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April 2015

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Top 10 Driver Distractions

It's no secret that for many people, multi-tasking doesn't stop when they get behind the wheel. While taking a drive can still be an escape from the daily routine, people today seem more inclined to make auto travel an extension of home, work or play. That may be fine for a passenger, but as roads become busier and more congested, drivers should be finding ways to focus more attention on the road, not less.

Distraction can be disastrous. A joint study by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that almost 80 percent of crashes occurred when the driver took his or her eyes away from the forward roadway.

Recent media coverage has focused attention on personal or in-vehicle electronics as a primary culprit in driver distraction, particularly with respect to cell phones. However, many common activities or behaviors are frequently the source of distraction-related accidents:

Top 10 Driver Distractions (source: NHTSA-VTTI Study):

 1. Using a wireless device, such as a cell phone
2. Talking to and interacting with passengers
3. Reaching for CDs, food, falling objects or other internal distractions
4. Programming radio stations or tinkering with dashboard controls
5. Using an electric razor, applying makeup or other personal hygiene-related actions
6. Unwrapping a burger, opening a canned drink or other movements when eating at the wheel
7. External distractions such as pointing out a funny billboard or pedestrian
8. Talking or singing to oneself
9. Smoking
10. Daydreaming

Multi-tasking may be the only way to cope at work or at home, but it's something to avoid behind the wheel. Remember, when driving, always Watch The Road.

Just remember, if  you want to use electronics when you drive, get them set up before you put the car in gear.



If you have been injured in an accident caused by someone who was driving distracted contact us for a no cost consultation 


But, it just ran out in front of me!


It's spring and all creatures  great and small are excited and looking for love. This brings up a good question. What if you cause a multi vehicle accident due to hitting or avoiding one of these critters on the road?


Q - "I was recently involved in a situation where I was driving at normal speed on the highway. As I was driving, I saw a deer running across the highway. I swerved to avoid the deer, however as I was swerving the car directly behind me braked and lost control of his car, and ended up in the ditch. There were no damage to my car, as I avoided the deer and the car behind me. I pulled over to see if the man was alright, and the police came and everything, and let me go after gathering my information. My question is, who is at fault?"



A - Under CT law you can be held liable for your actions in operating your motor vehicle regardless of whether other outside forces contribute to an accident, such as slippery roads, deer, hazards in the roadway. The standard is one must use reasonable care at all times when operating his or her vehicle. The court would look at if the accident would have happened anyway despite the person using reasonable care under the circumstances. More often than not the court will find a person fully or partially at fault for an accident when there is other contributing forces such as weather conditions and hazards on the road like deer. This is because most of the time the driver was going too fast, did not react properly, failed to heed the warning signs about deer, and a host of other factors.


It is your responsibility to always be in control of your auto; to drive with caution especially where you might encounter wild animals.

Even if you did not file a claim, you likely will be held at least partially if not fully at-fault for the accident and damages to the other person's car in the scenario described above.


Nothing was mentioned about the distance between driver and the car behind that vehicle, but please note that drivers need to always leave a safe distance between themselves and the vehicle in front of them. As such, the driver following behind the vehicle who swerved to avoid the deer in the scenario above may also be found partially at fault for this incident as well if they followed too closely.



Anyone who has been injured because of the negligence  of another may be able to successfully pursue a legitimate legal claim. It is important to speak with a lawyer who understands the law surrounding personal injury and liability. That's why you would be very wise, indeed, to contact Tindall Law Firm. We are experienced attorneys who will be happy to provide you with a free case evaluation. Visit us online  or call 203-755-0018   

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