Planting Your Spirit Garden

Everything to me right now feels like we're planting our own spirit gardens and it's incredibly liberating and enjoyable to choose the seeds we want to see blossom and learn what each needs to be cultivated and nurtured into fruition...all the while knowing you are Spirit in motion of being and everything you do is a merging of this.

If you've been feeling stuck, now's a perfect time to do some inner and outer Spring cleaning, which can help you to get focused, have greater clarity, and feel inspired and refreshed. 

So whether you literally clean your home, organize, donate, redecorate and shift some furniture around, or do a cleanse, shift your diet, get a hair cut or trim, devote time to being in Nature, let go of people that no longer align, prioritize and restructure your life around optimal well-being, or do some emotional clearing, any or all of these can be extremely helpful in your moving forward with greater ease and vision that will guide your intentions into manifesting.

Not to mention help nourish and prepare the soil to sow the seeds of your passions and dreams.

I felt this blog article I first posted in 2013 and reblogged again in 2014 was important to share again and hope you'll take time to read it if you're interested in manifesting the things you are seeding: 

From what I continue to see and feel in the collective field, resharing about the "loose ends" of The Law of Attraction that are being overlooked seemed relevant to explore again, as it continues to be a feeding ground for many as an unsustainable, quick-fix that in many cases is applied out of fear. 

Everything we've come to know, even if it seems spiritually-based and feels to be new, doesn't mean it is the end-with-all in answer. Keep an open heart, as you explore the depths of your own truth before fully adopting the next spiritual "Secret" just because it's prevalent in the community. 

There are a lot of great insights and tools out there, but the fullness of answers will come in your own exploration, as many just scratch the surface and become new doctrine. I can't express enough how important it is to go within your own heart and use that barometer to align with what matches your personal frequency.


I don't put out regular newsletters anymore, but did feel called to do one for Spring and Easter right now, as it just feels like an incredibly potent time for anything being possible with commitment and certainty of action.

Plus, it just so happens to be a fun and special time of year to me, prolific in bunny love!

That said, and in honor of my own bunny loves, I'd like to put out a reminder that although rabbits are one of the most associated symbols with this time of year, alongside baby chicks, eggs, blossoms, and baby animals in general, please remember that rabbits are not toys and DO NOT make good Easter gifts.

I was reminded of this when I recently drove by a house on a short road-trip we took that had a sign outside that said, "Easter bunnies - $10" and I knew this was going on everywhere in unconscious ways in terms of understanding the effects this can have on the bunnies at each end of the cycle.

So, I thought I'd share some of the compassionate ways and ideas you could gift instead, by sharing some of the wonderful things I've enjoyed and discovered.

Want to share the bunny love while supporting Earth healing?

These are a fav in my life...Eco jewelry made from recycled sterling by Christy Robinson Designs (both on Etsy as crobinsondesign and website www.christyrobinsondesigns.com) that reflect my love for rabbits and the rescue bunnies I've had honor to care for and share life with, but also my love and compassion for our Earth Mother and all of her children. 

I wear all three together cascading like this. 

Christy donates a percentage of sales to different organizations each month, as well as provides 10% off for first-time customers. 

Besides consciously adopting a rabbit, donating or volunteering to a rescue, or making more compassionate life choices, these would make much better Easter gifts than baby rabbits, who are not toys and who entail a commitment for life (which can be at least a 10-year commitment with good care), as well as your devotion to understanding their special needs. 

I plan to do my yearly Easter gift giving by donating to one of my favorite rabbit organizations,
SaveABunny.org  and/or
as they both have ongoing huge medical bills to care for special needs rabbits, those that have been abused in one way or another, and regular daily care needs for all the bunnies they rescue. 

I've been in giddy Easter mode this year very early, loving the Spring energy and of course the bunny love that the symbolism of Spring evokes. I received my Easter chocolates on Spring Equinox in fact, which was amazing alignment of timing.

 I remember when I was a little girl my parents would always give me a big beautiful Easter basket filled with colorful fun gifts, chocolate bunnies and eggs, pink bunny and yellow chick peeps, and a rabbit stuffed animal (also a more compassionate Easter gift for a child than a living rabbit that involves much more than thinking the bunnies are cute and then abandoning them, neglecting them, or dropping them off at shelters when they grow up and you become bored or frustrated with their sensitivities).

I've missed my Easter basket and goodies over the years, but this year I wasn't going to go without so I gifted us some yummies and fun to celebrate this new energy I'm feeling in overdrive.

This included some bunny themed gifts and a bunch of chocolatey yum!!

