It's Spring in Sonoma!
Let's Talk About Food!
(Actually, anytime is a good time to talk about food!)
We all sometimes need help with quick and easy tasty meals for the family. What better time than Spring, when we start getting more fresh local veggies, to get some new recipes and ideas?

Clients can call Yeny Lucas, Community Health Educator at 707-308-1664
or email Yeny at
to register.
Did you know the CalFresh EatFresh website is now in English and Spanish?

Clients can "Ask A Dietician" questions about food and nutrition through Chat Online on the site.
Free Nutrition Classes
for Clients:
The Northern California Center for Well-Being is conducting FREE nutrition education classes for parents of young children. Clients can choose between online, self-paced modules, or virtual Zoom classes to learn strategies for eating for health, saving money on groceries, feeding picky eaters, and more. Each class also features a healthy recipe demo.

Share the flyer with your clients:
Celebrate Spring at the Farmers Markets
Food, ACEs
Nourishment and Language
Our Sonoma County ACEsConnection
serves to bring the community together to prevent, heal, and treat ACEs while promoting resiliency. I was happy to find PACEs and Nourishment on their site recently. Food is one of the 6 interventions identified by Dr. Nadine Burke Harris to help heal dysregulated stress response caused by exposure to ACEs.
Nourishment helps build Resiliency.
Now Let's Go Eat!
PACEs and Nourishment recently featured a link to a fascinating article by Katie Martin about Scarcity Mentality as it applies to Food Service Agencies, exploring how we can- and should- move from Deficit Based to Strength Based language. Recognizing and promoting the strengths we bring to the table, even when we are going through tough times.
Before I let you go... If you don't know about Leah's Pantry please click on the link below- Leah's Pantry specializes in Trauma Informed Nutrition Security.
Thanks for reading! Liz George, Sonoma County Perinatal Services and Maternal Child and Adolescent Health Coordinator Please let me know if there is a subject or local resource you would like to hear more about.