Want the Ultimate Uptime? Protect the Power
Downtime is Expensive!

Surge Protection Doesn't Have to be with Raycap
It's not uncommon to have a surge protection device (SPD) at the main utility entrance. But, consider what happens when the main panel is hit with a large surge. Over-voltage can be passed through and downstream equipment is directly in its path. For this reason, IEEE has recommended a multiple distributed approach with each downstream power panel equipped with its own SPD.

Having a SPD at each distribution panel will compartmentalize and isolate the damage a surge can do further reducing the over-voltage to safer levels.
Can Your Integrated Switchgear Transfer the Load?
During an interruption to your primary power supply, you rely on your UPS to maintain power to critical equipment and systems.

But that plan only works if your integrated switchgear successfully transfers the load. Vertiv’s integrated switchgear services ensure the proper installation, operation, and maintenance of switchgear components so your electrical infrastructure supports high availability of your data center.

And is the Critical Equipment Safe?
A UPS is built to protect the load. It is not built to handle a large surge such as lightning. Putting a SPD upstream of a UPS is much more economical than replacing the UPS after a catastrophic hit. 

Liebert® Trinergy™ Cube has capacities up to 1600 kW. The UPS design offers industry-leading availability through hot-modular power cores, distributed batteries, circular redundancy, and redundant fans.
It Takes More than Batteries
When the Utilities Fail, Can You Afford the Downtime?
Generac Industrial Generators
Even the best UPS batteries have limited run-time. That's where generators save the day.

Today's generators come with multiple configurations and multiple fuel options. And with regular preventive maintenance you can be assured that utility downtime your downtime.
The Readers Corner
A Day at Vertiv's Customer Experience Center
Step inside a remote tour of the Vertiv AC Power Customer Experience Center in Bologna, Italy. Experience our latest data center technologies, UPS systems, STS, RPP, and batteries with real-time remote testing and expert insights.
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