Spring In The Garden

I know spring is around the corner when I dash out the door every time the sun comes out. Especially since the weatherman said it's supposed to rain this evening. I brought out a spring brimmed hat yesterday. Black to keep my head warm, which may be a myth. Because low 40s isn't exactly balmy outside yet.

I could probably stop at almost every yard to admire the flowers. If the owner makes the mistake of standing out front, then I ask questions. For instance, "Why are your rhododendrons so healthy?" I asked a friend a few days ago. Spectacular would be a better description. "Fertilizer," was her answer. And I recalled the time we fertilized our rhododendrons only to have our dogs dig up the fertilizer. My husband and I still chuckle over the incident, but I decided not to mention it to my friend.

I've already pruned our few roses. Just a little, as I fear it is too early. I figure as long as I'm still wearing turtlenecks and long johns under my sweatpants, it's chilly outside. And yet I see glorious hellebores in abundance and an occasional daffodil. What fun to see their cheery yellow trumpets greeting me.

I'm not thrilled day light savings is drawing near as I am an early riser. I don't appreciate dark mornings when I could be out walking. But many people love to spring forward, in other words wake up and dash off to work or get the kids to school an hour early.

Are you ready to go out in the garden, turn over the soil, and plant? Or maybe fill pots with pansies and primroses. Two lovely geraniums with variegated leaves made it through the winter on our garage windowsill, but they'll have to wait another month. Just not warm enough yet.

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite gardening tools as my prize this month. Mine are old and worn but I still use them.

Enter to win these Garden Goodies! A 16"diameter Pop-Up Bag, waterproof Wonder Grip Gloves, BigGrip Planting Tool, and Trimming and Shaping Clippers, plus one of my novels, either An Amish Christmas Kitchen, Starting from Scratch, A Letter from Lancaster County; or one of 3 books from The Legacy of Lancaster County Trilogy - Leaving Lancaster, its sequel, Pennsylvania Patchwork, or Forever Amish; or A Portrait of Marguerite. US and Canada only, winner has three days to respond.
Wishing you all the best of luck!

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Warm Wishes,


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