Registration for Spring2ACTion 2020 is Officially Open

Let's give together and raise $2M+ for Alexandria!

April 29, 2020
Why Participate in Spring2ACTion?
Cost effective for nonprofits:  Spring2ACTion is an effective way for nonprofits to raise money online and attract new donors. The planning and execution of this campaign preserves the limited resources of our nonprofits, while raising important funds to sustain the services in Alexandria. 23% of all donations were new to nonprofits!

Easy and fun for donors:  It is an online marketplace for donors to make quick donations. During Spring2ACTion anyone can make one or multiple donations to their favorite nonprofits, find new ones or fundraise for a cause they are passionate about.

BIG voice for all nonprofits:  This day leverages the power of PR and a community-wide marketing campaign, bringing awareness and attention to the entire nonprofit community - more than one nonprofit can do alone.
For our 10 year anniversary, we are planning extensive marketing, advertising and outreach, matches and prizes, live training sessions and useful resource materials to help you build capacity and reach new donors. There will be a nominal nonprofit participation fee of $30 to make this important day sustainable, while growing the reach and impact of the campaign.  Learn more here
Upcoming Workshops
Live trainings are a great way to learn more about developing your Spring2ACTion campaign strategy and connecting with other nonprofits.

Our first session will be January 28th from 9-10:30am on "Making Spring2ACTion Work for You." In this training we'll cover how to build a Spring2ACTion plan that is unique to your organization and your needs, effective at achieving your goals, and aligned with the resources you can commit. With working time to complete a "Goal Setting Canvas," you'll leave this workshop with an outline of your campaign goals and framework. Additionally, we'll cover how Spring2ACTion is just one day on a larger donor journey, and provide the tools and resources to sketch out a "Donor Journey Map" to guide your plan for your donors year-round.

Also check out upcoming new trainings focused on free agent fundraisers, social media, storytelling, and more.
"In 2019 the event helped us raise approximately 30% of our annual income thanks to individual donations and the matching grant we received...right on target!"

Questions about Spring2ACTion? Contact Brandi Yee at