Spring 2024 Updates

Dharmahorse Equine Sanctuary

and Herbal Stable Yard

Hello Katharine,

February and March presented many challenges as winter became spring. The weather has always been a factor here in the high desert when keeping the horses (and mules) safe and healthy. But all went well through snow, rain, wind and unusually warm days interspersed now and then just to keep us hopeful.

We got the new quarantine roof built and now new intakes will have wonderful shelter. With summer looming and the memory of last year when we nursed some horses through heat stroke (!) during days that stayed 114 and 117 degrees; the large new roof can accommodate two nice pens and have misters (like the wash/groom area roof) in case we need to use a cooling place again.

Last year we set up misters for all the pens, on the track and for hoof trimming and Vet work. We even had fans at stalls for the equines who were affected by the intense heat.

A cool new manure hauling trailer

We bought it as a kit that Mark built inside the barn during inclement weather. It was dramatically less expensive than the "all put together already" trailers! A neighbor has a large, empty field where we now dump manure to enrich his soil.

This year will be even better for fly control. We already have the automatic fly sprayers going in all the buildings and the solar mosquito zappers beside all the big water troughs.


While Billy gained back the weight he had lost when he and Annie spent a month on the small track (they never stopped moving!), Annie stopped eating. We got them back to their own stable and closed the gate between them behind the barn. This allowed us to know what each was eating, how much water each of them was drinking and observe manure output.

We had a Vet exam and dental work done on Annie. We tried hay pellets, soaked pellets, alfalfa, Bermuda hay, senior feeds, all kinds of mashes, until one day I offered her Teff hay. She started eating it!

We have Teff for the "metabolic" horses who need food with the least calories and sugars... not exactly what Annie needed! But she needed to eat something.

Billy (my brother) and I were in Albuquerque on Rescue Alliance business and we got a truck load of Colorado meadow/orchard hay to bring back to try on Annie. She is eating it!! This has the nutrition she needs. She already seems to be stronger and happier. We only got as much as we could afford (what if she didn't eat it) and if it continues to help her, we'll figure out how to get more down here.

Billy and I drove the Dharmahorse truck up north and she ran perfectly! Every time we got out (rest area, fuel stops), we could smell that amazing hay! It was worth it, Annie is eating it.

Pepper had been making constant gestures with his mouth and he's at that age (around 3+ years) - Dr. Heather came and, yep, he had "caps" that were stuck on his erupting adult teeth. Heather got five of them off. A few more are there but okay and should shed on their own.

Andy moved back to DH1 to live with Gita, Comet, Murray and Teaberry. Andy likes a change of scenery now and then. He is such an accommodating little guy! We needed the Infirmary stall/pen he was living in for Teddy. Teddy and Dream Cat are in those pens so they can get special food, care and have stalls for shelter.

More hoof trimming, of course (always). Meason is getting Teddy's hooves more balanced and his very long left front is now close to the same length as the others. It has to be done gradually as his legs adjust to the changes.


At both Stable Yards. I got all of the equines pasted for parasites and now that we have warmed up, nosode inoculations will be next. It's spring!

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Bird's eye view - Still not up to date, but this is after we bought the facility (tumbleweed covered land with 2 buildings) and built the track system. Annie and Billy's barn, the covered wash/groom area and the new quarantine roof are not included here.

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We see each horse here as an individual with physical, mental and emotional needs that are dynamic and fluctuate with the weather, the seasons, their changing bodies as they age and who they live with as a herd.

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Track System Life

Dharmahorse Herbal
We use herbal supplements (of our own making) to support the good health of all the horses here. We make remedies for healing from plants! It's called "phytotherapy".

Staying nontoxic and species specific

The feed program at Dharmahorse is Hay/Forage based. We do feed herbal mashes, but often need a safe and nutritious feed when rehabilitating an intake or supplementing an elder.

We found what we needed in Crypto Aero's Wild Forage.

With herbs we love and forage we love, it is a nontoxic, wonderful addition to our feed program. There was a time when I wanted to create a feed like this for our horses. Finding the Wild Forage was like a gift for me. We use it in nose bags (feed bags) for horses in the herd and add other herbs needed by an individual equine. We can toss it onto their hay in the feeders and it really is like they get to forage for tasty morsels as they "graze" on their (always available) hay.

Wild Forage was instrumental in Cassi's recovery from starvation.

Our Herbal Guide has information on the herbs we use for the horses with recipes and safety guidelines:


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We wish you well. We hold this planet and all who fly with her in love & light.


Katharine, Mark, the DH Team & the Dharma Horses