The Spirited Woman
SPRING is a time to blossom and grow. Our Top 12 Pick List is filled with every woman visionaries who will help you with unbridled enthusiasm and inspiration. We urge you to support these spirited women. Save this list! A great resource tool for you.
ANGELA MURRAY - CREATIVE ADVENTURER & GUIDE - guides you gently through her magical process to re-ignite your intuitive, creative self and begin LIVING LIFE IN COLOUR ®. Be guided back to playing freely, having fun, letting go of perfectionism and meeting your inner artist. Join her for the journey of your lifetime - the journey back to a confident creative you. Facebook .

CREATOR OF "THE INSPIRED DIVORCE PROGRAM" - Sara Loos believes that, with spiritual tools and practices, divorce can be a catalyst for extraordinary growth and change. She is a healer, empowerment coach and divorce mentor. She helps women worldwide to break free of pain and doubt and to create a life of authentic joy. Learn more at
JOANNE KOENIG-MACKO - is an international artist, coach, author and dynamic lecturer. This spirited, intuitive facilitator has coached 6,000+ clients globally. Her etheric, visionary art is shipped worldwide. Joanne is the first recipient in the world to receive a prestigious award by best-selling author and philanthropist, Barbara Marx Hubbard. Her greatest love is in creating that which can help the world.


PAMELA HAWKINS - is an art medicine woman and intuitive guide who helps you creatively navigate significant life passages and bring forth your true Self in a way that is empowering, magnetically radiant, and deeply unique. She's a passionate advocate for the experience you'll have when you make the potent connection between your natural creativity and fulfillment, vitality, wealth, healing, and transformation.

DAWN SINKULE, CEO OF VIRTUAL POINT SOLUTIONS - is an MBA graduate, with more than 16 years of corporate experience working for a Fortune 50 company. Dawn and her team, work with passionate six and seven figure business owners who want to plan, grow and explode their businesses online. You'll be satisfied your business is heading in the right direction.

MAURA SMITH - Helping Coaches and Holistic Practitioners experience More Time, More Meaning and More Impact. Shift out of disillusionment in your business by getting clear on who you are, what you want and develop the inner foundations to create your aligned business and lifestyle. Fully experience life and express yourself in ways that you feel valued, fulfilled and truly alive.
GIGI SCHILLING, FOUNDER OF SOAGELESS - A leading expert and author in the art of being ageless, Gigi has been inspiring women over 50 (and men) to not feel invisible, to not suffer from self-ageism and to love their age. She also writes about finding love at 50 and beyond. Her mantra: Love is ageless and so is the over 50 bride.

MARLENA TANNER, RDN, CEDRD-S - In a private practice born out of her own eating disorder, Marlena teaches women and girls that recovery is possible. As an RDN and creative journal expressive arts coach (CJEA), Marlena spreads hope, self-love, and awareness. She teaches clients how to eat in a balanced, inclusive, and joyful way. She reminds you to "Nourish Yourself with Love."  
KATHRYN WISEMAN -  Founder of Fulfilled-Life Coaching. You matter. Body, soul, spirit - the whole of you matters. I believe you have been uniquely created by exquisite design to fulfil Gods purpose on this earth. It all begins with knowing who you are, how you shine, and your next step to take. Visit downloads, courses, books and more.

CHERIE LINDBERG, LPC OWNER OF GET CONNECTED COUNSELING & CONSULTING, LLC - has been in the counseling field for more than 20 years. Cherie uses Brainspotting to support highly motivated individuals in shifting old patterns that get in the way of their dreams. My life purpose is to inspire others to intentionally build new habits to transform their lives.

NADIA MUNAROLO-KURJATA, MAKER, SEEKER, GUIDE - "Be yourself, create art, everyday." Artist, Guide and Yoga Teacher passionate about creating art and guiding others to experience the healing power of art. "I believe art heals and art moves you." Offering in person or online guidance, in a group or one on one. Check out all her art, products and offerings at
MARY STEVENSON, VEDIC ASTROLOGER AND AUTHOR - Your Vedic Birth Chart is like a Blueprint of the plan you brought into this lifetime. I enjoy describing what your chart reveals to me, which may provide fresh new insights for your personal and professional life. My readings include individual charts or couples' compatibility sessions, with tools that can improve your relationships.


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