We've got spring sprouts in store for you
Sprouting Spring
Many people are new to sprouting. If you have questions about sprouting, there are several guides available on the site. You can always reach out to me through the contact us page.

Sprout Lady Rita (aka Rita Galchus)
and The Veggie Queen (aka Jill Nussinow)
will hold a sprouting class on Zoom this month.
It is a two part class that will go through some
basic sprouting techniques.
Registration for the class is required.

On Monday April 19th at 4 pm PDT, we will help you get your sprouts going, with background info. On Earth Day, April 22nd at 4 pm PDT, we will see the results of your sprouting, providing recipes for using the sprouts, both raw and cooked. 

Here is the link that will take you to registration details:
Registration closes April 8.
The price of the class includes
1/2 pound of Jill's Sprout Salad
1/2 pound of Best Bean Mix
and 1 sprouting lid
shipped to you from
See you there!

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Sometime in the recent past, I made our usual once a week stir fry thinking I had some already cooked rice in the refrigerator. After the search was over and I could not find the rice, I reached for the Soba noodles only to find their place was empty, too. As I asked myself "What are you going to do, Sprout Lady?" my eyes fell upon the jar of mature Sprout Lady Rita's Favorite Bean Mix sitting on the kitchen counter. I warmed them up a bit and served the stir fry over the mix. My husband and I enjoyed that meal so much, we have substituted the bean mix in almost every dish I usually serve with rice. Sprout Lady Rita's Favorite Bean Mix - a versatile side dish.

Stay safe. Be well. Keep Sprouting!
Have you been following The Sprout House Blog? March included the steps needed to grow Mung Beans Fat and Tender like you find at restaurants and salad bars. They have a high water content and can easily be used as a basis for salads, or add them to a saute of veggies.
As I look out my window I see our resident birds setting up nests and it lightened my heart to think of green, spring shoots ahead in life. 

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