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New Video Clip!
DMT in the Schools
This is an edited sequence from The Moving Child film, (a film about the role of movement in healthy child development) which is not yet complete. This clip features Dance-Movement Therapy as applied with children in elementary schools in Madison, WI as demonstrated by therapists from Hancock Center for Dance/Movement Therapy. It demonstrates the positive relationship between movement and learning. View video here.
More info about this project, The Moving Child.  

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DD Class figures 
Movers & Shakers: A Movement and Socialization Class for Adults with Developmental Issues
A therapeutic class  
filled with movement, music and opportunities for social interaction. This group is a safe place for people to engage with others while relating through the language of movement. We will explore issues relating to relationships, health and body-image, self-esteem and positive leisure activities. Please join us as we connect through the universal modality of movement! Mariah Meyer LeFeber, MA, LPC, BC-DMT, DTRL.

On-going Mondays. 3:30-4:20pm. $20/class -OR-- $75/5 classes.
Kids by window with scarf

Self & Social Identity Groups for Children 

Dance/movement therapy groups for children use movement and creative arts experiences to meet challenges of children with concerns related to autism, developmental issues, cognitive delays, physical challenges, ADHD, and other issues. Groups are formed based on children's shared needs, ages and schedules. For more info or to make an appt., please contact Ann Wingate, MA, BC-DMT, DTRL, who provides coordination for the onsite child, teen and family program. (608) 251-0908 x12, or  ann@hancockcenter.net.

DMT sessions for individual adults and individual children are available by appointment. For more info click here.

Movement & Meditation in the Garden
Contemplative approaches in the beauty of Olbrich Botanical Gardens. Quiet meditation, lightly facilitated movement, individual contemplation, movement reflection, and a simple shared dance. Healing in nature. Five Thursdays this July. For more infoTo register.

To register for classes, contact the instructor @ (608) 251-0908 or email us


June 2015

Dear ,


Happy summer!

There is lots to catch up on since our last e-newsletter.  All of us here at Hancock Center have been active and absorbed with our work this past year, covering lots of ground in services and in planning our future. Read on for more details about some of these activities. Also, check out the new video clip (see left column), featuring HC's In-School program!

Click here to see the list of the donors and volunteers of 2014. Please join me in thanking them. They gave so generously and thoughtfully of their time, resources and talent!     


If you are interested in supporting our center's mission through volunteering, making a donation, becoming a member of the HC Board of Directors, or becoming a friend, please contact us or click here:

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Laura Rogers 

Administrative Associate

New HC House

Hancock Center Board

Hancock welcomes two new board members! 

We are pleased and fortunate that  Amy Thomas and  Geraldine Paredes
Vasquez  have joined the Hancock Center Board! They have already been working with fellow members and HC directors  to  oversee and facilitate the mission, goals and other business of our non-profit organization. Click  here   to view their biographies and the full membership list.


Staff and Board have been working closely this year planning future directions for HC. No small task!  We all appreciate the leadership, creativity, skills, and commitment it takes to work in group process and  

meet regularly on strategic planning.


Members serve renewable two year terms. They advise on the management of the Center's business, and have fiduciary oversight of the Center. Contact us if you are interested in

being a Board member.


Outreach Workshops
Every year is full of outreach workshops presented by the therapists from Hancock Center.

This past fall and winter our therapists presented locally, regionally, and nationally. Click here for a complete list and descriptions of recent outreach. 

