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Committee on Deaf and Hard of Hearing
A venue for teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing, their families, and deaf or hard of hearing individuals themselves to gather and discuss the challenges that they encounter on a daily basis

Committee on Infants, Toddlers, & Preschoolers
Focuses on current issues, curricula and family centered practices for young children with speech, language and/or hearing difficulties

Committee on Severe/Multiple Disabilities
Provides an opportunity for educators working with these students and their families to network, advocate, and reflect on challenges encountered on a daily basis

Committee on Speech and Language Learning Disabilities
Focuses on the language, literacy, and learning needs of children across the age span who have speech, language, and learning disabilities

Committee for Online Communications
Maintains the DCD website and social media sites, ensuring that policy documents are accessible, and posting monthly constituency newsletters

Committee for Children and Youth Action (CAN)
Dedicated to helping advance policy affecting students with disabilities and/or gifts and talents

DCD is wishing you a wonderful spring season!
DCD Board

President, Suzanne Raschke
President Elect, Caron Mellblom-Nishioka
Past President, Rebecca Jackson
Treasurer, Stan Dublinske
Secretary, David Conway
Committee for Severe and Multiple Disabilities, Susan Bruce
Committee for Infants, Toddlers & Preschoolers, Debra Lively
Committee for Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Anna Paulson
Committee for Speech, Language Learning Disabilities, Diane Paul
Ad Hoc Committee on Knowledge and Skills, Kevin Miller
Committee on Membership, Mary Gavin
Online Communications Committee, Susan Tiggs
Division for Communication, Language, and Deaf/Hard of Hearing

* If you are not a member of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) and the special interest Division for Communication, Language, and Deaf/Hard of Hearing (DCD), please consider becoming part of our community and adding us to your professional network.
be sure to check out our social media opportunities.