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Beth Paxson
Our journey continues! It seems the theme of this adventure is adaptability, which our practice of yoga cultivates so well. Flexibility and adaptability can flourish if accompanied by receptivity and resilience. This moment in time we are all being confronted with an incredible challenge, a moment when the gifts of our practice are needed more than ever.

We had hoped to be opening the doors of our new home in early April, but forces beyond our control have delayed that opening. While the actual day we will be allowed to open our doors is uncertain, the potential for us to teach our yoga to you is not! Though we have been instructed to adhere to the discipline of social distancing, the wonders of technology will allow us to bring our yoga to ALL of you. Curiosity can be a gift, knowledge is empowering, and bringing our practice to each of you can provide a comfort and support.

We are excited to invite you along on this journey of practicing virtual yoga with your teacher and to create an opportunity to connect the community as a whole.

Beth Paxson


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We will start SPRING TERM in some form, either in studio or (more likely) online via Zoom on Monday, April 13th. There will be no increase in tuition during the first week of spring term. You may pay online, over the phone, or mail a check (made payable to Paxson Yoga center and addressed to 6840 SW Macadam Ave, PDX 97219). Please note that we are not collecting the mail each day, so there will be a delay in processing your payment if you choose to send a check.

If later in the term we are permitted to gather in our new building, we will continue to offer the classes virtually so that students who would prefer to practice from home still have the option. 

In the meantime...


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We will be offering 2 weeks of ONLINE DROP-IN CLASSES before spring term begins (March 30 - April 10). Classes will be one hour, and you may use your summer/holiday passes. These classes are blended level classes, like summer. Please register on MindBody at least an hour before class begins. All students registered for class will be sent a link to join the class via Zoom.

Here is a link to the schedule.

Before beginning classes for Spring all students will be required to sign a waiver through MindBody when you sign into your account. If you are paying by check, or have already paid for the term, we will be reaching out to you to complete this task.

Payment is required before we send you the link for your classes.


New to Zoom? The program will work on a browser, but we have found best results with the app. The best way to familiarize yourself with it is by trying it out! If you would like a little extra assistance, Amelia will be setting up test meetings this week. Space is limited to 10 students at a time. We will go over general settings, viewing options, and set up tips.

1.  You will receive a LINK IN YOUR EMAIL. This can be accessed on your laptop, desktop computer, tablet, or phone. Using the program on your phone will give you a smaller screen and different accessibility.


3.  You will receive a prompt to DOWNLOAD THE APP. The icon is a white camera in a blue background. 

4. You have TWO OPTIONS: First, you can "JOIN MEETING" without signing in. You will need the "MEETING ID", and "PASSWORD". Then choose how your name appears, and set your microphone and video options.

5.  The SECOND OPTION is to "SIGN IN". You can save a few settings for future use, and this will give you access to the free "Basicaccount. 

If you are curious about video and microphone settings, Zoom has a test meeting you can experiment with: and  step-by-step instructions for getting started and troubleshooting:

If you would like to reserve a time slot for a test meeting with Amelia, please reply to this email or call the office number, 503.223.8157. 

DAYS: Wednesday, March 25, Thursday, March 26, and Friday, March 27
TIMES EACH DAY: 10:00am, 10:30am, 1:00pm, 1:30pm, 4:00pm