Brewing already for this summer are in-services that have been requested by a few local agencies. HC dance therapists will provide staff training and movement-based education in: 

  • working with 4 year old children to help them know how to handle their feelings and behaviors in order to prepare them for kindergarten; 
  • using movement in the childcare setting; 
  • working to support and empower female caregivers; 
  • working with clients with eating disorders.  
Flash-Mob Dance Experiential- 1 Billion Rising's 'Break the Chain'
Since last year Hancock DMT Ann Wingate has developed, in collaboration with Dianne Brakarsh of Moving from Within, "Empowerment through Movement and Song", an experiential workshop based on the flash-mob dance 'Break the Chain', One Billion Rising's song and dance, to raise awareness to stop abuse--especially sexual abuse of women and girls, and to teach healthy relationship skills. This program is formatted as a class for groups of teens, kids or adults, as an experiential workshop open to the public, and as a public participatory flash-mob held at public events.This April Ann and Dianne held a flash-mob at the state capitol and a workshop at the HC, in conjunction with Sexual Assault Awareness Month. These events were a very positive experience for those attending.

In 2013 our national organization of dance/movement therapy, the American Dance Therapy Association,  joined One Billion Rising to celebrate "the power of dance, the power of collective physical expression to mobilize and bring about real and meaningful change at the personal, interpersonal, social, and global levels." 

Click here for One Billion Rising events of other DMTs across the country!
In-School ProgramTestimonial
While making plans for next fall with a classroom teacher at Nuestro Mundo Community School here in Madison, HC therapist Ann Wingate received this enthusiastic testimony to the effectiveness of our "Violence Prevention through Movement and Pro-Social Skills" program:
"We would love to have you again next year! My students have made so much progress under your direction and guidance. I wish I would have videotaped their first movement class so I could show them how much they've grown and become aware of their bodies and space! You've also done great modeling for me throughout the year with regard to how to patiently respond to misbehavior. I've appreciated that so much!"
 -Kindergarten teacher, Nuestro Mundo Community School, Madison, WI.

Programs Updates
Therapists see clients individually and in groups at the Hancock Center and have very full schedules this year. This is in addition to leading groups at schools, and continually working with other agencies to plan collaborations or develop new programs.

In-School Therapy and Violence Prevention Program
Four HC therapists work in our In-School program and are currently wrapping up the school year. This program is partially funded by a grant from United Way of Dane County, and more recently, by an anonymous grant via the Madison Community Foundation. This past year there were new components and new schools added to the program.

Last spring Rena Kornblum received a contract via the Theresa/Hammersly neighborhood leadership group to run a six week family prevention class in the evenings at Falk school in Madison. This was funded by a grant from the city to prevent violence in the neighborhood and continued this past fall.

The prevention work led by Ann Wingate in Franklin Elementary School led to another new development, a 'Family Peace Class' at HC, led by Rena. This class was for families from Franklin/Randall Schools to work together on regulation, meditation, anger management, anxiety, etc.

And plans are being made for Rena to continue with her therapy group work at Allis Elementary School during their summer school program.
Groups starting once again this summer: 
Self & Social Identity Movement Therapy 
For children with developmental issues, ages 5-8. This group will use dance, rhythm, and creative movement play to develop self-awareness, support peer relationships, and to develop motor skills. More info here.
Movement & Meditation in Garden
What a treat! A five week class for adults in the beautiful Olbrich Botanical Gardens, in Madison. Thursday evenings, starting July 2. Registration deadline June 25. Registration/class info here . More info on the instructor/class here .
Discoveries still 'open'. 
Longtime women's program coordinator at HC, Grace Valentine, has developed a new therapy group for older women. "Discoveries" is a daytime weekly group to explore and process who we are at 50+. Click here for more information. Despite an expressed interest for this group, we need more people to join to make the group a go. If this is something that interests you or someone you know feel free to contact Grace and share this information with a client or a friend. 

Peace with others starts as peace within


Parent Testimonial
May 20, 2015
Dear Ann- thank you so much! I hope you know how much Emily, Wilder and I love the HC and all that you do and have done with my son. We definitely 100% want to start back up! We LOVE you!



VIDEOS -subscribe to the ADTA Talks Channel at YouTube

Introduction to Hancock Center

Dance of Abandonment: Rena Kornblum describes a vignette

A DMT Client Describes Her Experience 

American Dance Therapy Association informational slide show 


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