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We spend so much time talking about leafy green plants that we forget our water saving little friends! Among the numerous species of flora present on our planet, succulents are of unique value. Because they are commonly found in arid and dry regions, they have to store water in some of their parts for the process of photosynthesis. Because of that the part which stores water becomes fleshy and juicy. Some succulents store water in their leaves and some in their stems. Regardless of where they store it, these little rockstars are born to survive, thrive and adapt.
  • Drought resistant
  • Easy to care for
  • Beautiful, unique shapes, sizes and colors
  • Easy to multiply

Top 3 indoor succulents
  1. String of pearls (trailing indoor succulent that grows quickly and loves bright, sunny windows.)
  2. Aloe Vera (easy to take care of and has medicinal benefits! Harvest the inside jelly of the leaves and use topically for sunburns!)
  3. Echeveria (rainbow colored rosettes stay relatively short and send out cute flower spokes that extend far above foliage and bloom for long periods of time!)

Top 3 outdoor succulents
  1. Lewisia (beautiful flowers in sunset shades sit atop rosette foliage!)
  2. Agave (slow growing, but cold hardy! Just remember to protect from excess moisture. Planting under some sort of covering in well draining soil is preferred. The flowers are used to make tequila, although it could be years before you see one!)
  3. Delosperma (another flowering hardy succulent, also known as 'ice plant.' So many bright flower colors.
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Speaking of metal art, we also have some beautiful product from Haw Creek Forge. Catherine Murphy, the talent behind Haw Creek has a long history of working with metal:

"From working the high rise as a construction welder to building power plants and paper mills, I have managed to use my creative skills in the medium of metal. I was able to combine my technical skills and love of metal with my favorite school project as a child--creating an insect collection."

-Catherine Murphy
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