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Summer Quarter Newsletter ~ April - July 2019
Switch point has a Soup Kitchen??
YES! How it came to be...
Just over four years ago, Switchpoint Community Resource Center expanded its services to include a community soup kitchen, serving free hot meals Monday through Friday from 11:45 am until 1:00 pm in Grace Episcopal Church located at 1072 East 900 South in St. George.
Although hundreds of people utilize this service on a weekly basis, not many know about the Switch point Soup Kitchen and fewer know how it began.
Jim Roberts, board member and former Director of the Community Soup Kitchen explains, “The soup kitchen was started because the Catholic Church had remodeled and torn out their kitchen. The need was great to help struggling individuals in the city, so a couple from the Catholic Church began serving sandwiches out of the back of their truck.” When Rev. Catherine Gregg heard what they were doing she offered the kitchen at Grace Episcopal Church to the sandwich makers, Rich and Jess. Grateful for the offer Rich and Jess officially began serving lunches two days a week out of the church kitchen.
“My wife and I were serving as lead volunteers and asked to take over the Soup Kitchen. It was a great responsibility, but we knew we could find more people like ourselves who were committed and concerned about helping their community. We went first to SunRiver and were able to get over 150 volunteers!” said Roberts.
“We realized we needed to implement funding. Up to this point, the volunteers were buying all the supplies themselves to cook. Tim Martin, through Dixie Care & Share, helped us get grants from the LDS Bishop’s Storehouse. This was a tremendous relief for our kitchen.”
In addition, the owner of The Egg & I donated 5% of all gross sales for a day which turned out to be $2,000! She then went a step further and put in $500 of her own money to help the soup kitchen go from serving 2 days a week to 3 days a week. 

We knew we needed to be serving meals 5 days a week. David Dangerfield, Switchpoint Board Chairman, helped spearhead a campaign to double the donations and worked to help attract more volunteers in order to have teams serving each day.”

By 2014, the kitchen was able to get 38 volunteer teams assembled to expand to 5 days a week.

As Dixie Care & Share was closing, the soup kitchen needed a non-profit to fall under so they could continue to apply for food grants. Roberts continues, “In 2015, I approached Carol Hollowell with the Friends of Switchpoint non-profit. Carol was wonderful and agreed to have the soup kitchen come under the umbrella of Switchpoint.”
The Switchpoint Soup Kitchen serves approximately 35,000 meals a year with the help of Switchpoint’s continued efforts and grant writing to purchase much needed food supplies, however, much more is necessary as the need continues to grow.
To learn more about this program and ways you can help support the Switchpoint Soup Kitchen, please visit or contact Linda Stay at 435-628-9310, ext. 203.

I t’s always exciting at Switchpoint to find innovative ways to overcome the barriers our clients face.

Including being the winner of the Spring 2019 Social Investors Forum by Community Foundation of Utah being awarded a $100,000, 0% interest loan for Step ping Stones, a 24/7 childcare facility, which we are currently working on securing a building with hopes to be open by the end of 2019.
On the horizon we are working to further help those that are struggling with addiction to support them in changing the trajectory of their lives. 
One thing is true, as we continue to provide opportunities of growth and learning for those struggling in our community, we are empowering families, we are changing lives, and we are changing the face of poverty for future generations; empowering our community to stand shoulder to shoulder with their neighbor to change the world one family at a time.
I encourage you to share our mission with your friends, family and neighbors. We need volunteers and donors to move the needle on breaking the cycle of poverty.

Thank you from every part of my heart,

Carol Hollowell,
Executive Director
Affordable Housing Project Breaks Ground

While building a 55-unit apartment complex aimed at providing accessible housing for St. George’s working poor may be a “drop in the bucket” when compared to an overall need of 1,800 units, it’s a step in the right direction, according to advocates and city officials who attended the groundbreaking of
RiverWalk Village.

