March 2021
A Note From Beth

Happy March! Spring is on it's way!

Winter has sure been kind to us this year with 50-60 degree days in January and February! Even though they predicted 6 more weeks of winter...each day, the sun is up a little bit longer, and the temperature grows a little bit warmer. Be sure to get out and enjoy the outdoors each and every day. Even a short walk can boost your spirits.

We know it's easy to feel out of control with your health with all the changes in our lives right now. Be sure to read below about how to turn your home into a health club and redirect your lifestyle! Wellness coach Suzy Lewis has some great tips!

Be sure to read our tips on how to prevent breakouts and skin issues under your mask!

Have you gone on to Instagram and guessed Danielle's due date yet? One lucky winner will receive a free facial! Guess HERE!

We've got some great specials this month at the spa! Be sure to call the spa and reserve your appointments. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Beth & The Skin Essentials Team
Beth Pestotnik
Treatment of the Month
Putting Your Best Face Forward
There is something about this time of year that makes our skin dry and flaky! The highs and lows in temperature can sure be confusing to our skin! Bring back that healthy glow to your skin with this month featured facial:

Lift & Glow Facial

This treatment includes Microdermabrasion and a relaxing 4 Layer Facial that will drench the skin with valuable nutrients and vitamins.
Price: $170 | VIP: $155
*BONUS!! Enjoy a FREE sample of the new Essentials Polish & Perfect to keep your results up at home!
Boost your Spirits with Aromatherapy!

This Choose from Lavender, Eucalyptus or Peppermint! Make self-care a priority and add a hand and foot treatment with your next massage for only $35!
Product of the Month
March Mask-ness!

This is a great time of the year to incorporate a little extra exfoliation into your skin routine! We love Environ's Revival Mask. Try the following recipe once a week!
1. Cleanse face & neck with Refresh & Awaken
2. Gently exfoliate for 1-2 minutes with Polish + Perfect Scrub
3. Apply Environ's Revival Mask and leave on overnight.

Enjoy all 3 products this month for only $152
Exciting Things This Month at Skin Essentials

Have you gone on to Instagram and guessed Danielle's due date yet? One lucky winner will receive a free facial! Guess HERE!


Congratulations to Lead Aesthetician Shelley Poynor for her outstanding service and commitment to Skin Essentials! We LOVE you!
Injections with Dr. Greene
Are you in need of a rejuvenation boost?

Nothing helps reducing fine lines better than neurotoxins. If you have never tried Botox®, now is the time.

Injections with Dr. Greene.

Tuesday March 2nd and March 16th.

Ask us about how Botox® can help you look younger!
Beth's 6 Tips To Prevent Mask-ne!

Did you ever think we would be living in a world where we are required to wear a facial mask every day? I have clients of all ages, asking me what they can do to prevent breakouts. Try following these 6 tips to help you avoid breakouts and other issues that can develop under your mask.

  1. Cleanse your skin twice a day. Did you know our skin is the dirtiest when we wake up? Be sure to wash your face both morning and night!
  2. Try not to wear makeup when wearing your mask. I don't know about you, but I sure have not been wearing much makeup this past year... If you can, skip makeup when wearing your mask. If not, be sure to always choose a mineral makeup like Jan Iredale
  3. Wash those masks. To reduce the spread of bacteria, be sure to wash or replace your mask at least once a week. Keep your mask in a plastic zip lock bag or somewhere other than the bottom of your purse or door of your car!
  4. Replace your mask with a Masque. Be sure you are exfoliating your skin every 2-3 days. This will help with dead skin build up and keep your skin smooth and blemish free!
  5. Add a spot treatment to your day or night routine. Mandelic Acid and Sulfur are tow great ingredients to spot treat problem areas. Try our Sulfur Spot treatment which can add an instant fix to red or inflamed areas. Mandelic acid is effective for folliculitis (ingrown hairs) as well as acne because of its amazing anit-bacterial, anti-fungal, and exfoliating properties. Choose from 6 or 8%. Stop by or call the spa today!
  6. Be sure to get your monthly facial. Now more than ever, your monthly skin treatments are essential! If you don't have a treatment plan, call us and we'll be happy to help!
Wellness Article

It's easy to feel out of control with your health with all of the changes in our lives right now. Would you like to learn how to turn your home into a health club and redirect your lifestyle? All of us at Skin Essentials care about YOU and your total health and wellness! Please check out our wellness offerings and some helpful tips from Suzy.
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