Thanks to Coracao Chocolate whom you can find at www.coracaoconfections.com for their amazing  organic vegan chocolate Easter assortment of 5 that come in a lovely box and includes the cutest little tangerine cream hen, salted caramel egg, and mulberry heart along with two other amazing chocolates pictured on my equally amazing rabbit appetizer/dessert plate (another Spring gift to me that came in a set of 6 in blue, green, and pink) and also their larger 3 egg assortment that comes in a sweet bag with Easter grass. 

Also thanks to Lake Champlain Chocolates from Vermont for their organic vegan Easter bunnies! It's been years since I had a chocolate bunny! Not all of their chocolates are vegan, but they have an assortment of choices at the link, including what I found in my searches to be some of the cutest vegan bunnies out there.

All vegan and without harm to any animals, especially bunnies!
Offerings & Updates

I recently shared a blog post that laid things out clearly about the services and products I no longer offer and clarified what I DO now offer ONLY. 

This includes:

  • Intuitive Energy Guidance/Coaching Sessions (only 2 clients per 5 weeks with exception of April with 3 clients and custom created sessions with already established clients - I've been booked March and April - taking off May - and can take bookings for June if interested. I may only offer this for another few months to NEW clients.
  • Magick Crystal Wands (which I started channeling recently) - all 4 of the first creations (pictured above in the middle) are spoken for, but I will be creating more, as well as taking custom commissions of these too. So keep an eye out on my blog for the new pieces. They went rather quickly.
  • Limited Reiki workshops this Summer in Lake Tahoe - I've opened this to teaching maybe 2 workshops this Summer while I'm here and am in process of figuring out scheduling with this and contacting people who had inquired, so if you're interested (whether local or traveling from out of the area), please message me with your availability so that we can get those on the calendar, as I tend to have my schedule fill quickly. Past students are welcome to audit for free and students from other teachers are more than welcome if you feel so called to further your training or would like to review your training. Contact me to customize things and rates to your needs.
We are heading out tomorrow for Sedona, AZ through the 9th, so I wanted to get this newsletter out before then. Some very exciting things are taking place, so it's an extremely momentous trip. It should be beautiful there right now with Spring blossoms in the high desert too.

Speaking of exciting, HUGE movement has taken place for us here and it's definitely mirroring that Spring has SPRUNG! It always seems like it's overnight, but in fact it's all been percolating and being worked on behind-the-scenes, so doing your groundwork and internal processing IS huge in manifesting.

And May is Australia time! Very excited, as we've both (Dave and I) not been there before.

Dave has been invited as key and only speaker for the 2017 Voiceless Animal Law Lecture Series. They basically created this 2-week, 7-city event around him and his book Meatonomics, which is a huge honor for this exclusive Australian Lecture Series.

He'll travel ahead and I'll join him on the 10th, as I have my own goals to meet during his lecture tour, and with him being very busy, it made more sense to meet him once he's free. Then we'll be on an adventure driving a little over a 1000 miles from Melbourne to Brisbane through the 28th.

We had first planned to add on travel to Easter Island, but decided instead to create a whole later adventure around that, Christmas Island and South America without rushing through Australia or these amazing places. Looking forward to that too.

Anyway, there's a good chance I'll be having quite the meetup while near Melbourne, as about 15 or so years back my Grandpa discovered that his Uncle who is just 4 years older than him, lived there. When my Grandpa was still alive and in his 80's he traveled to visit his Uncle and family there for the first time. The event was written up in the local newspaper because it was such a huge thing for long lost Uncle and Nephew, just 4 years apart, being reunited for the first time.

Well, this Uncle, who is my Great Great Uncle is still alive and 102 years old (my Grandpa passed at nearly 97). So, my dad is contacting him and family to arrange a meeting for me and Dave. It will be quite something!

So lots of movement and adventure upcoming, alongside what has already taken place, TBA.

In the meantime, I will have the first draft of my book completed before heading out to Australia. A goal, I WILL meet. I'll still have a lot of reworking, editing, etc. to do on it when I return, as it's all quite the process, but that's all the icing on the cake (the story itself). 

That's been my focus, alongside what I mentioned above, and am also doing the energetic groundwork that will cultivate other new creations/offerings to manifest, which includes a very large, long-term vision I've received that will take my energy and time to manifest.

This is why I've continued to limit my energy output in other areas and will continue to make adjustments or cut out things, as needed. 

The next newsletter, which likely won't be until June/Summer Solstice time will likely have a bunch of announcements, including a surprise unfolding, but like all things these days I like to let things anchor within before focusing energy without. That's where the magick is and allows for things to take form without diffusing energy.

These gorgeous yellow daffodils have gifted a beautiful fragrance and presence to us recently - a wonderful sign that Spring has arrived and everything is fertile with fresh, new potential. Daffodils not only infuse joy and inspiration into our hearts, but help us embody the essence of vitality, renewal, clarity, awareness, and creativity.

May you find joyful expressions of passion flowing through and inspiring your life anew!


Tania Marie

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