The Spirited Woman
SPRING is about moving forward. A transformational time of the year to read an uplifting book and be inspired. On our Spring Top 12 Book Pick list, we've included an array of authors to help you be inspired. We urge you to support these spirited talents! Save this list all year round! A great book resource for you.
THE HIGH PERFORMING WOMAN - Holistic executive coach, Susan Treadgold has written this book with you in mind. You're an action stranger to success. But you simply want more. More energy, joy, be fully engaged in your work, relationships and health. Inside, you'll find 52 Take Action Tips for you to consistently live from your best self. Amazon.

SOUL SELFISH: THE AWAKENING OF A "GOOD GIRL" - Jane Wyker's entertaining memoir shows that happiness comes from within rather than looking to others to supply it. Through insightful, spiritually uplifting stories, Jane slays personal demons many have yet to confront, inviting you to connect with your authentic self - your soul, and happiness. Visit for her quiz and blogs. Amazon
EMBRACED BY THE DIVINE - THE EMERGING WOMAN'S GATEWAY TO POWER, PASSION AND PURPOSE - a #1 Amazon Bestseller by Michelle Mayur. Exceptional female co-authors from four continents bare their soul in this inspirational anthology filled with juicy journeys, spiritual gems, practical tools, meditations and divine guidance. Gain inspiration, confidence and self-empowerment to actualize your dreams, no matter what life throws at you! Amazon.

WHAT WOULD LOVE DO RIGHT NOW? - A GUIDE TO LIVING AN EXTRAORDINARY LIFE - Living from your heart is possible! Victoria shares her philosophy about the power of love, forgiveness, making amends, and emotional healing in areas that effect your quality of life today - family, career, romance, health, finances, and self-expression. Live the life you were born to live! Amazon.
GLUTEN FREE ALCHEMY: THE HEART & SOUL OF CREATING GLUTEN FREE GOODIES - by Joan Bender, Certified Health Coach, is more than a cookbook. Bring a magical transformation to your relationship with food and the gluten free lifestyle. Look within to enjoy delicious, nutritious, gluten free goodies that feed your body, mind and soul. Amazon.
THE GREEN MEDICINE CHEST: HEALTHY TREASURE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY - is an all-inclusive guide for families to build optimal health using medicines from the Earth. Combining cutting-edge modern medical science and ancient natural remedies, Dr. Boice has used this approach throughout her career to help thousands of people with an array of health issues. Amazon.

UNFOLDING THE MYSTERY OF SELF - WE ARE NEVER ALONE - illuminates wisdom from spiritual teachers, insights from mystical experiences, to awareness of The Divine, revealing our possibilities. Illusion of the material world melts, communion with angels, ancestors and masters becomes common when Lynne Cockrum-Murphy shows we are all always guided. Intuitive awareness and self-realization are available to everyone. Amazon.

WHOLEY COW A SIMPLE GUIDE TO EATING AND LIVING - is an easy guide to follow that is straight to the point. It is geared to help anyone, including those with an iron deficiency, to live healthier and happier. The book contains 7 guiding principles, which touch on all areas of well-being, from making healthy food choices, activity, mindset, and spirituality. Amazon.

GOOD THINGS EMOTIONAL HEALING JOURNEY: ADDICTION - Often when we are under stress we choose an unhealthy habit or substance to get quick relief. This workbook empowers you to cope with life's adversities in a healthy way, by offering effective strategies, journaling opportunities and progress inventories that enable you to become skilled at managing life's adversities. Workbook includes a handmade affirmation card. Amazon.

GET POSITIVE LIVE POSITIVE - by Melinda Carver. Transform your life! Explore the 5 variants that cause negative behaviors and attitudes that sabotage you in love, family, career and sacred space. Discover the free or inexpensive tools that you can use to clear the negativity from your life. Create the most beautiful life for yourself today! Amazon.


WHERE'D MY CONFIDENCE GO...AND HOW DO I GET IT BACK? - the self-help book for anyone who's ever doubted herself, hesitated, dwelled on past failures or choked when given an opportunity to speak up or take on a leadership role. In this fun, practical guide you'll be inspired, emboldened and ready to be your full-throttle, confident self with no apology! Amazon.

THE NEW FEMININE EVOLUTIONARY - reveals the deep essences that run throughout this movement of women who are changing the world. This book is bold, fearless, and resonates with honesty. Each author brings her unique chapter with stories and wisdom-reaching out a hand and lighting the way for you to step onto the path of transformation. Available on Amazon.

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