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Spring/Summer 2018

Michael Harner, originator of Core Shamanism and Founder of the FSS, transitioned early in the morning of February 3. While we miss him terribly here at the Foundation, we are comforted by the fact that he passed at peace, knowing that his life's work in shamanism would continue through the FSS and the international faculty, and through his many thousands of students.
Sandra Harner joins us in appreciation of the many people who sent their kind wishes, sympathy, expressions of gratitude for Michael and the work, and touching and inspiring stories.
Michael Harner Drum Michael and Sandra Harner's focus has always been on the work itself, on the "preservation, study, and teaching of shamanic knowledge for the welfare of the Planet and its inhabitants." They, along with the Board of Trustees, had the wisdom more than a decade ago to imagine this time of change and to carefully and meticulously prepare and train the faculty, staff, and a new president to carry the mission forward seamlessly. Now, though we personally feel the loss, the Foundation is in good heart and is thriving and growing, fostering the current and next generation of shamanic healers and practitioners.
We look forward to walking "the way of the shaman" together with you and -- as Michael wished -- continuing to bring the wisdom and compassion of the spirits to our world.   

In gratitude and unity,
Susan Mokelke
Advanced residential training offered in 2017-18:
♦ The West Coast Two Week Shamanic Healing Intensive, taught by Amanda Foulger, will be held June 10-21, 2018 in the San Francisco Bay Area, Calfornia. Download information-application.
Harner Shamanic Counseling, taught by April Tuck, will be held August 6-10, 2018 in Boston, Massachusetts. Download information-application. 
♦ The 16th West Coast Three Year Program of Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing , taught by Amanda Foulger, will begin October 7-12, 2018 in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.  Download information-application.
♦ The East Coast Two Week Shamanic Healing Intensive, taught by Nan Moss, will be held October 21 - November 1, 2018 in Madison, Virginia. Download information-application.  
For more about the FSS Three Year Programs and Two Week Intensives, view excerpts of two live video conferences with instructors Susan Mokelke ( view video) and Amanda Foulger ( view video). 
View the documentary film The Way of the Shaman: The Work of Michael and Sandra Harner. Free online streaming.
Way of the Shaman movie  
Interested in training in shamanism and shamanic healing? Download this helpful guide to getting started with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies' integrated series of workshops and programs. DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE (PDF):   Shamanic Training - Getting Started.
New Workshop: Advanced Shamanic Healing Practice. This two-day Advanced Shamanic Healing Practice, designed to provide students with advanced FSS training the opportunity for hands-on healing practice using multiple core shamanic methods, had a very successful initial offering in July 2017 in the San Francisco Bay Area. Additional offerings in the Bay Area and other locations: Information and schedules.   
Sky Shamans - Kevin Turner  
Kevin Turner, FSS Director for Asia, has been awarded first prize for books on shamanism from his French publisher MAMA Editions, for Sky Shamans of Mongolia: Meetings with Remarkable Healers. Congratulations to Kevin for his informative and fascinating book.
2017-18 Circle of the Foundation membership benefits: Join the Circle online and receive a free gift MP3 download "Ram Dass and Michael Harner in Dialogue." Listen as two of the great thought leaders of our time share some of their personal stories and insights regarding gurus, yogis, and shamans in this wide-ranging discussion about the ego, the soul, and consciousness. Members also receive the annual journal Shamanism, store discounts, live video webinars, access to exclusive Members Circle content, and more. Circle benefits...   

Cave and Cosmos by Michael Harner Kirkus Reviews named Michael Harner's Cave and Cosmos: Shamanic Encounters with Another Reality, as the Nonfiction Indie Book of the Month: "Harner's rich compendium gives many ways to consider and explore a powerful and inspiring view of the cosmos." Cave and Cosmos is available in paperback directly through the Foundation, as well as online and in local bookstores in paperback and and e-book editions. Available in many languages. At Michael Harner's request, all royalties from Cave and Cosmos go to the Foundation for Shamanic Studies in support of its work. Learn more... 

