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Spring is Finally Sprouting
Just starting to trickle in  from the Pacific Northwest, are the unique and exotic produce of spring. Feast your eyes on nature's delicious bounty and talk to your Samuels Agent for more information.

Fiddleheads Ferns
Fiddleheads are the crunchy tightly coiled tips of ferns. They have a herbaceous flavor, similar to asparagus, artichoke, and spinach, with a hint of nuttiness and umami. This plant is often steamed but is best when sautéed especially with bacon or prosciutto.

Wild Spring Onions
Very similar to scallions, Spring Onions are  harvested before the bulb swells. Spring Onions are more subtle and sweeter than its more intense cousin. While they can be used in  the same way as regular onions, they will wow your guests grilled, roasted whole, or used like pearl onions.

Miner's Lettuce
This precious,  delicate lettuce has a mild, sweet flavor with subtle earthiness. Gold miners ate it to prevent scurvy because of its high vitamin C.  Now we enjoy it in a salad, or as an accoutrement. It's also a great addition to sandwiches, soups, stews, or pureed into sauces.

Stinging Nettles
A type of edible weed, Nettles need to  be exposed to hot liquid for a few minutes to neutralize their sting. Afterwards, they are enjoyed in soups, pastas, and pesto. Nettles also can be used as a substitute for spinach, and, have a spinach-like flavor with crisp cucumber notes. Please Be careful and wear gloves when handling raw.

Double Drum
Our lovely Mauritius fish are in full swing! Customers have been delighted by the two species of Drum, Red Drum and Dusky Kob, aquaculture raised in the Indian Ocean off the beautiful Mauritius Islands.  The unique geography and temperate climate of Mauritius provides a perfect, pristine environment for aquaculture operations. The site was selected after extensive surveys to ensure excellent water quality while protecting the environment. This gives the fish their distinctly amazing flavor. Dusky Kob are delicious with a juicy and firm meat, while the similar Red Drum has a mild, sweet flavor, firm flesh & large, moist flakes.

The fishery is also certified with the Global Gap, and Friends of the Sea. A key consideration in all aspects of the company is to protect and enhance the environment while providing high quality, tasty fish. This fully integrated company also has full control from hatchery to processing ensuring traceability. Whole fish and skin off or on fillets available. Please contact your Samuels Agent to add these beauties to your menu!

Fresh Updates
Reel in the "Great Catch" featured in this week's Market Update.  In the meantime, Snow Crab availability remains decreased due to high demand overseas and quotas being cut in Canada. Canada is also experiencing colder temperatures, which is limiting Canadian Atlantic Salmon.  In addition, there is high demand in Asia for Norwegian Salmon.  Samuels has the freshest, best variety of Atlantic Salmon, however, prices are up a bit. 

We recommend taking advantage of Nordic Halibut on monthly special as east coast Halibut season generally tightens up with cold weather. We're also anxiously waiting for Spring when Lobster availability will improve.  During a period of limited landings, Swordfish is also in high demand, but we expect conditions to be in good shape again within the next few weeks.  Overseas, Iceland has been enjoying good fishing conditions and we have beautiful Cod, Pollock, Haddock, Redfish, and Wolffish.  If you're looking for exotic fish, ask about pre-ordering awesome fish such as east Atlantic Rouget, Scorpionfish, domestic Abalone, Nordic Cod Cheeks, Japanese Mystery Boxes and more!

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