The Spirited Woman
SPRING is such a great time to be uplifted, read about transformative subjects, and to learn more. On our Spring Top 12 Book Pick list, we've included an array of gifted authors to help you be inspired. We urge you to support these spirited talents! Save this list all year round! A great book resource for you.
DREAM BIG - shows how one woman's determination to overcome her fears and insecurities pushed her to heights she never knew existed! Kathy Tuccaro takes you on her journey fighting her way through years of sexual abuse, violence and trauma. Experience her incredible transformation as she believes in herself again - recognizing the potential that lay dormant inside her for so many years!

I AM HER DAUGHTER - THE HEALING PATH TO A WOMAN'S POWER - by Licia Berry addresses the unhealed Mother Wound in women, in culture, and in the world. The author shares her personal healing and offers strategies for women to reclaim their birthright of love and acceptance, deep nurturing experiences of archetypal mothering, and messages of hope to heal the global Mother Wound.

ONE LOOP AT A TIME - Meryl Cook turned her wake up call into wellness through writing and rug hooking. Explaining the meaning behind each rug, Meryl shows how tapping into creativity and Chakra colour theory led her to healing and finding her authentic self. Filled with powerful tips for readers to begin their own creative healing journey. Amazon 

WE WHO TOOK A LEAP - FROM WHERE OUR MOTHERS LEFT OFF - by Pam Burns-Clair, MFT. A book of interviews exploring how a few mid-life women have made a giant departure in and our journey as women is distinguished from our mothers' journeys...yet how we've gleaned from their virtues, the seeds they planted that have contributed to who we are.


REMEMBERING WHO YOU REALLY ARE - "Ronda LaRue is on par with author Eckhart Tolle... This is the most honest and well thought spiritual awakening book I've read!"- Amazon Reviewers. People travel from around the world to directly experience self-healing breakthroughs with Ronda's guidance applying her SoulArts Awakening in everyday life. This book is perennial wisdom at its poetically poignant best.
CONVERSATION WITH MOTHER GODDESS - There is a call inside of you! A remembrance you feel but don't know how to access. This call is the energy of your Mother of Creation. Denied from day one, she fell into oblivion. Resurging now full force, she wants to help activate that dormant consciousness still unexplored to truly be whole, powerful and fulfilled.

THE NEW RULES OF SEX - A REVOLUTIONARY 21ST-CENTURY APPROACH TO SEXUALITY, RELATIONSHIPS, AND LOVE - by Lauren Brim. Most of us are living with an outdated, incomplete and suppressive model of sexuality that has limited our happiness, pleasure and relationships. It's time for a new sexual education. It is time to rewrite the rules for sex. Amazon 
WOMEN AND THE LIBERATING JOURNEY OF AGING - Welcome to an amazing journey - envisioning ways to positively transform cultural views that are limiting for you, a maturing woman! Marilyn Loy Every honors your story as valuable, empowering and rich with wisdom. Discover deeper authenticity, visualize your life journey as extraordinary and ignite potential for an even more dynamic life! 

THE TAO OF SUDOKU- YOGA FOR THE BRAIN™ - Both a profound philosophy and fun puzzle book, it stretches your mind and nourishes your soul. The 100 easy to intermediate puzzles that come with inspiring quotes, making every page is a challenge to be solved and meditation for self-realization. Winner of three book awards, The Tao of Sudoku invites you to play! 

SUCCESSFULLY MIDAIR: HOW TO NAVIGATE YOUR LEAP OF FAITH AND LAND IN THE LIFE YOU WANT - What IS "MidAir?" It's that feeling that life is happening TO you. Being Successfully MidAir means that you have stopped flailing around in fear, anger, etc. and have taken control of your experience. This gorgeous book is a "tool" to help you do that - powerfully and purposefully! Amazon
LEADING WITH WISDOM:  SAGE ADVICE FROM 100 EXPERTS - is based on interviews with top leadership thought leaders by Jann Freed, PhD, a leadership development and change management consultant. Chapters are based on themes that emerged from the research, such as Workshop Suggestions and Personal Development Suggestions making it a practical and timeless resource for leading one's life and work with wisdom.  

THE BRAVEHEARTS GUIDE - You've been through a hellish life change and you're in need of a hand to help you reclaim, recreate & revolutionize. Nancy Sherr, an authority on Midlife Personal and Professional Reinvention delivers an exceptionally motivating, well-researched roadmap stocked with actionable tools, techniques and inspiration to guide you through to gracefully navigate the chaos of epic change.   
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