Spring Break Book Give-Aways were a Success!
Everyone was able to travel somewhere this break -- between the covers of a book!

Thousands of students across lower Northern Michigan left for spring break equipped with tools for literacy. Children at participating schools were invited to select 2 new books, along with create-your-own-story writing booklets.

We look forward to doing this again before Summer Break. To all that have helped in so many ways, THANK YOU!
Quotes from students and teachers:

“The books look incredible!”

“They’re awesome!”

“Thank you! I will read my book!”

“Thank you! I think everyone will really enjoy all of the books.”

“Thank you! The books are so cool!”

“Thank you for being so generous and taking the time to help kids enjoy reading.”
Dear Power Book Bags:

As March is reading month, we have been celebrating the joy of reading every day, and today I was able to spread out so many beautiful books for the students. They were able to choose a free book, just in time for spring break! What a great time to read; in the car, on a plane, on the beach or on a train :) 
Thank you for all you do to help promote literacy in our area. The kids call out "Can we pick two?" and "I get to keep it?" They are so happy to have these wonderful books in their hands. Thank you for this special gift!

Anne Murphy, Librarian, Ludington Area Catholic Schools
We wish you all a HAPPY, HEALTHY, and REFRESHING Spring!
Happy Passover!
Happy Easter!
Happy Days!
PS. We still are in need of assistance. We need help with:
  • Making our homemade book bags. PLEASE consider sewing! We have material and a pattern available for you to use as a guide.

  • Putting together the Create-Your-Own-Story booklets. Kids LOVE these! It is simply putting 4 pieces of white paper together with a colored sheet on top.

Click the button if you have any questions and/or to volunteer.
We are so grateful and couldn't do what we do without EVERYONE!