March 2018
It's March!
Spring into Action with ECA
Greetings Friend!

As we turn our calendars and begin moving from the cold and cloudy winter, spring blooms begin to appear. This is a time of rejuvenation. It is time to reawaken our passions as we look at our grandchildren and the beautiful signs that spring is coming. It is time WE spring into action as the climate crisis is not lessening. Together we can raise the voice and actions of elders and continue to press for action on climate change at the local, county, state and federal levels.  You may feel that one person can not have an impact, but when one person acts and others follow, a movement is born. Let’s join together to ensure our voices are heard now and at every ballot box. This month’s newsletter, SPRING INTO ACTION WITH ECA, provides many simple actions you can take right now to raise the voice of elders and act on climate change. Share it with your friends, family, and community. It will take all of us to generate the change needed for a sustainable planet.

For the grandchildren, future generations and all life,
Geri Freedman
ECA, Co-Chair
Mark Your Calendar!
April 22, 2018

Honor Your Grandchildren and Future Generations this Earth Day and give a gift to Elders Climate Action. We will be calling on you this Earth Day, April 22nd to make a contribution and help us grow a movement of elders committed to acting on climate change. Your financial contribution allows us to develop critical resources and opportunities for elders to get inspired, informed and engaged in climate action. If finances are tight, perhaps you can give us a bit of your time. Every contribution is meaningful and necessary to grow Elders Climate Action and take action for our grandchildren and future generations. 
Will you step up this Earth Day with a financial gift or an offer to volunteer your time to expand our work? 

Are you concerned that our elected officials are not taking climate change seriously?

Do you want candidates for office to talk about climate action as part of their platform?

Participate in the Candidates Pledge Climate Action Project!
Members of Elders Climate Action are taking to the streets to ask candidates for office to join us by signing a commitment to climate action. We are asking our representatives in 2018 to work with others to adopt legislation that will reduce greenhouse gases to prevent catastrophic climate change.

We are looking for individuals or teams in each state to visit candidates for office in your area and ask for their signature on the climate pledge. You can attend town halls, community candidate forums, schedule appointments, or send them a letter or email, and ask for their commitment. Build a personal connection and share why climate change is important to you.

We've built tools and resources on our website to assist you in this project - to learn more about the project or get started click the button below.
Springing Into Action
the Arizona Chapter Pilots our "Candidates Pledge Climate Action" Project
The 2018 Candidates Climate Pledge initiative has been piloted in Arizona before the national ECA launch in March. Beverly Janowitz-Price, a leader of the brand new Arizona chapter, has been encouraging State Legislature candidates to sign the pledge. In February the chapter participated in an “Environment Day” at the State Legislature, sponsored by the Sierra Club. Beverly was able to meet with a State Senator and two Representatives and has emailed new candidates as well, asking them to sign the Climate Pledge. As Beverly stated, “It’s not always easy to get a candidate to take a stand. It takes dedication and persistence.” We are grateful to Beverly for her commitment as a decades-long dedicated environmentalist! We all need to draw on our love for all children and commitment to future generations to sustain us as we work to make climate change a priority issue this election year.
Check out the Get INFORMED section of the ECA Website
We've built up the website to include a variety of ECA related information as well as climate resources from our partners and volunteer curators.

Let ECA be your one stop for taking Climate Action!
Tips for asking candidates for Congress to sign the Candidates Climate Pledge

We know it can feel overwhelming to talk with elected officials or candidates running for office. Sometimes we need to be reminded that they are people with families, children, grandchildren, just like us. Here are a few tips to make it a bit easier.

  • Go to to discover when your primary election will be held, who is running for a specific Congressional district and their contact information.
  • Check the Congressional calendar to find out when Congress will be in recess. You can set up an appointment through their field office.
  • Do your homework prior to the visit. Find out what issues are most important to your candidate. Use that language when talking with them about climate change.
  • If you can’t make personal contact with your candidates, email or mail the pledge to them, being sure to add your name and contact information.
  • Attend a Town Hall meeting or Candidates’ Forum. Ask the candidates publicly about their position on climate change. Tell them you will be asking them to sign the Climate Pledge.
  • Follow up with every candidate to make sure they sign the pledge, first checking our website (at the bottom of the page) to to see if it has been returned already.
  • Once you’ve obtained the signed pledge, you can upload at the above webpage.
  • Remember, ECA is a nonpartisan organization, so it is important to make contact with Democratic, Republican and Independent candidates. It is critical that we create relationships of respect and appreciation with all candidates and members of Congress so we can work effectively with them after the election. We do not endorse candidates, nor express preferences for candidates. We simply urge ALL candidates to commit to action on climate change.
  • Follow up. Be persistent. Thousands of communications come through Congressional offices and candidates may also be inundated with requests.
Join us for the Elders Climate Action National Call

March 27, 2018
7:00 PM (EST) / 4:00 PM (PST)

Join us to find out more about the Candidates Pledge Climate Action project and project implementation efforts in Arizona. Join the call to find out how you can participate in your area to encourage candidates to take a stand on climate action.
We've Partnered with the Environmental Voter Project on a new project, Elders Vote for the Climate 2018 . Sign the pledge and commit to being a CLIMATE VOTER in 2018!
Check out the NEW ECA WEBSITE and find a variety of ECA and climate related resources and materials for your next tabling event or community presentation!
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