Jane Pennewell's Trend Watch                     Spring 2013//Volume 8, Issue 2
Jane spring 2013
Jane, ready to welcome in spring!
Image Counts!

Like it or not, we are judged on our appearance by our bosses, clients and coworkers. Image and success are inextricably tied. Individuals who pay attention to their appearance are more likely to receive recognition, promotions and respect. A good image sells you, without a word being said! I can help you with color analysis, personal shopping, wardrobe assessment, and makeup consultations. 

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Dear friends old and new,


Winter has moved on and I am ready to celebrate! Though we marked the new year months ago, isn't it in springtime that all is renewed?


Think about this as you transition your wardrobe. Find ways to liven up what you already own. Choose a few new pieces in brighter shades that enhance your complexion. Embrace bolder designs. Most importantly, have fun. Now is the time to experiment!


Here are the trends I'm seeing this season: 


Whites and delicates: When it comes to suiting up or dressing for an important event, lean toward this season's array of lace, veiled, embroidered, and eyelet pieces, all in sun-bleached shades of white and ivory. 

Embrace stripes: Throw out the antiquated notion that stripes are unflattering, because this season they're in. Whether curved, chevron, horizontal, or vertical, on dresses, casual wear, or ball gowns--it's time to show your stripes off. 


Eastern influence: Hoping to add flair to your wardrobe? Look no further than this season's Eastern-inspired outfits. Whether opting for a vibrant Oriental-themed wrap dress or a skirt in an eclectic Indian print, you'll stand out wherever you show up.


Pantone's color trends for spring.


Add a little frill: It might sound...frivolous...but consider adding a little frill when searching for evening wear. You'll want these sleek ruffles--used by the likes of Balenciaga and Gucci on the runway--to be more architectural than sweet. They look best when added to the shoulder of a dress or the hem of a skirt, and in strong shades like black, white, or gray.


Beautiful beading: After the fur and embellishment of fall and winter, it's no surprise that I saw beautifully beaded scarves, skirts, dresses, and accessories on the spring runways. With influences from India to Russia, these stunning pieces look best in those bright pops of color that work well with your palette. Think canary yellow, magenta, blues in all hues, and jade. 


Statement accessories: Loud and fashionable sunglasses. Bohemian jewelry in vibrant colors. Bold, heavy metal bracelets, rings, and necklaces. Contrasting black and white shoes and clutches. I say, take advantage of this season's eye-catching accessories and stand out!

Tory Burch's extravagant jewelry on the spring runway.


As always, should you need any help this season, I am happy to assist and look forward to working together!



With warmest regards,


Jane S. Pennewell 

From France to Feng Shui: 
Francoise Courty-Dan 

Francoise Courty-Dan has created an eclectic life for herself.

Born in France, she taught high school and trade classes before moving to California. Stateside, she transitioned to international television and then documentary film, and also worked with her husband at his law firm. But she felt unfulfilled in her work in the legal field and was compelled to find her true mission. Looking back to her childhood, Francoise realized "Since I was very young I have been interested in the power of energy under all possible forms." Her father, an expert in the renovation of old homes in the South of France, gave Francoise her love of buildings.
"I still love the smell of cement and lumber," she adds. "It brings back wonderful memories of visiting project sites with him."
A natural caretaker and teacher, Francoise's soul-searching took her to Feng Shui. More specifically, Classical Feng Shui. The term "Feng Shui" literally means wind-water (direction-energy) and is about 4000 years old. It is understood to represent the directional flow of energy, a recognition that 
Francoise before her fateful meeting with Jan

nothing in the world is in stasis, that all around us is a flow of energy that we can either impede or incorporate into our own dynamism. Classical Feng Shui principles facilitate the productive coursing of energy through the conduit of our lives.

After discovering Classical Feng Shui, that was it. Francoise studied this ancient art and science for three years and has been operating her business, One World Feng Shui, out of Los Angeles ever since.

Her first session with Jane occurred spontaneously in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, this past November. While vacationing with her husband, Francoise encountered Jane and the two connected right away. "The more we talked, the more we realized how much we have in common," she says. "I admire Jane and have so much affection for her."
The more they talked, the more Jane also realized she could help Francoise with--her hair, bleached and damaged by daily swimming. Jane organized a ladies' day at the salon and led Francoise in boldly choosing a dark blonde hue she hadn't seen on herself since her teenage years.

Delighted with the results, she knew she had to have a full consultation. So this past February, Francoise flew to DC to see Jane.

"Who doesn't want to look better or maximize his or her appearance?" she asks. "Jane is gentle and strong at the same time, extremely professional and lots of fun. She revolutionized my perception of colors, and she makes me laugh."
In turn, Francoise provided Jane with a Feng Shui consultation at her home, an eye-opening experience for Jane. Having lived there for many years, Jane learned that the house's energy needed to be redirected. "The biggest challenge is that Jane belongs to the East life group and lives in a home meant for a West life group person, meaning, unfortunately, that nearly everything needs to be turned around." The changes the two could make at the time, however, helped, and they both look forward to working together on Jane's next home.
Looking radiant in a shorter, lighter, and more stylish cut.

For now, Francoise is taking what Jane has taught her and hitting the road. Having just returned from a charity trip to Ethiopia and a Classical Feng Shui presentation in DC, she is looking forward to Mexico, Europe, and Iceland before the Summer. Some of which is for work, some for fun; her rule is always to combine both.

"According to Classical Feng Shui, this year is all about travel for me," she adds, smiling.
Which means if your home could use reorganizing and more harmony, Francoise is only a plane ride away.
And this year, she says, "I always have a suitcase handy and am ready to go!"


Jane Welcomed as Consultant at Michael Thomas Clothiers
Jane recently signed a contract with Michael Thomas Clothiers, DC-based providers of high quality hand-tailored clothing for men and women. As a consultant, she will be advising MT Clothiers' customers on the best colors, patterns, and styles for their wardrobe.

Those who have worked with Jane will be happy to know her tailor, Mohibullah Halim, will be joining her at MT Clothiers. Halim also serves as the head tailor at nearby Bloomingdales.   
Renovations will take place next weekend at MT Clothiers. Due to an increase in business, the store is expanding and building a new office to welcome both Jane and Halim.

MT Clothiers can be found at:


1300 Eye Street NW #103E

Washington, DC 20005
Monday-Friday, 9-6 pm
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