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Tuning up the helicopter before the flying season

Happy Spring! 
It's hard to believe, but that gorgeous weather on the weekend wasn't just a pleasant dream! It's really here, and we've got a Spring Special to make sure you get all your big seasonal chores done! 

Don't forget, Buddings is closed Good Friday and Easter Monday (April 6 and 9), but we've got lots to do in the meantime, including sharing photos with families, making a video, and celebrating the final stage of Lawrence's license.  

It's time to roll up our sleeves and get cracking!
See you out there!

PS, If your family is new to Buddings, check out our Blog article: Packing your Buddy Bag for tips on what to bring. 
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Spring Special: Buy 3, Get 1 FREE
Buddings supplies cutlery
Photos to share
Probation Period over for Lawrence
Buddings Video Casting Call
Free Vision Screening
Spring Special: Buy April, May & June hours to get July FREE!

Spring cleaning, spring planting, seasonal shopping, and a hundred other activities that we add to our To-Do lists as the weather gets warmer. Buddings wants to make sure you have time to do it all!

Until April 15, when you purchase any hour packages for the Spring months, we'll give you the same package in July for FREE! 

And with Buddings, as soon as you've paid for the time, you can book the hours, even three months in advance, so if you know you've got an appointment you need covered, you can buy into that month and get it booked ahead of time! 

Buddings supplies cutlery!

We're always impressed with the snacks kids bring into Buddings. Healthy treats, home-made meals, and lots of fruit make for happy, growing children. One thing you can leave in the drawer, though, are the forks and spoons. We don't mean to, but when we toss the dirty dishes and cutlery in the sink after snack, it can be challenging to remember which spoon was whose, and our collection seems to be growing. 
If you're sending yogurt, or pasta with sauce, or even a bowl of sliced fruit, you can count on us to include a spoon or fork when we set the table. Teaching table manners is a part of our job, and we love encouraging our little buddies to be big kids when they eat. 

If the special rubberized spoon, with the stars and moons, that your child loves to use does end up coming to Buddings, please make sure it had your child's name or initials on the handle somewhere so we can make sure it goes home again, too. :)
Photos coming soon!  

Just wanted to let you know that we've been testing out some different ideas for how best to share the photo collection we've been gathering with all the families who come to Buddings. Obviously, it needs to be private, convenient, and easy-to-access, but we know you guys are a computer savvy bunch. We've got a couple of options on the table, including:

  • Email service called SmileBox, where photos are sent to your inbox
  • Password protected Flickr site, that you would visit as desired
  • Invitation to a password protected Drop Box folder
If you have other easy, accessible photo sharing options that you'd recommend, please let Talia know, as we would like to get this in place for the end of March. (Incidentally, we've been sorting through the photos we have and you're going to love what we've come up with.)  

Probation Period Complete for Lawrence, ECE.
Parents may be interested to know that Early Childhood Educators (ECE), as well as going through an accredited program for their education, also have two levels of license after they graduate. As a Newly Licensed Educator, ECEs work under an experienced manager, and must acquire 500 hours of supervised work before they can apply for their full, 5-year license. 
With 10 hour days at Buddings, it's no surprise that Lawrence will have his hours cinched by the end of this month, and we're pleased to be filing his application in early April. Congrats, Lawrence! Two short years to go from a Restaurant Equipment Broker and Sales Manager to a Daycare Owner and Educator. Way to go!
Buddings Video: Casting Call! 
Now that we've had some time to figure out what it is exactly that makes Buddings special to the kids who come here, we want to share it with the world! Or... at least on YouTube. 

Of course, none of us are particularly skilled video editors, so we'll be counting on the kids to help us make a short video that makes Buddings look awesome. Over the next couple of weeks, we're going to collect some footage of the centre in action, and if we get some cool shots of your child, we'll touch base to see if you mind if we use it. If you'd prefer not to have video of your child taken, please feel free to let Talia know.  

Once we get it all put together, we'll send it out to you, too, so you can see firsthand what your kids are up to during their time at Buddings. We can't wait to see what happens!
Spot Light


We truly love to see parents choosing cloth diapers for their children, and when it comes time to potty train, we wonder if you knew that cloth pull-ups are available, and look even more like "big kid" underpants than disposables, for an extra motivational push. Bumbini is a local Vancouver distributor with a wide variety of styles.

Free Vision Testing for 3 year olds
If your child is 3 years old, it may be time to have his/her eyes tested. A quick and painless vision screening at this point can catch early signs of problems, in time to correct minor issues. Undiagnosed vision problems are a difficult handicap for school-age children, often leading to disruptive behaviour, but a free screening is easy, and can be scheduled at one of seven locations in Vancouver. Call to book your's: 604-654-2640. 

Note: the Vancouver Audiology Centre is located on the 3rd floor of the BCAA building, at 999 West Broadway, and has dates through to June. They're right across the street from Buddings, so you could make an appointment before or after your next visit. 
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