spins freely. If not, lubricate the bearings if possible.
5.  Check the belt for signs of wear - it should be taut and replaced every 6-12 months.
6.  Remove any debris that may have accumulated in the machine's air passages.
7.  With the brush roll removed, look for cracks, unevenness, or worn spots on the interior casing of the vacuum cleaner.  These could be signs of problems down the road.
8.  Clean or replace filters, including HEPA filters, per manufacturers' recommendations, usually every 6-12 months.
9.  Wipe the outer casing of the vacuum cleaner; this helps prevent dust and contaminants from becoming airborne.
10. Bring your vac or shampooer to Bank's Oreck for this stuff plus our 23 Point Full Service including complete disassembly, hot water bath, bearing lubrication and more.
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