The Spirited Woman
SPRING is generally a time of new beginnings. In this unprecedented time simply put - we need each other more than ever. Reaching out is essential for many of us. Our Top 12 Pick List is filled with women visionaries who will help, support, and inspire you. We urge you to support these spirited women. Save this list! A great resource tool for you all year round & beyond.
CAROLYN COOPER - is a speaker, author, and creator of the SimplyHealed Method, a unique energy healing method that transforms negative emotions, limiting beliefs and ancestral energetic patterns quickly and gracefully. Carolyn's grounded and practical approach teaches people to trust their own intuitive gifts, and create a fulfilling healing business. She offers weekly "Energy Shots" on her SimplyHealed youtube channel.

ANNA KOWALSKA - I guide women entrepreneurs who feel imprisoned by the business they created. Jumping to a new strategy, new model, feel stuck. What they are really yearning for is a business that fills their soul, as much as the bank account, in alignment with their unique soul purpose and design, so they can be on purpose and prosperous.
LYNNE SHERIDAN - is an international transformational trainer, couples guru, speaker, and author - essentially, a Modern-Day Radical Fairy Godmother. With nearly 30 years of delivering and designing powerful Couples retreats, life-altering trainings and needed life interventions, Lynne is passionate about people living authentically and delivering the results that matter most. With three full-time careers, Lynne models 'having it all.'
YOUR WRITING MENTOR, MARY E. KNIPPEL - uses her 35-years as a journalist to support those who are blocked in writing to find the freedom to know they have the ability to write, to have compassion for their struggle, and to give themselves permission to recognize that now is the time to let their creativity shine.

ARE YOU LIVING YOUR VERY BEST, VIBRANT LIFE? As a healthy living advocate and best selling author, Carol Fitzgerald's passion is to empower and inspire women
to live healthy & fulfilled lives. Her ultimate goal is to serve people and make a difference in the lives of others, even if only one person at a time.

SUE BROOME - is a gifted, intuitive healer and spiritual guide who works with Angels and the Divine. Her kind, gentle and compassionate way of connecting with others allows for a safe and healing energy that can help create amazing and lasting transformations in one's self. Products and virtual services available, including her latest deck - Angels Are Everywhere.

DR. KIMBERLY SCHEHRER - is a Teen Breakthrough Expert and education specialist. She counsels and nurtures teens to lead their lives according to their values, with an unstoppable mindset, so they can confidently achieve their dreams, get college ready, and feel empowered. Online courses, 1:1 coaching/counseling and group programs for teens.  FREE 30-minute session to address one of your teen's BIGGEST challenges.
DARCY PARISO - is an animal communicator, healer and medium. Darcy shares messages from animals in our lives and those in spirit. Through radio, classes, and private readings, Darcy honors their request to "tell them who we are." Darcy's passion is helping you deepen your relationship, share your animal's needs and insights and prove their love for us never dies.

KAS SOBEY BA, CH - is the founder and creator of Inner Harvest. She assists in finding the uniqueness within each person, guiding them towards their inner power and wholeness. Kas is certified in Hypnotherapy, NLP and Core Transformation. Including SoulCollage®, JourneyCircles™. She is a Veriditas trained Labyrinth Facilitator. Kas facilitates workshops that deeply inspires her as well as many others.
SHARON EDEN M.A. - THE WILD ELDER - Psychotherapist-Alchemist-Guide inspires women who don't want to die with a wasted life to manifest what they desire in a no-bullshit way! No more feeling unsatisfied, something's missing or disconnected. Be soul and divine feminine aligned, confident, powerful and embodying love. A woman of worth creating your life for your own and the greater good.
KATH ROBERTS - As an intuitive, color therapist, creator and certified coach, I use color to help others reconnect with their true nature. Color bypasses the conscious mind - getting to the root of patterns that keep us stuck. The Color Mirrors oils literally reflect back to us our blocks. I offer a free quiz and 4-part video series as a starter at
JITKA BERNARDOVA, EMPOWERING COACH FOR WOMEN - helps those who feel broken, anxious, and constantly overwhelmed to live their lives confidently and fearlessly. She teaches them to take advantage of their highly sensitive nature and use their gifts, so they can find the courage to answer their higher calling and express their deep desire.
Every woman on this pick list has made a difference for women. If you would like to be featured or recommend another Spirited Woman for our next list, call Nancy @ 805-698-3555 or [email protected]. Our Top 12 Pick List logo is a symbol of recognition for inspiring and supporting other women.