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MARCH 2022
Give Love
"“We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared their love.”
–Leo Buscaglia
As many may have seen throughout the month of February, we were blessed to honor your loved ones on our Tree of Love that lights up our front window! This is something we hold dear as we recognize those families who are living with a dementia diagnosis. Thank you to everyone who helped us honor your loved ones!
~ Tips & Tricks ~
A Balancing Act:
How Women Balance Caregiving, Children & Careers
The Sandwich Generation. It's no joke. When you have both sides that are needing help, it can become a full time caregiving position on top of your full time job and the needs of yourself. It is very important to recognize it and develop healthy ways to balance this stage of life.
A Personal Piece:
What No One Tells You When You Lose a Loved One to Alzheimers
Wayne Hoffman, author of the true crime family memoir, The End of Her: Racing Against Alzheimer’s to Solve a Murder, shares a personal piece on his experience with his mother's diagnosis and seemingly slow decline. Here he shares a very touching and personal story.
~ Community News ~
~ The Cook Nook ~
For Those Who Love to Cook
What is St. Patrick's Day if there's no
corned beef and cabbage!!??
This year set it and forget it with this crockpot recipe that is sure to tickle your tastebuds!
A special treat for the ones you love!
This Magically Delicious treat is for all sizes and delivers a beautiful harmony of sweet & salty to make any Irish heart do a jig!
This is a wonderful resource for caregivers at a fantastic facility!
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Consider registering for this FREE virtual class to learn more tools for your 'Caregiver's toolbox'!
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We will continue to provide all our programming and consultations FREE of charge to the families seeking our help. We are able to continue this mission because of the love and support we have received from all of our supporters!
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