What if we all gave on one day to women's empowerment? 

      What if each of us, who discovered what we deeply care about, would commit to making a difference?

     We can on April 22, 2015 for Spring2ACTion, Alexandria's Giving Day!


     Join hundreds of EWI friends and supporters on April 22nd for a day of giving and inspiration. 


      Spring2ACTion is a 24-hour online event that encourages everyone to contribute to Alexandria's nonprofits through a single online giving platform. 


     Our goal is to raise $100,000 by midnight. We need your support to make it happen.


     The funds will support over 100 low-income women in EWI's entrepreneurship training, mentoring and financial education.


     Many thanks to Mason Hirst Foundation for their matching grant of $1,000 for EWI's Spring2ACTion campaign. 


      No gift is too small to participate in Sprin2ACTion. Every donation gives EWI a chance to win up to $40,000 in grants and prizes.


     Support EWI by saving the date and making a donation online on April 22nd at www.spring2action.razoo.com/story/Ewi-Community-Of-Friends.


     Learn more at www.spring2action.org. April 22nd is the day to give! Thank you for your continued generous support.


Onward and Upward,

Marga Fripp  

Marga C. Fripp

Founder & Chief Visionary

Empowered Women International




We are thrilled to announce the winners of our essay contest "How EWI Touched Your Life" for EWI's Spring2ACTion campaign. 


Read their powerful stories below and learn why women's empowerment is critical now more than ever before.

Congratulations to our 1st place winner, Jameela Alter!

"Thanks to EWI, I've not only come to realize how blessed and fortunate I am, but also that I need to cast aside the shadows of those who told me what I can and cannot do and realize my dreams." 
J ameela is a published author and an amazing artist and educator.  She was born in Calcutta, India, during a time when everything white and western was considered superior, "simply the best". Read full story.


As for our runners up, congratulations to Karen Webber Gilat!

 "Dream big....and then dream BIGGER! For growth to occur we need to step out of our comfort zones."

As a freelance teacher, visual artist and cantor, Karen knew she already had a business. But she needed additional support to overcome several challenges, thus allowing her business to truly thrive. She knew she needed to address her business in a calculated and systematic way. Read full story.

Congratulations to runner-up, Aida Mady!

I was invited to attend some of EWI events and it was a 'love at first sight'. With training and mentoring from EWI, Aida was able to successfully launch "Cooking and Beyond" in 2012. She brings with her a unique entrepreneurial spirit rooted in rich culture and passion for the art of baking. 

Aida is a world class  g ourmet chef entrepreneur and owner of catering company Cooking and Beyond. Read full story.

Many thanks to all the incredible women who submitted essays. You continue to inspire us with your stories of resilience and your passion! 

Stay tuned for reading our contest participants essays during S2ACTion campaign. We have dedicated a post to each of these changemakers, and are proud to call them all EWI alumni changemakers.