Spring is coming quickly and that means so is the time to clean up your lawns and shrubbery.

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  • Spring is a very volatile time of year weather wise. Be on the lookout for fluctuations in temperature and moisture conditions and plan accordingly.

  • Mid-February through end of April is the prime time to fertilize most landscape plants to prep them nutritionally for the late spring-summer growing season.

  • Spring is one of the best times to plant trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals but keep in mind that summer is right around the corner. Summer often requires additional watering if the weather turns dry and hot -- like our climate is usually prone to do.

  • Spring -- especially mid to late spring -- is when a lot of pests emerge. Insects like the warmth, but so do many disease pathogens. Be on the lookout for anything odd looking on the trunks, branches, stems and leaves of plant material. Identify what type of pest it is (insect, fungus or other disease) and treat accordingly. There are many reputable online sites for pest identification and treatment methods. The local extension service can often help you with this service as well.


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