This documentary takes us through Eastern and Southern Europe to experience first hand, some of the ancient healing and divinatory customs that have been passed down through generations in an oral tradition. Though the film is not intended to be an inquiry into shamanic practices per se, it 's hard not to see possible connections to shamanic roots in many of the fascinating folk healing methods documented here. Of particular interest is the demonstration of tarantism, an ancient ecstatic dance practice from southern Italy in which the female dancer, accompanied by rhythmic percussive music, falls into trance to rid the body of "demons." View the video. Thanks to Roland Urban, our FSS Europe director, for bringing this film to our attention.
Now, thanks to the efforts of one Canadian ecologist, Suzanne Simard, we have scientific proof of what shamans have known experientially -- that trees talk to each other, care for one another, and pass their wisdom on to future generations. Read the article here.
Siqingua Daur Shaman  Siqingua, Daur Shaman. By Susan Grimaldi & John Lawrence
In Inner Mongolia, China, Siqingua, a Daur shaman of the highest status and FSS Living Treasure of Shamanism, was filmed working in her clinic in full shamanic regalia demonstrating her ancient, traditional healing approaches. Siqingua's chanting has been translated from Daur to English, providing a rare opportunity to hear a shaman's words to the spirits. View the video. Produced and directed by Susan Ross Grimaldi and John R. Lawrence, Jr. 
The FSS provides news articles and links as a service to the shamanic community; no endorsement is implied. Visit shamanism.org for articles, media, and more about the Foundation's work in shamanism.   
RememberMichaelRemembering Michael (1929 - 2018)   
Michael Harner was a part of our lives -- as a family member, friend, professional colleague, teacher, and creator of Core Shamanism. In bringing forth and offering to the world practical shamanic healing methods, he changed the lives of thousands of his students, and through his students, the work continues to ripple outward, impacting tens of thousands more.
Michael Harner In his very long life, Michael received many honors: for his work in anthropology; as the author of a trailblazing book The Way of the Shaman and its classic sequel Cave and Cosmos; and as a pioneer of integrative medicine. He appreciated these honors, I think, primarily because they acknowledged and gave credence to the value of his work. He steadfastly refused the role of "guru" -- often laughing and making a joke at his own expense. He insisted always that his students use the shamanic methodology he taught to find their own independent answers. "Journey on it" was one of his favorite instructions -- one his students frequently knew was coming when they asked for advice -- and a metaphor for his commitment to the spiritual democracy of shamanism.
Michael was deeply moved by his students. Later in his life he said, when asked about his legacy:  
"If I were to die tomorrow, I'd feel that I'd done more than I had ever hoped. I feel very lucky that way. I never envisioned this path, and I never envisioned so many students wanting to seek it. I am satisfied with what has already been accomplished, because now there are so many people who are well-trained and prepared to work with and learn from the spirits shamanically, so that I'm no longer essential. The movement has its own momentum. So, I'm now very relaxed. What is my legacy? Well, my students as much as anything, because they will carry on, and some will go farther than I have ever gone."*
Thanks, Michael! No worries, we've got this.

In loving remembrance,
Susan Mokelke
*Interview with Michael Harner from Higher Wisdom: Eminent Elders Explore the Continuing Impact of Psychedelics , Roger Walsh and Charles S. Grob, eds. 2005.      
Tuvan Petroglyphs

The  Foundation for Shamanic Studies is dedicated to the preservation, study, and teaching of shamanic knowledge for the benefit of the Planet and its inhabitants. Thousands of people each year take the Foundation's rigorous shamanic training. Originated, researched, and developed by   Michael Harner, internationally recognized as the pioneer of modern shamanism, core shamanism  consists of the universal, near-universal, and common features of shamanism, together with journeys to other worlds.  

Become part of a growing community that is working to return spiritual democracy to the individual, as well as helping to preserve indigenous shamanisms and foster this transformative and powerful method of healing and problem-solving.

We welcome your participation!
Susan Mokelke

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