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What happens in the dunes stays in the dunes, unless you read our post! 
Spring makes it sooo easy for us to notice & relish the good stuff....
....blooming flowers, greenery everywhere, buzzing bees, bare feet in grass and our pets' blissful reactions to this season.  But spring is fleeting.  (That's why we love it so, yes?)  Spring also brings cleaning, gardening, home repairs, creating new newsletter formats (we hope you like this one!), and other obligations.  Your delightfully fresh, post-hibernation thaw can be tarnished by to-do's.

Rusty & I have been thinking about this one, big time.  Together, we vow to have a woofin' good time, in the moment, whatever the season, regardless of obligations.  Yes, fleas will bite (or try their darnedest); walks will sometimes shorten as mom gets busier; and we may be separated by travel schedules.  But we're not waiting for the perfect someday to have some fun.  We'll find those sweet spots to savor together.  We will create them: break out the bone-shaped pool, puppy sleep-overs & spontaneous beach trips! We will mindfully notice magic moments as they present themselves: squirrel on the fence (what?!), a shared salmon lunch & hanging in the backyard-turned-office.

Paws-in-dirt poodle
Wanna join us?  Try this:  Grab a pen & paper.  (Yes, kick it old school & ditch your devices.)  Step outside with your pet, perhaps under a tree.  (Go barepawed & barefooted for this.)  Sit comfy with your pet, on their level.  Think about what you both love to do, separately & together.  Write whatever pops into your mind - NO pausing to self edit or question.  (Example: If you don't know why you're compelled to write "red dirt" down, don't judge, just write.  One of my clients later found her dog digging in red dirt in CA & her feet in red soil in Hawaii.  It was healing for them both.)  Just write a whole freakin' page with pure abandon.  Cold outside?  Get a comfy blanket & keep writing.  Pup's pestering you?  Get her a chewy but keep her nearby.  You need her input.  Keep writing.  Done?.....

You rock.  Now read what you wrote.

I'll bet that your list has a few intuitive, spring-inspired surprises in store for you & your pets.  (Digging toes & hands into dirt is great for everyone!) Keep your list; post your list; trust your list; consult your list - often.  Pick a fun to-do daily - prioritize & schedule list items into your planner, if need be.  (Gadgets allowed for this.)  Just take a break & go do it.  So necessary....so sweet!

No-regrets Rusty 

We practice what we preach, sometimes with embarrassing results.

But who cares?  Not us!  Read on: 

"Magic Markers:
Memorably coloring life's fleeting moments"
Fresh finds

This part of our new newsletter combines foodie news, fave products, local stuff, great reads, science & soul updates, and humor.  Why? Because we believe that healthy food, smart stuff & silliness feed us - mind, body & soul.

What we're not eating:  Wylwood frozen broccoli; Smallbatch Pets' frozen dog food; Fromm's canned dog food, canned tuna (Bumble Bee and Chicken of the Sea); pistachios; Applegate's chicken nuggets; and Purina's Beneful & Pro Plan dog foods (no recall needed to avoid Purina's low quality foods)

Rusty digs authentic " crazy bitches", creative fetch games & long beach walks.
What we're totally digging:  TheBark.com came up with some adorbz ideas to keep pets safe in the garden.  Lili Chin's online shop is brimming with really cute new designs.  And Jess Rollins dug up a toy that squeaks as it dispenses treats.  Rusty says, "Booya!"

What we're decidedly not digging
:  TakePart.com reports that "toxic BPA was found in a majority of canned food packages".   And Linda Cole wrote a great piece for Canidae.com on mushrooms that are toxic to dogs & cats.

What we're watching:  Check out Michael Pollan's beautifully watchable docu-series for Netflix, "Cooked".  It will inspire you to rethink your food sources & get your hands dirty in the garden.

What we're reading:  The humbly brilliant Eileen Anderson just published her book, "Remember Me?: Loving and Caring for a Dog with Canine Cognitive Dysfunction".  And local superwoman extraordinaire, Shirley Zindler, has a new non-profit rescue, Dogwood Animal Rescue Project.  Yay!  They're publishing coffee table books of Shirley's amazing beach dog pics.  All proceeds benefit spay & neuter projects.  What a great gift!

What's got us laughing?  This delightful classic:


"See and seize life's magical moments!"
  ~Ruth Hagen 
Ruth _ Rusty 
Ruth Hagen is a writer, a mindfulness coach & an Intuitive Pet-life Guide (IPLG)™.  She's a positive, science-based pet behavior consultant with 25 yrs. in the biz.  She's also an empath & an intuitive - with a unique ability to fuse science & soul into mindful healing-learning moments for pets & bipeds.  Rusty is her sweet poodle-muse.

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