When is the right time to open a savings account for your children?
Before you have kids, planning for them is easy. You have wild dreams about how you will open their college account, teach them how to save their money by the age of 2, and imagine that they will be financially independent by the time they’re 15. Of course, after you have your first kid, that all changes when you buy that first box of diapers and discover they are more expensive than you could have ever imagined. You have to plan and budget more than you realize, and you’re left wondering, “When should I open a savings account for my kid?” The answer depends on what the end goal of the account is.
College Savings
When saving for college, you want the most amount of time possible. Compounding interest is on your side, so if you can open the college savings account (most often a 529 College Savings Plan is used) as soon the baby is born, that would be ideal. Of course, it would also be ideal if you could dump $20,000 into this account right away and not worry about it for the next 18 years, but that most likely won’t happen. The bottom line is that a college savings account should be opened as soon as possible, and systematic deposits made into the account.

Emergency and Opportunity Savings
There are two kinds of savings involved here, but both involve storing up cash. An  Eagle Kids Savings Club  account would be a great emergency fund savings, whereas opportunity money (for children, at least) is often held in a piggy bank.

The best time to open these accounts will vary greatly depending on the developmental levels of the child. But a good rule of thumb is when the child can understand the value of money; they can understand the idea that storing up that money will allow them to make larger purchases. By the time they are in first grade, most children will have a good grasp of these concepts.
Refreshed Kids Savings Account
Help your kids learn how to save with an Eagle Kids Savings account from FNB. Thanks to the interest, you can have fun together as you track the growing funds. It just takes $5 to get started. Elle & Elliott the Eagles invite you to start saving today, so you can continue to soar through life.

Open an account today to receive your very own miniature Elle or Elliot the Eagle. Download our kid-friendly savings goal worksheet to start your child's journey of saving for an item they really want.
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NOW AVAILABLE: Kasasa Protect
We are excited to introduce FNB Community Bank’s newest product,  Kasasa Protect!

There's a battle underway for your identity, and criminals don't fight fair. Make sure you're ready. This one-stop defensive strategy helps protect you against identity theft, credit card fraud, data breaches, and other deceptive attacks. Kasasa Protect operates around the clock monitoring your sensitive information, providing reports, and intervening as needed. By adding Kasasa Protect , you can rest easier because we're monitoring your information 24/7.

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Optional Add On Service : FNB Community Bank offers Kasasa Protect, an optional Identity Fraud Protection And Restoration Service that includes identity theft, fraud protection and breach resolution through a separate, third party that can be added to any of your FNB Community Bank accounts. This add-on service (a) requires your explicit authorization to add these Identity Fraud Protection Services (‘opt-in”), (b) charges a separate monthly fee ($8/month) and (c) can be cancelled at any time.
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