Happy Spring!
We are now officially open for our 26 th season! The greenhouses are full of colour, so even if you are not quite ready to purchase yet, please drop in and tour around, start making your wish list and get inspired! 
Plant Perennials Now
If you are chomping at the bit to get planting, this weather is perfect for planting perennials. They will withstand frost and cold and after all this rain, they will take right off. It’s a good time to fill any bare spots in your garden and get the plants established early. Our perennial house is filled with over 100 varieties of hardy, healthy plants, all grown on the farm. We hope you can join us on May 5, at our ‘Perennial Party’ when we’ll be celebrating spring and kicking off our 26 th season.
Get a Splash of Colour with Pansies and Violas
Of course, Pansies are fabulous too at this time of year. We have grown a variety of Pansy and Viola mixes which are perfect for brightening up planters around your front door or garden. Just pop in now for a splash of colour.
Custom Container Planting Service
If you haven't already done so, now is the time to drop off your planters and take advantage of our popular Custom Container Planting Service. Let us know your favourite colours and plants and we will design, plant and grow your containers for you. Pick up in about 6 weeks and they will be full and beautiful!
2019 Opening Times
We’re open daily, April 26 to June 16
9am to 5pm
Visa, Mastercard, Interac, Cash or Cheque accepted
Gift certificates available – great idea for your favourite gardener!
See us at the Creemore Farmers Market, Saturday mornings from May 18 to June 15
Perennial Party
We’re giving away plants!
Receive a free Nepeta Cat’s Pajamas (Catmint) with each purchase made
Receive 10% off all perennials including our locally famous Specialty Peony Collection
Sunday May 5
1pm to 5pm
Enjoy a Sunday afternoon at the farm as we kick off our 26 th season in business!
Refreshments and Door Prizes
Vote in our 2019 Hanging Basket Challenge
Meet and mingle with our family, staff and animals
Yellow Peonies Available Here!
Yes, we have grown the much sought after, famous and very special Yellow Peonies! These Intersectional (Itoh) varieties are a cross between tree and herbaceous varieties, featuring the exotic and colourful flowers of tree varieties, combined with the easy care of herbaceous varieties. Stop by soon and pick up one of these highly prized beauties before they are sold out!

This year’s yellow varieties are:
Garden Treasure - Fragrant, large yellow semi double flowers with red petal bases. 30” high
Yellow Crown – Medium sized, semi double, bright yellow flowers. 20” high
Bartzella – Very fragrant, fully double bright yellow flowers. Very floriferous. 20” high
Border Charm – Semi double yellow flowers with red centre. 24” high

Our full Peony collection includes a range of colours – pink, red, salmon and white, both herbaceous and intersectional varieties, and a range of flower types including single, Japanese, anemone, semi double, double and bomb double. Just plant in sun and allow approx. 3 feet per plants. For more information about peony classification, see www.peonies.org/types.html. Photos courtesy of Darwin Perennials.
Mac Helps Out
Mac, our beloved 7 year old Boxer Lab has been working hard in the greenhouses all through March and April, often braving winter storms to commute to the greenhouses every day and narrowly escaping many cold showers by being a little too close to the end of a hose! Everyone knows that he is the real boss around here! Mac is looking forward to welcoming all visitors to the farm once again this year. Please remember to always let him approach you first and to respect his boundaries if he wishes to walk away. Here he is hard at work with Ben planting Instant Gardens!
Superbell Hanging Baskets
Speckles and Stars!
Our Superbell hanging baskets have always been popular as they fill out beautifully and are easy to care for, rewarding you with colour all summer until frost. We grow a broad array of colours and patterns - something for every taste! Two new and unique Proven Winner bicolours caught my attention at the Canadian Greenhouse Conference last fall. I just had to grow them - they are stunning!

Holy Smokes features a speckled star patterned flower in shades of lavender and white with a yellow throat. Holy Moly is also a bicolour speckled star but in shades of glowing pink and yellow, with a deeper yellow throat. Both are large flowers on mounding and trailing plants - perfect for baskets hung in full or part sun. All our Superbells are also available in quart pots for planting in your own containers or gardens. Enjoy!
Leeks, the Underappreciated Veggie!
Leeks are one of my favourite vegetables to grow and eat, although they are very much underappreciated here in Southern Ontario gardens. They belong to the onion family but do not form a bulb, instead a long upright white shank is produced topped with wide flat leaves. All parts of the plant are eaten, except the roots and tough outer leaves. Taste is a mild onion flavour.

Leeks benefit from being planted early – as soon as you can work the soil is great, although I don’t usually get mine planted until June and they do fine! When you purchase a pack of leeks, each cell will have a small clump of plants in it. Separate out the individual plants and plant about 6” apart in deep holes. Only 1-2” of leaves needs to extend above the soil. As the plants grow, hill with soil to extend the blanched white shank. Harvest when plants reach the desired size. Easy to grow and delicious to eat! Just think leek and potato soup this fall and be inspired to plant this spring!
Dividing Perennials in the Spring
One of the rewards of growing perennials is that plants increase in size over the years. As they grow, however they may outgrow their allocated space, die out in the middle, become weed infested, or maybe you just want more of the plant to spread around the garden or give to friends.

Spring is an ideal time to divide summer and fall flowering perennials, although even spring bloomers can usually be divided successfully after they flower. A couple of exceptions are Peony (fall only) and Bearded Iris (summer or fall).
We're open Friday April 26!

We look forward to seeing you soon! Thank you so much for your continued business and support – it is our pleasure to be growing for you!

Katie Dawson
Cut and Dried Flower Farm