The complex will also feature onsite case management and classes for residents geared toward promoting self-sufficiency. It will sport a playground, a community garden and other amenities residents will be able to take advantage of.
Stepping Stones Non-Traditional Child Care Coming!
The Switchpoint has plans to open Stepping Stones, a daycare center that will offer overnight and weekend services for families in need. The center will be the first of its kind in St. George, offering non-traditional overnight hours childcare on weekdays and 24 hours a day on weekends. 
“There are many people who don’t have anybody that can help them in the evenings or on weekends when they have to go to work. Many times they have to forgo better paying jobs because of it," - Switchpoint CFO Sonjia Naron.
The center will be open to children of all ages and all families in the community, regardless of whether they currently use Switchpoint’s services. Read full article
Volunteers - The HEART of Switch point  
Chantel Peterson - Inspires Community to Acknowledge Mothers in Need
Chantel Peterson, Esthetician, sent out a call on Facebook to organize an amazing Mother’s Day event for all the moms staying at Switchpoint.
She worked with over dozens of community members and local businesses who donated gift cards from many local businesses to create a “shopping spree” for the kids at Switchpoint. The children were able to assemble their perfect present to be given to their mother on the special day. She also provided a photographer to take pictures of the event and photos with mom. 

Chantel's post: "What many of you don’t know is that my mama is actually my paternal grandmother who has raised me since I was two years old. My own mother was homeless, with two children she was struggling to raise, due to a brain injury, mental illness, and life circumstances... I had the idea to give back this Mother’s Day, extending past my own mother and grandmother, to those struggling mothers who might not normally be praised for being a mother...This post is being offered as an invitation to join me here, or wherever you are living, to donate to your local homeless shelter..."

Because of Chantel's courage to open up and share her story and her desire to help those who often go unrecognized, 10 mothers staying with Switchpoint along with their children were able to create an exceptionally special day together making new friends along with sweet and lasting memories they will forever cherish as they continue to progress toward self-sufficiency.
Staff Highlight - Meet Klint
Klint graduated with his bachelor’s in Social Work and Sociology from Idaho State University. He obtained his Master of Social Work from Walla Walla University.
Klint is no stranger to homelessness. He has served on the Local Homeless Coordinating Committee (LHCC) for the past 6 years, serving as a state representative for the local LHCC.

Klint is passionate about helping others in need. He is actively involved in his community and serves on several community and civic groups.
Klint truly believes “It Takes All Of Us” . He looks forward to assisting community members with finding resources to help them manage their mental health and substance abuse. Klint is excited to assist Switchpoint with their Substance Use Disorder program in an effort to help all community members who are struggling with addiction regardless of social and economic factors.
When not in the office Klint likes to be outside camping, hiking, coaching flag football and helping his 5 kids raise cows and goats for FFA and 4-H projects. 
Substance Use
Disorder Support
 is Coming
Crossover Recovery Center coming in 2020!

Today we are thrilled to announce a unique approach to assist those individuals in our community who are struggling with addiction and chemical dependency.
Crossover Recovery Center is a 47-bed residential treatment facility that will be located in Hilldale, Utah. 
The facility’s mission is to improve the physical, spiritual, and emotional health of the alcohol and chemically dependent adult person and their family through an integrated  system of addiction services based on a balanced program of patient care and education.
Crossover Recovery Center recognizes that drug and alcohol addiction is a chronic disease. We also know that recovery is dependent upon adopting a new way of life.
Crossover Recovery Center was designed specifically to provide those in poverty the opportunity to receive help dealing with their addiction so they can move forward and start their path to recovery.
If you would like to learn more about this program or find out ways you can help, call 435-628-9310 or email:

Community Room UpGrade! 
Here at Switchpoint, we have been working hard to create an environment that allows residents of our emergency shelter and community members the opportunity to come together to learn and grow. What better way than through community classes?
Our updated community room is amazing and ready for you and your community learning event! Please check our website at and click on the Classes/Events tab. Once you are there, you can view our upcoming class schedule that is open to the community.
We have Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Fathering with Love & Logic, GOGI Life Skills as well as USARA and a FREE beginners Hip Hop class.
Be sure to check our calendar often as we are adding new classes frequently.
If you have a class idea or would like to learn more about our upcoming schedule, please contact Morgan Barrick 435-628-9310, ext. 103.
With gratitude we recognize our donors for leading the way
taking up the cause - addressing the complex issues of homelessness. 
We invite you to join us for our Vision tours held each Friday at noon or
call Linda - 435-628-9310 ext 203 to schedule a time for your group.

If you would like a paper copy of this newsletter, please request that by emailing [email protected] or call 435-628-9301 ext. 201