Its been such a busy year that (oops!) I realise this is the first newsletter I've got around to sending.Meanwhile,  lots of new work has been added to the website, with more in the pipeline, and I've been working on some fairly innovative opportunities to get my work seen.

So, if you happen to see my work on a giant billboard in London next time you're there, that's because I was recently accepted to become one of just 35 or so artists represented by a super-select, boutique online art gallery,, who advertise across a selection of prime-position electronic billboards in the capital. It was slightly surreal to see a massive version of one of my paintings on display in a very busy road in Kensington recently, I can tell you! I've also been invited to exhibit at The Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead - full details to be confirmed once logistics have been considered -  which is great news. More exhibition details below but first...
New work for Spring

Getting up very close and down to ground level seems to has been one of my themes this year...exploring texture and light where foliage is at its most complex. 

Here are just a few examples -  two of these can be seen in the Henley exhibition (below) until 5th May. Click on the images to zoom in or see all my  Recent work online.
A new challenge I set myself, this year, was to have a go at portraiture - practicing on family you see...myself. Looks like I just stepped through a brand new painting-portal because I find I absolutely LOVE working on human (and animal!) subjects and am now open for commission work.

My approach to portraiture, a painstaking and deliciously challenging genre, is to seek to convey the light shining out of the subject; not just through the eyes (though these are a detail I love to portray) but the gleam and softness of flesh, texture of hair and that particular radiance that comes  from the personality and deep within. I also enjoy working with symbols and, in these two examples, the background tells as much of a narrative about the subject as they do; my self-portrait is literally packed with symbols that say something personal about me - playful stuff. Am very happy to discuss this kind of work with anyone interested in getting a piece commissioned for posterity.

Click images to view in detail and you can see even more Portraits online.

HACG Spring exhibition, The Old Firestation Gallery Old Market Place, Henley-on-Thames

Open to the public 25th April continuing until 5th May.

This event tags onto the Henley Art Trail between Saturday 2nd - Monday 4th May, so an ample opportunity to visit many more, hugely diverse, artists and venues in the locality over the Bank Holiday weekend. For more information and a map, visit The Henley Art Trail website.

The Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead - TBC
Provisional dates 10th - 14th June

Don't forget you can view - and purchase - work direct from the artist; just send me an  email to explore all the options.