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groundhog says: SPRING!
Upcoming Events
2/2 Wisconsin vs Pennsylvania
2/5 Rootbeer Floats & Beer
2/7 Beer Adventure: Exploring the Sam Adams Glass
2/9 Meet & Sip Double-Shot Brewer's Night

We've got spring fever! Beer tasting fever, that is.

If you've also got the bug, join us & taste some beer!

A lot of folk tell us, "I've not yet come in for tasting because I don't know how it works." So here's a quick overview...

Come in anytime during the event time; check in before last call. Proceed straight to the front checkout with ID & tasting fee to check-in. Once you've got that official paperwork out of the way, you'll get sent to the back "pouring area" of the counter to join in the fun!

Wednesday's Weekly Pick are pretty casual. Most folks ease on up to the counter after checking in, get their first pour and browse & shop while sipping, then return for their second pour. Generally this is a sip-2-fer-$1 night, but we sometimes mix it up!

1st Monday's Beer Adventure is new territory! Beer Adventure of 2011 replaces Style Nights of 2008-2010, and the adventure will take us all kinds of places. Be sure to check out the special glass the first 50 tasters will receive at February's featured beer adventure as we explore the Samuel Adams engineered glass.

Special Guests Events give you an incredible opportunity to meet the movers-n-shakers in the beer industry. Sometimes it'll be a local brewery representative, other times the BREWER will be in the house! These events are a great opportunity for those interested in beer to come in and chat about what's happening while enjoying good company & good beer.

99 Bottles

The 99 Bottles Crew -
Tiffany, Craig & Dennis
Wisconsin vs Pennsylvania

Which will come out victorious? Wisconsin Beer or Pennsylvania Beer? You taste, you decide!
Football Special! Try 4 for $1 tonight. Fighting for the title will be:


Leinenkugel's Original vs Victory Prima Pils

Leinekugel's Red Lager vs Victory Yakima Twilight

Date: TONIGHT! Wednesday, February 2nd
Time: 4:00 PM to close, last call @ 7:45 PM
Tasting Fee: $1+ID
Location: 99 Bottles

Free rootbeer floats for all!
free draught rootbeer floatsFamily friendly tasting! Stop in with the family while picking up refreshing, flavorful beer for your football party on Saturday Eve.
Beer tasting for the folks; free Snoqualmie Falls draught rootbeer floats for everyone. Meet special guest Erik Carels of Snoqualmie Falls Brewing and get ready to party!

Date: Saturday, February 5th
Time: 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM, last call @ 6PM
Tasting Fee: $1+ID to sample beer
Free rootbeer floats for all!
Location: 99 Bottles

RSVP appreciated, but not required.

Beer Adventure
First 50 tasters get a FREE Sam Adams beer glass!Take your tongue & nose on a Beer Adventure in February as we explore the Samuel Adams glass, engineered to elevate the beer drinking experience!
Rastal's been making glasses for 88 years, so they were the ideal company for Boston Beer to partner with when designing the ultimate beer glass. The shape of the glass maximizes enjoyment of the malt sweetness, captures the aromas of the hops, maintains the proper temperature, fits comfortably in the hand, and features a "nucleation etch" that keeps the carbonation moving to continually release the beer's aromas. Try 4 beers at February's Beer Adventure...

Free Samuel Adams glass for the first 50 tasters!  

Date: NEXT WEEK! Monday, February 7th
Time: 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM, last call @ 7:45 PM
Tasting Fee: $3+ID
Location: 99 Bottles

Meet & Sip with brewing legends
Brewers Bonanza! Choose a single-shot or double- shot tasting for $1.
Meet & Sip with MateVeza's Woods at 99 Bottles1st Shot - Jim Woods,
MateVeza Brewing

Jim started as a homebrewer before going pro in 2006. His love of Yerba Mate, a naturally caffeinated South American herbal tea, led him to brew a series of beers that include Yerba Mate as a key ingredient. The result is a glass of beer that's got similar caffeine to a cup of coffee. Enjoy the MateVeza Black & IPA while visiting with Jim about his brewing experience.

Widmer Bros. - Meet Kurt @ 99 Bottles!2nd Shot - Kurt Widmer,
Widmer Bros. Brewing

If you've been in the Northwest for a while, you're likely familiar with a city known as "Beervana." Portland was the first and biggest hotbed of microbrewing, and leading the craft brew revolution back in 1984 were Rob & Kurt Widmer. You know them as the WIDMER BROTHERS. You've likely seen a tall sexy glass of their hefeweizen crowned with a lemon wedge at a bar, but we won't be offering that beer this eve. Instead, we'll focus on the big, bold beers: Deadlift IPA, W'11 KGB Russian Imperial Stout and Brrrrbon, a strong ale aged in bourbon barrels.

Bottle signing! Beer Tasting! Brewer Meeting!

Choose a Double-Shot or Single-Shot at 99 Bottles on 2/9. 


Date: NEXT WEEK! Wednesday, February 9th
1st Shot: 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM
2nd Shot: 6:00 to 7:00 PM
Tasting Fee: $1+ID // get a hand stamp to return for the second shot, or time your visit to be here for both!
Location: 99 Bottles

New & returning beers

Rogue Double Mocha Porter is a huge mouthful of rich bittersweet chocolate, roasty coffee and a big, bold malt & hop presence. Gold, 2009 World Beer Championship. Rotating Release. 8.2% ABV

Diamond Knot Whip Ale is Michael "Whip" Wilton's beer of choice. You may recognize Whip from the rockin' Queensryche. Like Whip, this American Pale Ale is bold, rich and aromatic. 6% ABV

Diamond Knot Slane's Irish Red Ale is a 6.6% ABV mahogany red beer that's got flavors of toasty bread, dark fruit, rich malts and a hint of smokey peat.

Midnight Sun XXX Double Black IPA scores an "EXCELLENT" rating on BeerAdvocate. This limited-availability CDA is 8.5% and has a daily limit of 2/person, while it lasts. Expect a big woody-pine hop presence, with notes of coffee, bittersweet chocolate and orange zest.

Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat has been an exceedingly popular choice and is a great alternative to the morning mimosa. 5% ABV

Three Skulls beers have been flying out the door! Returning are the Buccaneer Bacon (yes, made with real bacon), Blood Orange Wit, Hop the Plank IPA, YellowBeard Pils, and BlackBeard Schwarzbier. All are locally brewed in Seattle.

Rogue Double Mocha Porter

And just-arrived: WEED BEER, yep, that's beers from Mt. Shasta Brewing -- Abner Weed Amber, Shasta Weed IPA, Shastafarian Weed Porter, and Lemurian Weed Lager. Also more Golden Pheasant Bohemian Pils from the Czech Republic. Polish beers Black Boss Porter, Okocim Porter, and Warka are back! Silly Scotch, Saison and Pink Killer from Belgium. Redstone Meads (vanilla & cinnamon, black raspberry nectar, sunshine nectar, and traditional) just returned. More Old Schoolhouse Imperial IPA arrived. And, sadly, the final shipment of the retired Thomas Hardy 2007, limit 2/person. See the labels on our facebook page as we check 'em in!

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