2020 was a challenging year, for Lake Tahoe included. Despite the changes and obstacles, the League's commitment to Keep Tahoe Blue never wavered.

We're proud to share our 2020 Annual Report. Look inside to learn about the League's accomplishments, as well as our objectives for 2021.
Since 1957, our success has only been possible due to the support of our members, donors, and volunteers. We thank you. Please consider making a gift today, and together, we will continue to Keep Tahoe Blue.
Dispatches from D.C.
The League doesn’t just cook up innovative solutions to Tahoe’s challenges, or get residents and visitors engaged in protecting the Lake.

We also lobby, negotiate, and advocate at every level of government for policies and funding to protect our Jewel of the Sierra.

As a result of our collaborative efforts with Basin partners, we're thrilled to share that legislation to reauthorize the Lake Tahoe Restoration Act was recently introduced by a bipartisan group of federal lawmakers.
Photo: Thomas Guignard / Flickr CC
The Lake Tahoe Restoration Acts of 2000 and 2016 have delivered tens of millions in federal funding for Tahoe environmental improvement and restoration projects. When passed, the LTRA reauthorization will allow us to finish crucial environmental work left undone, and Keep Tahoe Blue for generations to come.
Ready to Dive In?
To be in the center of Lake Tahoe, with the warm Sierra sun on your face, mountains everywhere you look, and more than a thousand feet of cobalt blue water below you is a wondrous feeling. We highly recommend it.
The Olympic Club Trans Tahoe Relay is the most unique open water swimming event in the world. It gives you and your teammates the opportunity to connect with the Lake in a way that most have not. 
The League to Save Lake Tahoe and the Olympic Club partner for this event to protect and preserve the Lake we treasure. Sign up today.
21st Annual Snapshot Day
On May 15, more than 100 League volunteers will put on their citizen scientist hats, gather their instruments, and wade into creeks, streams and lakes across Tahoe's south shore. 

Each spring for the past 20 years, Snapshot Day has brought together community members to assess water quality across the entire Tahoe-Truckee watershed – from Meyers to the north shore, on to Truckee and through Reno, terminating at Pyramid Lake – at a single moment in time. 

We look forward to adding our findings to a robust, 20-year dataset of measurements, and sharing what we learn with you.
No Hibernation for the Tahoe Blue Crew
In 2020, the Tahoe Blue Crew program took off. Our 90 volunteer Crews removed nearly 6,000 pounds of litter from Tahoe’s environment.

The Blue Crew doesn't go dormant during the winter. Since January 1, 2021, our dedicated Crews have tallied some impressive statistics.
-3,950 pounds of litter removed -
-132 cleanups conducted -
-17,889 plastic items collected -
We thank them for their hard work and commitment to Keep Tahoe Blue. You too can help create a litter-free Tahoe. Join the movement.
Reusable Bottles Made for Tahoe
Show your Tahoe tap water some love with our new Be Part of the Solution Blue Glass Water Bottles!

Inspired by artwork from dedicated League supporter Lisa Pellegrino, our unique, solutions-oriented design is featured front and center. Each Italian glass bottle is BPA-free, leak-proof, and equipped with a swing top lid.

Great for on-the-go hydration, dinner parties, and Tahoe bistros. Grab yours today and take your water to a new level.

All proceeds benefit our efforts to Keep Tahoe Blue. 
April 27 | Grow Ensemble

Behind our iconic sticker is a 64-year history of lake preservation and a passionate environmental ethic to go with it. Hear how the League got started and how it's evolved over six decades to meet the challenges facing Lake Tahoe today.

April 26 | NV Record-Courier

The unofficial sledding area at Spooner Summit continues to be a pollution nightmare. Despite the persistent efforts of volunteers, organizations, and agencies to keep litter in check, the problem resurfaces every winter. The League is working on a collaborative solution.

April 23 | Sierra Sun

Beginning in July, people on the north shore can arrange door-to-door rides through a free, app-based microtransit shuttle program. Alternative and shared transportation options like this pilot program can help prevent traffic and pollution to Keep Tahoe Blue.

April 22 | Tahoe Daily Tribune

Tahoe is all of ours to protect. Visitors are encouraged to take the #TahoePledge and leave the Lake better than they found it. It's easy to follow the pledge's six principles and join the #TahoeBlueGooder family.

9 - 9:45am | Thursday, May 20
Tahoe Blue Crews adopt their favorite spots around the Lake and protect them from degradation. This virtual session will prepare you to become a Tahoe Blue Crew leader, adopt a litter hot spot, and collect data that contributes to litter prevention solutions.

June 1-30
Lake Tahoe Basin
Keep Tahoe Blue by biking to work, school, and play every day the whole month of June. Register to track your miles, compete against others, and invite your friends, family, and colleagues to join.

5 - 7:30pm | Tuesday, June 1
Locations across S. Lake Tahoe
Kick off the Tahoe Bike Challenge with this fun, physically distanced community cleanup event. We will ride and walk as we clean to prepare our bike paths for the summer.

4:30 - 5:15pm | Tuesday, June 15
Tahoe Blue Crews adopt their favorite spots around the Lake and protect them from degradation. This virtual session will prepare you to become a Tahoe Blue Crew leader, adopt a litter hot spot, and collect data that contributes to litter prevention solutions.

2 - 4pm | Thursday, June 17
Attend this training to help tackle the invasive species threat at Tahoe. Learn how to identify native and invasive aquatic plants, report observations you make at the Lake, and assist the League in quickly putting new infestations in check.

In Case You Missed It
The April installment of our new eNewsletter, Gems from Our Jewel of the Sierra, traced the parallels between the birth of the global Earth Day movement and the League's origins 13 years prior. Here's the latest.
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