The best time to prune most trees is late winter/early spring. Shrubs are trickier. Find out the how-to's of pruning trees, shrubs and evergreens.

And please read an important message from the Johnson County Manager below.
Knowledge for Life e-News          March 2016

Daylight Savings Time starts March 13. Spring officially begins soon after. Daffodils are in bloom. And moms are already signing their kids up for summer camp.

Many of us can't wait to get outside and clean up the landscape. In this issue we highlight pruning: how-to's, timing, and resources for DIY and hiring a tree service. Then we shift the focus to summer camps, aging and news for farmers.

Lastly, we include an important request from the County Manager Hannes Zacharias asking for your input.
Pruning Trees and Shrubs: It’s all in the timing
March is when we start to get the itch to get outside and prune. Whether it's just to tidy up or an all-out restoration, timing is everything. Here are the times of year for pruning shrubs, trees and evergreens.
Follow this Easy Tip for Pruning Made Simple
More Pruning Resources
Here are the three basic methods used in pruning shrubs.

Cheapest is not always the best. Here's what to look for.
Come to the Healthy Yards Expo: An earth-friendly lawn and garden event
The Effect of Summer Camps on Kids
It's time to start registering your kids for summer camp. Studies show there are many benefits for kids who attend camp. 4-H Youth Development has both a day camp and overnight camps this year that offer oodles of fun for kids of all ages.
Reclaim Your Strength at Any Age
You've heard the term use it or lose it. Aging is inevitable but it doesn't have to mean a decline in physical activities.The good news is this decline can be slowed, and in some cases reversed. Find out how to reclaim your strength.
Alzheimer’s Disease
More than 5 million people in the U. S. have Alzheimer’s disease. Almost two thirds of those are women. Find out the risk factors, and about the K-State program "10 Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease".
Grass Drill Available for Lease
Thanks to Johnson County Stormwater Management, you can lease a grass drill from our office to increase the germination of pasture grasses and legumes. Find out the lease process here.
Not too Late to Fertilize Cool-season Pasture Grasses
Brome and fescue usually come out of winter dormancy in late February and early March. If you haven't fertilized there's still time. And if you haven’t taken a soil test in a while, there’s still time to do that, as well.

More AG Fertilizing Resources
Free Tax Preparation with VITA
Are you eligible? Find out here.
Important Message:
Your Input is Requested at County Courthouse Public Meetings
Our Extension supporters are passionate about Extension and also very passionate about the county they live in. County Manager Hannes Zacharias recognizes that passion and would appreciate your input at public engagement meetings planned on a new courthouse and coroner facility.

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