"We operate in an honest, transparent and non-deceptive fashion. We inform consumers truthfully and accurately about the sources and methods used to make our spirits through our labels, materials and communications. We expect fair dealing and respect amongst members. We obey all federal, state, and local laws."  ACSA Code of Ethics
2015 Board of Directors Election
Members cast a record number of votes for 5 Open Seats on the ACSA Board of Directors

Join us in congratulating the following outstanding members of our community who will serve 3 year terms:

  • Mike Blaum, Blaum Brothers (Central)
  • Maggie Campbell, Privateer Rum (East)
  • Dan Farber, Osocalis Distillery (West)
  • Scott Harris, Catoctin Creek Distilling Co (East)
  • John Jeffrey, Santa Fe Spirits (West)

"As we have advised, our top priority will be enlisting congressional support for the bill to lower the federal excise tax!"
All ACSA members are now invited to attend  
the fly-in with DISCUS to Washington D.C.   
in support of FET reduction.  
June 8th - 11th  

The more of us in attendance, the greater our impact will be!  Join us for this crucial day to build support for our legislative effort.


Craft Distilling Guilds Updates 
Historic First Time Gathering! 

ACSA's Distillers Convention not only provided a high level of content but also experienced an unprecedented "first time ever" gathering of Distilling Guilds and Associations. 
The ACSA State Guild Committee will focus on a united effort to support the needs of the individual guilds. Nicole Austin, Committee Chair and former President of the NY Distillers Guild is leading the effort to  oversee these complex issues and directives. 

Safety Updates

Take this time to review your distillery's safety procedures and code compliance. Inspect your equipment, assess your hazards, and consider how you can best prevent exposure of yourself and your employees to those hazards. 
Practice safety everyday. 
Consider the following important resources:
  • The OSHA website www.osha.gov
  • Training by local OSHA certified instructors
  • Hire a certified Industrial Health & Safety Consultant
Please also reach out to your state guild and your ACSA BOD for information and support.  Find open source  
ACSA Events Updates



ACSA presents a horizontal tasting from some of the nation's leading craft spirits producers, conducted by distillery owners.  

Meet the risk-takers who are revolutionizing the cocktail industry through quality and passion, one small batch at a time.


ACSA Tasting Room

Hotel Monteleone

Saturday, July 18th

10:30am to 12:30pm


AM Spirit Mag
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Heartfelt Condolences

It is with a our heartfelt condolences to report that craft distiller, Kyle Rogers passed away this past Monday from injuries sustained during an explosion and fire at the distillery on April 24th. 

The KY Distillers Association has formed the "Lifting Spirits" fund to support the family in this time of need. Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.

March  2-3, 2016  

ACSA's 3rd Annual 
Distillers Convention 
& Vendor Trade Show

"On behalf of the 
Illinois Distillers Association, 
I would personally like to welcome our fellow distillers to the state of Illinois.  Chicago is an amazing city so we could not think of a 
better place to host 
the ACSA Distillers Convention."
~Matt Blaum, President, ILDA

The historic and legendary 
Palmer House will be the host hotel and site for the 
"largest gathering of licensed craft spirits producers in the US".

Reservations open July 2016

Upcoming Guild Events

JUNE 27th  | 5:00 - 9:00pm 
Smokies Stadium, Sevierville, TN
More info: (865) 368-4503

JULY 11th  


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