Despite the chilly weather here in the Northeast, Spring has officially arrived!  Change is most definitely in the air so the question is: How will you navigate it?  What changes do you know you need to make in your career or life?  Are you feeling stuck, lost or generally unsatisfied but not sure why or how to fix it?  Well, you're in luck because as a holistic career coach for the past 10 years that's exactly what I've been helping folks of all ages, genders and backgrounds do!

With Spring comes rebirth and rejuvenation, so it's a perfect time to do a refresh on your life and get into the nooks and crannies of what's holding you back.  I'll be giving my popular Spring Cleaning for the Soul talk soon (stay tuned for dates and location), so in keeping with that theme, I wanted to offer my services at a special rate to help any of you out there gain clarity, balance and direction to make the most of the season and beyond.

Scroll down for all the details, as well as some quotes from folks I've worked with, and several PGGs that talk about what I do and how I do it.  It needs a major overhaul, but you can always also check out my website at www.kristinaleonardi.com for more info in addition to my weekly email blasts and social media sites.

Whether it's your first time reaching out or you've been a client for years, this is a great opportunity to check in, get a tune up and do what you can to move yourself further along the path of being the best YOU you can be.  I look forward to working with you!


Kristina M. Leonardi                                                                                                                
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Spring Cleaning for the Soul Power Hour 
One hour phone session with Kristina Leonardi 
Valid through May 15, 2018 - Only a limited number of these sessions are available (Regular rate $225)

Spring Cleaning for the Soul Power Hour Plus 
One hour phone session with Kristina Leonardi plus one group coaching session  
Valid through May 15, 2018 / Group coaching has no expiration date (Regular rate $285)


Spring Cleaning for the Soul Deep Clean
Two-Hour In-Person (or Skype) + One Hour Phone Session with Kristina Leonardi
Includes personalized homework and weekly email support 
Valid through May 15, 2018  (Regular rate $725) 

Looking for a little more help and ongoing support? Contact me to set up a custom arrangement that suits your needs and budget.
I gained valuable tools and productive habits from this experience. More importantly, I gained CLARITY as a result of "doing the work" that Kristina recommended. She was easy to talk to (down-to-earth), encouraging and intuitive. She did a great job at helping me identify which obstacles stood in the way, what needed shifting, what didn't, and how to "get to the core" or the root of the problem... I wholeheartedly recommend her!  ~ Ivan S.   
What I found most appealing, and what sets Kristina apart from other career coaches, is her emphasis on your "whole picture." She considers everything you were exposed to or experienced, how that ties into your life's goals and how to find the best path forward from there
. Talking with Kristina made sense of all the ideas and confusion running around in my head.  The initial session further confirmed the direction I want to go in and visualize where I want to be; doing her homework helped me become more confident in owning what my gut is telling me and fueled my passion to pursue what I know deep down is right for me. As a result of working with Kristina, I now have the tools, motivation and perspective to create my dream career and life . Because of her insights and expertise, I am the happiest and most content I've ever been and found an incredible peace of mind   ~ Alyssa C

flower She is incredibly perceptive and experienced and very quickly is able to access the deeper stuff. One of her skills is that get the chance to see yourself through Kristina's eyes, and in that way, you can see your gifts and talents in a way that doesn't feel ego-centered; talking with Kristina for just one hour gave me a whole new perspective of myself as a professional and the unique offerings I have to share with the world. I have NEVER, and remember I am 40 and have multiple coaches in my life - I have NEVER felt the kind of authentic confidence and empowerment as I have since our last session.  ~ Karen M.
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Kristina Leonardi is a nationally recognized career and life coach, speaker and author who empowers individuals to make lasting professional and personal changes aligned with their true passions and talents while fulfilling their role in the world at large. 
With a holistic and personal growth-oriented approach, she has helped hundreds of men and women over the past decade  improve their job performance, enter or re-enter the job force, change careers, better manage their time and stress, and live happier, more meaningful, balanced lives. Her specialty is working with people who feel stuck or are in transition and can help you clarify exactly what you want to do, identify blocks, issues, and patterns in your way, and offer proven ideas, resources, and action steps to get you there.

Integrating a unique blend of knowledge and experience in a variety of fields and industries, Kristina's deeper, big-picture process creates an internal shift that, in time, will ultimately lead you to achieve the career and life goals that you desire.

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Kristina gave me permission to be myself!  I can say no other person has empowered me in that way as much as she has - and I am TRULY forever grateful for that.." 
~ Cherise R.

"I can honestly say that speaking to you was one of the most important events in my life. It is almost unbelievable how a 2-hour conversation can have that effect."
~ Bozhanka V.
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