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March 2020
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Scholarship Recipients selected
Congratulations to the following recipients for receiving the Alice McGregor and Donald Conklin Scholarships for this year's Credit Congress. Each recipient receives full registration for the Big Event:

  • Cassie Almanzor, Four Seasons Resort at Ko'Olina
  • Haley Hagin, Superfeet Worldwide
  • Leah Ann Suminda, Kyo-ya Hotels & Resorts
  • Narlyn Dumlao, Altres,Inc.
  • Stephen Polly - TrueBlue, Inc.

First Runner-up:
  • Michelle Porcelli, Crowley Maritime

Thanks to all who applied and a special appreciation goes out to the Scholarship Committee members who reviewed the applications and chose the winners.

If you're interested in applying for a future scholarship, click on the button below for more information.

And, if you are interested in making a contribution to the Scholarship Funds that make these awards possible, please drop a note to
NACM member Seattle Times honored for 737 coverage
The Seattle Times’ coverage of Boeing’s 737 MAX crisis  was honored with the Scripps Howard Award for Business/Financial Reporting.

This is the Times' second major honor for the 737 MAX crisis coverage, which last month received the George Polk Award which honor special achievement in journalism.

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Ginger Kaladas, Border States Roger Reed, Ferguson
Monthly Online Webinar - FREE
Coming this Thursday!

NACM BCS is always a proponent of staying on top of Best Practices . In March, we bring two experts together to help you identify and stay aware of the following:

  • New Accounts and Job Accounts
  • Who’s on First: Your Credit Application -Where everything starts
  • Credit|Collection Policies & Procedures
  • Where do you keep your stuff?
  • Final Demand strategies
  • Training
  • Succession Planning
  • Employee Engagement
Join us on Thursday, March 5th for a FREE hour long live webinar.
12:00 - 1:00 PST
10:00-11:00 HST
11:00-12:00 AST
1:00 - 2:00 MST
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The Monthly Webinar Series is a collaboration of:
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Lien Law Seminar - April 9th
Y ou've been asking for it! Now we have it!

David Linville of the Linville Law Group will be presenting a Lien Law Seminar on April 9th. He'll start with the basics of lien law on through to covering public works projects and more complicated issues.

This is always a great program for rookies and veterans alike. Sign up today.

April 9
10:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m. including lunch
Interurban Hotel, Tukwila, WA

Member price: $150
Non-member price: $200

124th National Credit Congress
Register today!
Join us in Las Vegas for the Big Show of the year coming June 14-17. Excellent education and great networking with credit colleagues from across the nation. Following our tradition, we kick off Congress with a Sunday night party that you won't want to miss. Early registration ends soon. Click below and we'll see you in Sin City.
Take 20 seconds to properly wash your hands...and have some fun, too.
Knowing when and how to wash your hands will help you avoid sickness from the flu along with a number of diseases.

It seems simple enough according to the Mayo Clinic. You just have to do it right.

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Stress stressful stressed businessman sleep tension laptop
Screen reading can wreck your attention
A long strand of research has shown that reading comprehension is better on paper than on screens. The reasons are unclear, though researchers have some theories why.

Many of the day’s most important tasks involve careful, sequential thinking — functions honed by what scholars call deep reading. Some have worried that constant digital work threatens those cognitive processes.

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Our Collectors can get your missing money and relieve you of having to listen to the endless excuses. Call NACM for help with delinquent A/R.


Business News
Amazon, Microsoft cloud-computing can weather a recession and coronavirus

As fears of a recession mount with the spread of the novel coronavirus, cloud analysts are considering how this $263 billion industry would fare in its first significant economic downturn since reaching maturity. The short answer: fairly well, especially for the Seattle-based market leaders.

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Coronavirus: Updating your business continuity plan

Some experts fear that infections may grow into a pandemic. We may not have enough data yet to predict with certainty, however, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), every Business Continuity Plan needs to have a pandemic scenario. 

This is a good time for Risk Management professionals to take action. Read more from:

Why we swing for the fences

20 years at the Gates Foundation

Bill and Melinda Gates have been hard at work for the last two decades to put their money to great use. As they note in their Annual Letter, when you swing for the fences, you’re putting every ounce of strength into hitting the ball as far as possible. You know that your bat might miss the ball entirely—but that if you succeed in making contact, the rewards can be huge.
The Gates Foundation Annual Report speaks to how they how think about their philanthropy. The goal isn’t just incremental progress. It’s to put the full force of our efforts and resources behind the big bets that, if successful, will save and improve lives.

