Recently, we launched our Biggest Winner Team Challenge with the Physical Plant Department at Calvin College.  We have been updating this program to make it more accessible through our new Allegro APP and include some powerful onsite workshops, weigh-ins, and coaching. 

Knowing this would be a tough crowd to engage, we started off with an onsite presentation on "How to Get Motivated" with Coach Kendra and things took off from there. Our goal was to impact at least 10-15 people in the department and we ended up with 24 participants...almost the entire department! 
Check out what Heather Chapman, Environment Health & Safety Director, had to say about Allegro Coaching.
"I am seriously impressed with how this program is going!   Even people that are not participating in the challenge are paying attention to their diet and exercise and stepping up their game.   This has been probably one of the most positive and impactful things I've ever done since I've been at Calvin (almost 9 years!).   I'm super excited to see where these next several weeks take us!"

- Calvin College
Grand Rapids, MI 

If you are interested in learning more about the Biggest Winner and how we can reach your workplace, let's connect! Not only has this program been upgraded and streamlined, it is now more affordable than ever before!  Contact for more pricing and availability! 

In October 2016 I decided to start making positive changes to my lifestyle. At only 24 I had ballooned to 260lbs and developed chronic lower back pain and sciatica in my left leg. Through mainly diet I lost 30lbs
 in three months . In January 2017 I decided to try adding strength training to my regimen. The thought of setting foot in a gym for the first time since High School was intimidating to say the least. 

From the first email with Scott my fears and anxiety were put to rest. Scott has helped me achieve things I never would have thought possible - like running the full length of Central Park (over six miles). In three short months I have lost another 30lbs, lowered my blood pressure and resting heart rate, and reduced the frequency of my lower back pain and sciatica. I have Scott to thank for all of this. From the start Scott has been welcoming, helpful, and encouraging. Most important of all Scott has kept me accountable - going as far as texting me on days off to make sure I wasn't slacking. If you're considering increasing your physical fitness I would highly recommend Scott and the more than competent staff at Allegro. I can't wait to see what the next three months bring!

- Ross 

Kids Summer Bootcamp

We are excited to bring back our Kids Summer Bootcamp for a second year. For one week, two hours a day, we will inspire your child to be active, strong and healthy; helping in your goals to instill healthy habits for a lifetime. 

The details: 
Dates: June 26 - 30 
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM 
Location: Eastown 
Ages: 5 - 12 years old 

Foil Baked Salmon
It's asparagus season! So why not combine a power house food such as salmon with this tasty vegetable! 

This recipe is simple. Which means you can sit out next to the grill and relax while it does all the work for you. 
Ready to sweat it out and burn some serious calories? Give this "Up + Down Cardio Challenge" a go! 

It is our favorite time of year. Member Appreciation Month! To celebrate our incredible members and community, we are offering up some sweet deals, specialty classes, and one big party! 

Check out the flyer above for all of the fun or click the link below. Between one week FREE (new members only) to fun events and opportunities for giveaways, you won't want to miss out!

Are you looking for some new programs to liven up your wellness program at work?  We've got you covered and have been busy developing new resources just for you!  Check out some  of these new services available for summer:
10-Day Core Challenge:   This new online course is a great way to educate your employees on what core strength is and simple ways to strengthen their core, with everyday workouts to do at home.  We've loaded our app with daily at home workouts for both beginners and intermediate fitness levels.  You can run the 10-Day Core Challenge as an individual challenge or team-based challenge, depending on your overall wellness goals.  Plus, it's an awesome tool to reach employees throughout the entire country!   

Summer Salads & BBQ Cooking Workshop:   Who doesn't love sunshine, summer BBQ's and late-night get together's with friends?  This hands-on cooking workshop will give your employees the ability to taste (3) savory and healthy summer meals, including our bang-bang shrimp tacos, caprese chicken salad and fruity Shakeology popsicles!  We'll educate your employees with tips on marinades, grill times and healthy food pairings.  Plus, each employees receives our brand new Allegro Summer Salads & BBQ Recipe packet...over 20 easy to make recipes for the entire family! 

Sometimes, making big changes can feel overwhelming.  Especially when life already feels busy and overwhelming.  Encourage your employees to start with simple changes they can do every day, AND feel good about.  Here are some of our top strategies to living healthier, one choice at a time!
  • Reserve alcohol for special occasions.
  • Eliminate fast food; only for special occasions and then, choose wisely. 
  • Pack your lunches - brown bagging is a great option for work!
  • Strive for protein on every plate to keep you full.
  • Add a plant on every plate to increase fiber, vitamins and minerals.
  • Eat breakfast and dinner slowly - try sitting at the table with no distractions.
  • Work towards eliminating soft drinks - focus on drinking only water.
  • No TV during dinner. Focus on the sensation of eating.
  • All snacks must be put in a bowl or on a plate.  No mindless eating out of a container.
  • Dressing on the side of a salad - dip your fork.
  • No bread as an appetizer or side, only for use as something to hold your sandwich.
  • Make all soups broth based.
  • Drink water with lunch and dinner.
  • Limit desserts to once a week and try to share with someone else.
  • No skipping meals, focus on making nutrition a priority.
  • Use proper portion servings, aka kids' meal sizes!