Spring 2018
Batters up! Spring Training is Here!
The Cardinals have more local fans than any other team in the MLB; according to Nielsen Scarborough, 76% of St. Louisans watched, attended or listened to a game last year. It's no wonder St. Louis has consistently been voted the number one major-league baseball town in the U.S.

photo from: St. Louis Post Dispatch
Bitrode Corporation has been a proud member of the St. Louis community for over 60 years and like the rest of the city, we support our boys in red! Spring training has officially begun for the St. Louis Cardinals and in honor of baseball being back, we're dedicating this edition of the newsletter to spring training. Find out about Bitrode's "rookie roster", whats happening in the "league'", team news and more inside. Happy spring training and let's go Cardinals!
In This Issue
Spring Cleaning
Product Highlight
Bitrode is now offering washable air filters for its FTF line of machines.
The obvious advantage of Bitrode's new washable air filters is its reusability. Our previous off the shelf standard chipboard frame with pleated synthetic material air filters only had a lifespan of approximately 3 to 6 months depending on the environment in which it was used. In certain factory environments that lifetime could be cut even shorter due to higher temperatures and other external factors.
With a construction built of an aluminum frame and with an aluminum mesh screen, Bitrode's new washable air filters can withstand a more rugged environment, higher temperatures, and have a much longer lifespan. Longer lifespans on air filters means less maintenance and better performance for your machines.
For more information on our new washable air filters and our FTF machines:

Rookie Roster
Meet Our Newest Employees

Bitrode Corporation has seen significant growth within the last year and we have added several new members to Team Bitrode. We would like to take a moment to introduce these newest members!

What's Happening in the League
News in the Battery Industry

Bitrode's own Craig Brunk, Director of Sales and Marketing, was recently featured in Batteries International's editorial 'The Year Ahead' section. In this section Batteries International asks leaders from around the battery industry to give their views on the year gone by and what they predict for the year ahead.
Craig reviewed the past year as; "2017 was a strong year of growth for Bitrode Corporation. Our growth wasn't just in sales; we saw growth in the diversity of our customer base as well as the products our customer base is involved with. Fortunately, our battery testing equipment is chemistry neutral, so we are able to see a broad spectrum of the energy storage industry."
As for his predictions for the year ahead; "2018 will continue to be a year of growth and change in the energy storage industry. Lead acid battery manufacturers and their suppliers will continue to expand their global markets and their product offerings." "Engineers and technologists will continue to push the requirements of the batteries; which in turn is pushing all the rest of us to improve our technology and capabilities."
To read more, find the full article in Batteries International's Winter 2017/2018 edition on page 64 or you can read their online version.
Team News
Meet Our New Sales Representative

In Bitrode's continued quest to improve our global support, sales, and service network, we are pleased to announce that we have added a new 'Team Bitrode' agency in Turkey.
Bitrode has recently signed a representative agreement with Mr. Bizhan Pakdel. Mr. Pakdel will be handling the sales and support of Bitrode Battery Testers throughout the Turkey territory.
Mr. Pakdel can be reached at or at +90 312 286 42 74.

Game Schedule
Tradeshows, Conferences, and Exhibits

Future Powertrain Conference
When: February 28 - March 1
Where: West Midlands, UK
Booth: 14

Battery Japan
When: February 28 - March 2
Where: Tokyo, Japan

NY Best Annual Meeting and Conference
When: March 14 - 15
Where: Albany, NY, USA

NAATBatt International Annual Meeting and Conference
When: March 19 - 22
Where: San Antonio, TX, USA

International Battery Seminar and Exhibit
When: March 26 - 29
Where: Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
Booth: 324

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