Read more from Bill and Melinda Gates:

Sprint, T-Mobile Revise
Merger Terms

Sprint and T-Mobile have agreed on new terms for their merger, as the wireless carriers race to close the deal after overcoming a federal court challenge .

The parties will improve the exchange ratio in the all-stock deal for T-Mobile’s parent, Deutsche Telekom AG , the companies said in a written statement confirming an earlier Wall Street Journal report.

T-Mobile, a member of NACM BCS , is based in Bellevue, Washington where the headquarters for the merged enterprise will be located.

JPMorgan Chase says NO to new Arctic oil and gas projects

JPMorgan Chase says it will no longer finance new oil and gas projects in the Arctic.
It is the second big U.S. lender to back away from potential support for projects such as drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in recent months.

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Budget crisis forces program cuts at University of Alaska

The University of Alaska Anchorage on Tuesday released a proposal to discontinue programs ranging from theater to sociology to hospitality administration, the opening salvo in what’s sure to be a bruising battle over how to cope with $70 million in cuts to the university’s operating budget over three years. .

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Oahu’s vacation rental supply and demand slump as other islands experience growth

Oahu was the only major island to experience a drop in vacation rental supply and unit demand in January, according to a vacation rental report released today by the Hawaii Tourism Authority.

The numbers show that in Hawaii there continues to be strong demand for the product and growing supply save for Oahu, where the city Department of Planning and Permitting has been enforcing a city crackdown on illegal vacation rentals since August.

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Ford exec sees 2009 crisis on faces of colleagues today

Ford Motor’s recently appointed chief operating officer sees the struggling automaker operating with the same sense of urgency and crisis that kept the company out of bankruptcy a decade ago.

“Everyone at Ford knows the situation we’re in,” Jim Farley, who becomes COO on March 1, said Wednesday at a Wolfe Research conference in New York. “I can see it on the faces of my colleagues and it takes me back to about 10 years ago. I’ve seen the look before.”

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Legislative News
State has $2.4 billion tax surplus
The state revenue forecast shows that state tax collections continue to surge -- reflecting a strong state and national economy. With this new revenue information, budget writers will now have an additional $2.4 billion to work with as they craft the supplemental operating budget. This does not include new additional tax revenue begin considered by teh Legislature.
There are many questions about what House Democrats plan to do with this large budget surplus. Republicans have proposed a rebate to taxpayers while Democrats look at increased spending. Members on both sides of the aisle will be debating it every step of the way. Stay tuned. 
Establishing Wage Liens
Bills died in Committee
SSB 6053 was a wage lien bill being considered that would have allowed the employers to put a hold on assets to theoretically protect workers when their employer disappears, goes bankrupt, or never pays the wages owing. If fact, wage complaints are uncommon and this bill - if enacted - would alter the longstanding principle of the UCC's notion of superior lien status.

NACM joined with Association of Washington Business and several other business organizations to oppose SSB 6053. Our view is and continues to be that existing Washington lien laws are effective and no change is warranted.

The Bill died in Committee and is dead for the current year.

The Bill Summary follows:
Washington lawmakers approve change to business tax to fund college affordability
Senate Bill 6492 was signed in law. It is a Business & Occupation Tax increase that passed both chambers and was signed by the governor in 10 days. The measure attempts to clean up the inconsistencies created by  legislation  passed at the end of the 2019 legislative session.

Beginning April 1, 2020, the service activities B&O tax rate is changed to 1.75 percent of the gross income of the business, except for persons subject to the advanced computing surcharge, persons with a gross income of less $1 million, and hospitals. 

The Department of Revenue states that the legislation will expand the tax increase to an estimated 4,000 new businesses. In total, an estimated 14,000 businesses that employ 886,000 people will see an increase. This new change alone will collect around $234 million in additional taxes over a two-year period

Read more from NACM member:

NOTE: NACM opposed SB 6492 because of the potential negative impact on member companies. We believe the income threshold is arbitrary and unreasonable given the cost of living especially in the Puget Sound area. We also believe the tax is unnecessary given the State's huge budget surplus.
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