Don't miss out this Spring on our amazing savings from brands such as: American Precision Industries, Delta Tau, Dynaserv DM, Heidenhain, Kollmorgen, Parker, Renishaw, and Yaskawa.
API: Standard Stepper Motors (23D Series) 
The 23D Series are standard style round-bodied stepper motors. These motors are an excellent choice to replace many of the round stepper motors that were popular for many years. 

Price: $44.04
Delta Tau: Amplifier (ACC-8D OPT4A) 
This general-purpose amplifier provides four channels of 150W continuous (250W intermittent for 1 second) linear amplifiers. Amplifier may be used to drive small to medium sized DC motors or proportional hydraulic valve actuators. The amplifier is very compact in size, and may be interfaced conveniently to PMAC through ACC-8D and through a 16-pin flat cable.

Price: $301.62
Dynaserv DM: Direct Drive Brushless Servo Motor and Driver 
The Dynaserv is a family of direct-drive servo systems for industrial and high-tech applications. Direct-drive systems are integrated positioning systems that allow the elimination of mechanical transmissions and allow the load to be mounted directly to the motor. This creates an extremely high performance system that can simplify and increase the performance of many machine types. 

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List Price: $4,500.00 
Price: $2,000.00 
Savings: $2,500.00

Heidenhain: Angle Encoders (RON 886 Series) 
The term angle encoder is typically used to describe encoders that have an accuracy of better than ± 5" and a line count above 10000. In contrast, rotary encoders are encoders that typically have an accuracy of more than ± 10". Angle encoders are found in applications requiring precision angular measurement to accuracies within several arcseconds.

  • Incremental measuring method 
  • Large hollow shaft diameter (up to 60 mm) 
  • Integrated stator coupling 
  • Compact size for limited installation space 
  • System accuracy includes the deviation caused by the shaft connection
  • Outstanding dynamic response 
  • Simple installation

Parker Bayside: Generation II Stealth® Helical Planetary Gearhead (PX115-010 Series) 
Our new Generation II Stealth® series provides higher radial load, increased service life and ease of mounting The Generation II Stealth® Helical Planetary Gearheads incorporate design enhancements to provide superior performance for the most demanding high performance applications. 

Stealth Generation II incorporates dual angular contact bearings providing higher radial load capacities while maintaining high input speeds. Design enhancements also include full complement needle bearings allowing for increased service life and extended warranties. Internal design changes and optimized gearing geometries allow for one oil fill level for any orientation, resulting in shortened part number designation and simplified order placement.

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List Price: $1,007.00 
Price: $821.76 
Savings: $185.24

Kollmorgen: Direct Drive DC Torque Motor (QT-4702-A Series) 
The Direct Drive DC torque motor is a servo actuator which can be directly attached to the load it drives. It has a permanent magnet (PM) field and a wound armature which act together to convert electrical power to torque. This torque can then be utilized in positioning or speed control systems. 

List Price: $9,970.00 
Price: $5,580.00 
Savings: $4,390.00

Parker Trilogy: I-FORCE Ironless Linear Motor (310 Series) 
High force and rapid acceleration in a compact package. With forces ranging from 5.5 lbf (24.5 N) - 197.5 lbf (878.6 N) continuous up to 5.5 lbf (24.5 N) - (883 lbf (3928 N) peak, the I-Force family offers a superior combination of performance and size. The I-Force patented I-beam shape with its overlapping windings allows for a higher power density in a smaller motor, improved heat removal, and added structural stiffness. 

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List Price: $1,800.00 
Price: $1,120.00 
Savings: $680.00

Renishaw: RESOLUTE™ Absolute Optical Encoder with BiSS Serial Communications 
RESOLUTE is a revolutionary new true absolute, fine pitch optical encoder system, with excellent dirt immunity, offering an impressive specification that breaks new ground in position feedback. 

RESOLUTE's patented technology combines 1 nm resolution with exceptionally high speed, up to 100 m/s (36 000 rev/min), reading from a range of high accuracy linear tape and spar scales or angle encoder rings. RESOLUTE uses a unique single optical absolute track (a world first) with a nominal pitch of 30 μm, combined with sophisticated optics. 

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List Price: $1,470.00 
Price: $950.00 
Savings: $520.00

Yaskawa: Servomotor (SGMGH Series) 
0.45kW to 15kW, Rated Speed 1,500 RPM 
The SGMGH Sigma II servo motor is a legacy product and no longer promoted in the Americas. The SGMGH had a medium-inertia rotor and incorporated the segmented stator design, which dramatically reduced overall size.

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Price : $265.69