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March 2019

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We're on our way to Spring now, and with the sunshine and glimpse of warmer weather to come, it seems like many of us are already smiling more, and shedding the layers of clothing and tension that the long cold winter left us with. March 20th is the official first day of Spring, when nature starts to turn a corner, and when you too, may begin to feel ready for the growth that Spring inspires.
The transition from Winter to Spring means that the seeds, intentions, and ideas you've planted this winter that have been laying dormant conserving energy, will soon be ready to take action, and come to fruition! With this seasonal transition in mind, we've designed a line-up of events, workshops, and offerings to support you in getting the most out that inertia, and moving with ease & focus through this shift.
Our 40-day Yogi Challenge is on right now and there's still time to sign up! This is a great way to build sustainable habits that will help you to prepare and have an inspiring start to the new season! This is not your average yoga challenge: from now until April 9th, we encourage you to commit to or bring in new habits, that deepen your yoga practice on AND off your mat (like having a gratitude practice, or making a meal for a friend), rather than attending daily classes at the studio. PLUS our Challenge is FREE to sign up! Read more & sign-up to join the team of inspiring yogis, HERE!
A new workshop coming up in just a few weeks (right after the Equinox), is all about tuning in to your deeper desires and learning to listen to your inner guidance, to direct your actions towards supporting your goals and desires. Live What You Desire is a yoga, meditation, and Desire Mapping workshop to bring focus, and tools to your life off your mat. Then at the end of the month, we're excited to bring back a FREE offering that will help you to shed that extra winter weight and baggage - of Clothes and Clutter you might be holding onto! Join our Mindful & Minimal Clothing Swap on March 30th for an educational and fun, cost-free shopping experience. And as we move into April, we're back with our always popular Yin & Pin event, for the Spring edition to help you align with the new season, and create ease in the body through the transition. Then at the end of April, we've got another new offering to help you build more alignment, awareness, and tap into the stored energy of your spine!
Last, but not at all least, this coming of Spring and growth has already begun within our team here - with the addition of our a few new members to our team. Teacher Rowan Rocskar has taken on a regular class, and we have a New Studio Manager Nellie Big Bull! Nellie has been a part of our community for a few months, so you may have already met her, but she will be at the studio even more often, and starting to take on some of our communications, so you'll be hearing from and seeing her around soon!
We look forward to moving into this season of growth, expansion, renewal, and change (especially in the weather) with you, and hope that our offerings support you in whatever way you need to ease into Spring!
With Gratitude,

The Yoga Mix
EXPAND YOUR PRACTICE with unique classes and workshops

Saturday March 23, 2:00-4:30pm   DesireMap    
with Veronica Thai   
$54 regular, $45 Early-bird (paid by March 17)  
PLUS get a FREE 30 minute follow-up coaching session!  
Tune into your heart's desires, and learn to lead the life that you want. Through yoga, meditation, and Desire Mapping (from Danielle LaPorte) you'll gain tools to access a consistent connection to your inner compass, and build trust in yourself to make decisions that align with what you truly desire.
Saturday March 30, 3:30-5:00pm         ClothingSwap 
with Marni Richelle      
FREE Event! 
Join us for an educational, Fun & FREE evening of learning about minimalism, yoga philosaphy & how you can simplify to focus on what's really important in your own life. Then share in the experiene of shopping without spending a dime!
Saturday April 13, 3:00-5:00pm       YinPin  
with RYT Leanne Shannon and RTCMP Heather Thompson      
$50 regular, $40 early-bird (paid by March 31) 
Align with the Spring season, through Acupuncture and Yoga!  In this special edition of Yin & Pin, we connect with the season of Spring, the element of wood, and the meridians of the liver and gallbladder, to deeply nourish your body, mind & spirit.  This event regularly sells-out, so be sure to sign up soon & save your spot!

Saturday April 27, 3:00-5:00pm        
Align Your Spine AlignSpine
with AlĂ« Veffer       
Price tba 
Strengthen and mobilize your spine in this simple and practical workshop where we focus on specific yoga asana designed to create space along your central axis so you leave feeling lighter and longer. You'll learn about the natural movements of the spine, and how to stay safe, supported, and supple for continued full-body mobility, energy and vitality. 

Series Classes
SPECIAL INTEREST classes & SMALLER GROUP sizes to focus on your needs 
Next Series classes start soon & open for registration!
              Prenatal Yoga                                    Baby & Me                                      Yoga for Kids               
                                       Starts March 6                                                   Starts March 11                                     Thurs. start March 14, Tues. is still on!                                                           
Family Yoga                                             Boomers Yoga           
          Next class March 31                                                             Starts March 6                               
Bringing YOGA OFF YOUR MAT and into your life     
Our Team is Growing!
We're excited to be welcoming two new members to our team this month: Rowan Rocskar has joined our regular teaching team, taking over the Rise & Shine class on Wednesdays. Rowan's been regularly subbing classes with us for a while now, and brings a fun, explorative energy to every class she teaches!

