March/April 2019
Hi Everyone,

It feels important to reinforce some very simple, and yet very powerful practices(that’s been known to our ancestors, and more recently been acknowledged by science) for their profound benefits on
our health and well-being.
One of the practices I want to remind you about is
harmonization of the Heart and the Brain .
Heart - Brain Connection...

Not long time ago scientists discovered that …
Our Heart has its own “Brain”!
They found a network of about 40,000 specialized cells within the heart(sensory neurites), that act similarly to the cells in the brain:
they learn, remember and think!
When they looked even deeper into this mystery they found that this “little brain” in the heart acts independently from the brain in the head, and that our heart has much more influence on our brain than we thought!
They’ve also measured electro-magnetic field of the heart and found that it’s 100 times more powerful electrically then the brain’s,
and … are you ready to hear this!?…
5000 times more powerful magnetically!!

Our heart radiates the field of enormous magnetic power. And it’s through this field that we magnetize or attract to our lives that which
we FEEL in our hearts!
“Realization of your wish is accomplished by assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled.” - Neville Goddard
(“Feeling is the Secret”, book)

When our thoughts are not in alignment with our emotions, when we feel one thing in our heart but think or believe “it’s impossible” in our head, or when we think too much and don’t trust what we feel, it creates confusion, unease, and disconnection, and we feel it in our bodies and lives.

We came here into this world with desires in our hearts to create, to express,
to experience and contribute.
If the deepest desires of our hearts are not acknowledged and fulfilled, and
continue to stay overshadowed by the fear, doubts and agendas in our heads, we can never be truly happy and self-realized.

In state of harmonization our brain(following the signals of the heart) starts producing and activating life-enhancing chemistry in the body to heal faster and live longer.
We start thinking clearly and able to process information fast(without filtering it through logic and ego).
When our heart and brain are harmonized we have access to our deepest knowing, wisdom, intuition, compassion and our
soul’s deepest truth and gifts.

If this resonates with you and you are eager to find out how to harmonize your Heart and Brain, click on the link below(at the bottom of this newsletter), or here , and Gregg Braden himself will guide you through this simple but very powerful practice.

“Get out of your head and into your heart.
Think less, Feel more.” - Osho

With LOVE,
Dr. Tatiana

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you would like to attend(I don't send the reminders)
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Wednesday, March 20 | 6 pm
Experiential Immersion into
the Sound of the GONG and BREATH!

"There is nothing of greater advantage to you or that links you more powerfully with the SOURCE from which you have come
than that of your BREATHING." - ABRAHAM

Join us for a powerful hour of Breath and Sound!
In the first half of the hour you will experience empowered breath rhythms associated with different states of consciousness. It will prepare and
open you body-mind to follow the vibrations of the gong and journey further into
the inner dimensions of your BEING!

Join  Dr. Tatiana Agafonova  and  Dawn Epstein  for this experiential
Immersion into the healing powers of Breath and Sound!

Only 12 spots available!

TUITION : $20*

 Wednesday, March 20 | 6 PM
         Please RSVP:         
or call (941)953-2209

Private Yoga Studio
(the address given upon registration)

*Half of the proceeds will go towards a scholarship to Khalsa Youth Camp. Read about it here:

NET of LIGHT Gathering and Meditation
(Usually every third Thursday of the month)

Thursday, March 21 | 7 pm
and April 25 | 7 pm
(in April it will be on the forth Thursday)
From "Our Love is Our Power" , by Sharon McErlane :
"The time of Earth changes, foretold by ancient teachings is upon us. At such moments in history, the Divine comes to Earth to intervene. This time has been referred in many cultures as the time when God the Mother will return to earth. An aspect of the Divine Feminine (energy of Yin ) has come to Earth in the form of the Great Council of Grandmothers . Their mission (and ours) is to restore the Feminine Principle of energy back to our beloved planet, which at this time suffers from a depletion of the energy of yin and an over supply of the energy of yang. "It is time to return to balance, and for this women must lead. Women must take the first step. It can be no other way." The Grandmothers ask us to participate during this time by casting the Net of Light . The Net of Light is lit by the hearts of those who hold it, lit by the sacred places on earth, by the saints, sages and avatars who have come to uphold our planet at this time and by all those who love life and gladly serve."
"The Net of Light will hold the Earth steady during the times of change." - they say.
Who are the Grandmothers? watch HERE
What is the Net of Light? watch HERE

