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It's the 3rd Annual Performance Games!
Please join us on April 2nd, beginning at 2pm, for two great events that will kick your spring into high gear, in support of ALS research.
ACL tears can be one of the most difficult injuries to come back from and we can help! PEAC Performance’s ACL Rehabilitation Program bridges the gap between physical therapy and the athlete fully returning to their sport.

PEAC trainers work with your patients to reduce the risk of re-injury and play without limitations. Our average program consists of 2-3 weekly sessions for 6-8 weeks, including strength training. We build muscle to improve the patient's overall quality of life by keeping bones, joints, and muscles healthy.

Contact Evan or Ty to learn more!

We take pride in our young athletes and their accomplishments, showcasing not only their sports performance, but also their all-around hard work & positivity. Our Athlete of the Month is a true example of athleticism, teamwork, success, confidence, and personality. Keep up the amazing work, athletes!
Sierra Mitchell
This young lady is the epitome of where hard work takes you. Whether it's 6am or 4pm, Sierra barely misses a day of working out. It has been so rewarding to watch Sierra transform herself into an elite athlete. Her smile lights up the room and her potential in life is limitless!

Meet our Staff!

Ty Caldwell
B.S. Exercise Physiology,
Co-Owner/Head Trainer
of PEAC Performance
Ty began his sport and exercise career with participation in interscholastic sports including baseball, football, and wrestling. He continued his love for exercise by studying kinesiology at both Lock Haven University and Temple University where he received his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology. Prior to joining the sports performance team at PEAC Performance, Ty worked with high school and college level athletes at Aspiring Champions Sports Performance facility where he guided athletes through rigorous regimens of sports conditioning and movement training. In addition to training athletes focusing on speed, agility and power, Ty also utilizes his broad knowledge of general fitness, nutrition, and personal health working with all ages and skill levels. 

PEAC Performance Merch
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