And a face & voice you'll be seeing & hearing lots more of soon, is our new Studio Manager's: Nellie Big Bull! Nellie has been a student with Yoga in Bowness, and on our Karma team for a few months. We're very excited about having her take on this bigger role, and looking forward to you getting to know her. Please give a warm welcome, and feel free to introduce yourself to this beautiful smiling face when you see her at the studio or around the community next! A note from Nellie to you:

Hello Yoga in Bowness Community!
I've had the opportunity to meet many of you already and can definitely say that I couldn't be more blessed than to get to serve such an amazing group of people. Since joining the Yoga in Bowness community I was immediately taken in by the down to Earth and inclusive energy at here. I began my Yoga
practice in 2009 when my son Caius was 6 months old. Yoga spoke to me from that first class, especially because I couldn't seem to stay on my mat and fell over multiple times! Yoga was and continues to be a sacred space that I can go to that is just for me, that grounds me and places me exactly where I am supposed to be. I am most connected with the goodness of life and my own spirit when I am present in breath on my mat. I have a background in Holistic Nutrition and am passionate about the little things that we do, one day at a time, which nourish our whole selves. I believe yoga is one of the greatest gifts that we can give our spirits, hearts, minds, and bodies and I am over the moon excited to get to be immersed in the Yoga community on a daily basis. Thank you to those I have met so far for the warm and wonderful welcome and I look forward to meeting each and every member of the YiB community in the coming months! As a Bownesian at heart and a Yogi for life, it is the greatest gift and opportunity to be entrusted with the responsibility of caring for this studio and for all of you.

Feature Class: Rise & Shine
Each month, we'll be highlighting one of our regular drop-in classes, so you can get a better sense of the diversity in yoga types and styles, and learn what classes might suit you best through the changing seasons and conditions of your life.

This month's Featured class is Rise & Shine, which runs on Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays from 6-7am! Yes, those early mornings can be tough - especially when it's been as cold as it has - but getting out of bed is the hardest part, and you'll soon be warm, energized, and ready to take on the day after this uplifting practice! Each class is always a bit different, but consistently with an emphasis on breath techniques, movements, postures and sequences to build energy for your day ahead. Starting your day in this way will provide you with the focus, energy, drive, and confidence to get through whatever the day has in store for you. But you don't have to take our word for it, try it out yourself, and you'll immediately notice a difference!

Sign up for class online now, or just show up and get your day started in a .

If you've left behind any items in the past few months, it's likely waiting for you in our lost & found bin - which is now home to many water bottles, yoga mats, clothing items & more! Please be sure to pick up your left behind items ASAP. All remaining items will be donated on March 15!
We're Hiring Karma Team Members!  
Are you passionate about yoga and the benefits it can bring to people's lives? Do you love our community, and want to play a bigger role in it? We are looking for a few enthusiastic people to join our Karma Team - where you'll exchange 4 hours of work / week, for unlimited access to our Drop-in classes, and team privileges and discounts on other services and products.  Email Nellie at for more information. 
Our Intro to Yoga classes are on each month, on the first & last Saturday of the month, from 1:30-2:30pm, and are BY DONATION! This class gives new students an opportunity to build the foundations of the practice in a safe and supportive environment, and continuing students to come back to the basics, and get out of bad habits that might have developed. Students PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN and teachers donate their time, so that 100% of the proceeds from this class can go towards other local organizations in need.  
The next Intro to Yoga classes are on Saturday March 30 & April 6. You can sign up online for FREE now, by CLICKING HERE, or just show up! 
Early-arrival & Signing in Online 
Some classes have been picking up and getting busier again, so we'd like to remind you of our policies, and ways you can ensure you'll be able to enjoy any class you come to. Please arrive early for classes: anywhere from 20 minutes - a minimum of 5 minutes before class. With the busier classes, it's even more important to arrive early, to ensure your spot in the class, and so you can get in and get settled without rushing or disrupting others. Once we reach our maximum limit of 20 people (or fewer for our series classes) in class, additional students may not be permitted to attend. You're always welcome to come in early, set-up and enjoy some quiet time in the studio, or have a tea and conversations in our reception area before and after classes too.
You may also find it helpful to start using the   online sign-in option for our drop-in classes to reserve your spot, and keep yourself committed to your practice. Online sign-ups for drop-in classes will be reserved only until 5 minutes to class. If at that point, you are not there, and there are others waiting, your spot will be given away, though you will not be charged for the visit.  If you like to plan your classes while you're on the go, then try out the FREE MindBody App. Simply log-in, search Yoga in Bowness, and our classes & your passes will show up there, so you can sign-in while you're out and about. For guidance on how to sign-in to classes online, ask us to show you on your next visit.

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We welcome your feedback. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to ASK A YOGI.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in Yoga - we truly are a better community because of you!