If the message above resonates with you, please join us!
235 N. Orange Ave. Suite 102


 Please RSVP: or
or call (941) 953-2209

Join US and
Experience Your EXTRAORDINARY Self!

Sunday, April 7 | 9:30am-6pm
"An activity to help me drop from my Mind to my HEART." - Mike Bommer, participant

The Clear Day is the time when we come together to BE, to connect with ourselves, each other and the Field, we come to play, to allow what's real to be revealed, and to celebrate our unique differences and profound oneness. It is time when we amplify, experience and then anchor, through our bodies, the ENERGY of greater awareness and new possibilities as our new baseline of living!
"With each Clear Day experience, awareness of my mental, emotional and physical essence and the Field becomes deeper. This last Clear Day brought an intimacy with the Field that I have never experienced before.
It was extraordinary!" - Sandy Taylor
"A wonderful deepening of my connection with the field"
- Betsy Bommer
"CLEAR the entire day, and it can clear whatever blocks you've had all your life." - Alan Fisher
"I felt embraced with loving kindness and extreme skill"
- Marlene Dailey
“From beginning to end it was absolutely LOVELY. I loved every minute and am so grateful.” - Susan S.

So, Anyone , who feels with all their heart and soul it's the time to untangle from the layers of stories and illusions, it's time to go deeper and experience one's essence and reveal your truth to the world, please JOIN US !
This is an incredible opportunity!

"I loved every bit of content. The last entrainment was amazing, and I do feel more connected to divine consciousness." - Dawn Epstein
"It was the most transformative Clear Day I've ever experienced. I felt a shift which took me to a new level. Thank you!" 
- Manuela Witts
"A breath of fresh air, a balm on my Soul" - Karen T.
"...Moving, loving, transformational, re-connecting.." -Winnie K.

This Clear Day will consist of NSA Entrainments, SRI(breathing) sessions, mini-talks, meditation time, lunch(included) and much more.

Sunday, April 7 | 9:30 AM-6 PM

To Be Announced

Early Registration Adult $225 (ends on March 31)  
General Registration Adult $255

for more information and questions contact:
or call (941) 953-2209

Gregg Braden again! In this 12 min audio he explains about
Heart and Brain harmonization, why it is so beneficial for us
to practice it, and teaches you how to do it!
This is an excerpt from one of the episode of the "Missing Links" that I've mentioned below. So good!

Listen to the audio HERE

Fascinating! Heart/Eye-opening!
Truth revealing, and Hope giving!
You can sign up with for 99¢ for the first two weeks to explore the whole series. It's so worth it!
Gregg Braden connects the missing links between science and spirituality to complete our understanding of humanity’s history, the origins of civilization and our interconnectedness
with all things.

Watch the first Episode HERE

TRANSCENDENCE is a new docu-series that explores the current state of our physical, emotional and mental health in a captivating new way. It will take you on a journey into the ‘self’ like no other docu-series before! You'll hear an incredible stories of transformation from Jim Kwik - the world expert in accelerated learning(this one made me cry), John Robbins - author of "Diet for a New America", Novak Djokovic - #1 tennis player and winner of 15 Grand Slam single titles, and many others.
We enjoyed the whole docu-series tremendously!
Highly recommend!
You can sign up right HERE and watch
first two episodes for FREE.

Watch the trailer HERE
Happy International Women's Day!
and Much Love to All!

Look forward to seeing you soon :)

235 N. Orange Ave. Suite 102
Sarasota, FL 34236