America's Oldest, Continuous Open-Air Market, Est. 1752
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To every thing there is a season...

"Our spring has come at last with the soft laughter of April suns and shadow of April showers."

 ~Byron Caldwell Smith

This photo of the blossoming plum trees at Scholl Orchards - with the setting sun and farmer Jake and his young son, feels so full of promise.

It's time to say goodbye to winter and walk into the seasons of renewal and growth. Join us tomorrow for our final winter market. Come early so you're sure to get some of the specialties of spring - asparagus, spring onions, ramps, baby spinach, and fiddleheads. And be sure to pick up a 2019 market brochure and see what's in store for for another season in the circle.

Thank you for supporting EFM all winte r long.

Celebrating the Flavors of Spring
"Ramps are wild spring leeks, available in the Northeast for only the spring months after which they flower and lose their pungency. Unlike most vegetables, which through globalization and factory farming are available virtually all year round, ramps remain available only for about 3 months. In recent years, ramps have appeared in menus at numerous high end restaurants and have even been celebrated at “ ramp festivals ” throughout the east coast."

-New York Food Journal

You'll find ramps this week at Primordia Mushroom Farm! CLICK HERE to learn how to make Simple Sauteed Ramps.
Fresh Finds of the Week
Asbury Village Farm
Greens, Greens, Greens!
Farmer Steve will be offering a nice array of fresh picked spring greens -- look for lettuce, spring mesclun, and baby spinach, and a small amount of arugula. We envision some lovely salads on your table this weekend!

Scholl Orchards
The season's first spring onions arrive tomorrow at Scholl's, along with asparagus!! And plenty of apples too - Evercrisp, Honeycrisp, Fuji, Goldrush.
And don't forget the fresh pressed cider :)
Primordia Mushroom Farm
Your favorite mushroom farmers have been busy foraging! Don't miss two of Spring's most sought after delicacies - ramps and fiddleheads!!!!!!!
Breakaway Farms
Breakaway has freshly cut dry-aged RIBEYE STEAKS for your grill this week!  Not to mention their Pastured pork chops, Artisanal Sausages, & so much more!
Come see your farmers & bring home the best! 

Psst... and don't forget some of those fabulous Breakaway bones for your pup!

Fieldstone Coffee Roasters & Tea Leaf
Pop into the Public Market and try Fieldstone's NEW bubble teas in yummy flavors like mango, strawberry, matcha, Thai, and their fav- TARO!
See you back in the Circle
Saturday May 4th for
Opening Day of our 267th Season!

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