March 2020 Newsletter
March Newsletter
With the warmer temperatures of Spring and the start of a new cooling season, ProAsys is pleased to provide the following information regarding our products and services. 

Cooling Tower Start-Up

Stagnant water laying in a cooling tower sump and/or its associated piping can develop high levels of bacteria during extended idle periods.

Follow these Guidelines for seasonal start up or after a prolonged idle period (ten days or more).
VpCI Boiler Lay-Up

For those responsible for maintaining heating boiler systems, the fluctuating temperatures of Spring can be a challenge.

Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCI) provide continuous corrosion protection during idle periods (for up to 12 months).   

The VpCI treatment is easily flushed allowing the system to be quickly returned to service.
Legionnaires' Disease Prevention

Knowledge of the origins and exposure points of Legionella throughout water systems helps us to prevent its spread.

The water we use, collected from lakes, rivers and reservoirs, is known as source water.  Source water naturally contains bacteria and nutrients.  
The Right Tools

ProAsys can help to identify the right tools for your HVAC &/or domestic water needs.  
Contact your ProAsys representative for additional information.
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