Children’s Aid (CA) has served New York’s families, children and teens in high-need neighborhoods for nearly 170 years. Its innovative work as a “powerhouse of solutions” has made it one of the largest, most influential, and successful child welfare organizations in the country. Public acclaim for its work remains unabated. In 2017, Children’s Aid was recognized – twice – for its impact: the prestigious Robin Hood Heroes Award and a Nonprofit Excellence Award (Gold Medal) from New York Community Trust.
These awards were preceded by deep strategic reflection and intensive work designed to re-calibrate its service delivery model. CA commissioned three discrete projects to reinforce its new focus and direction. For help, they turned to The Whelan Group to:

  • Refine their five year Strategic Plan,
  • Design a new charter school governance strategy, and
  • Enhance their institution-wide fundraising office's performance.
After all, you don’t get to be a healthy 170 years old without the occasional tune-up.