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Nov 12 - Board of Education Meeting, 6:00pm (@SHS)
Nov 13 - No School (Daytime Conferences)
Nov 25 - Nov 27 - No School (Thanksgiving Break)
Nov 26 - Thanksgiving Day
Dec 1 - Safety Committee Meeting, 3:00pm (@Central Office)
Dec 2 - District Parent Council Meeting, 9:30am (@SJHS)

Bus Driver Reads to Clearcreek Students

Karen Borgemenke, a bus driver for Springboro Schools, is often one of the first to arrive at Clearcreek Elementary with her students in the morning. Being a few minutes early to school allows Karen the time to engage the students on her bus, before they can enter the building. Mrs. Borgemenke uses this time to read to the students on the bus before they start their day at school.

“This particular school year, there are less students on the bus,” said Karen Borgemenke in reference to some students electing to not use the bus for transportation or choosing the district’s at-home learning model, in light of COVID-19. “With less students, my route is shorter, so rather than impact the parents’ schedules and adjust route times, I thought it would be nice to keep the same route times, get to school a few minutes early, and read to the kids with that extra time.”

Karen will visit the Clearcreek Elementary Library every week to select books that interest the students. Once the bus arrives to the parking lot and parks, Mrs. Borgemenke will stand towards the front of the bus, with the students remaining in their assigned seats, and read aloud to everyone. Mrs. Borgemenke will often engage the students, both Kindergarten and 1st Grade, in asking them questions about the particular book.

As a former teacher and now a parent, it means so much that (Karen) used that down time to show the kids literature, as well as to give their day a positive start,” said a parent of a student on Mrs. Borgemenke’s bus.

“The students all seem to really enjoy it. It’s a great use of time, and I like the idea of getting to know my students more, and for my students to know their bus driver more,” Mrs. Borgemenke said. Mrs. Borgemenke was recently awarded the Clearcreek Elementary “Positive Panther Award.”

In addition to her duties as a bus driver, Mrs. Borgemenke also serves as a FIRST LEGO League Robotics Coach for students at Clearcreek Elementary. FIRST LEGO League introduces science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to children through fun, exciting hands-on learning. 

Flight & Space Class Takes Off
Mr. Makras' Springboro Junior High School (SJHS) Flight & Space Class launched gliders outside to learn about what all controls flight. The students researched, printed out designs, and created their own gliders to test flight.
Jordan Gilkison Earns State Title

SHS Senior Jordan Gilkison recently won the State Championship in Division-I Boys Golf, which took place at the Ohio State Scarlet Course. Gilkison birdied on 18 to close out the season, and ended up winning by three shots with a second-round even-par 71.

“I don’t know if I can describe it in words,” Gilkison said. “Something I’ve worked for my whole life and I’m just glad I was able to pull through.” Gilkison tied for fifth last year in the State Tournament and entered this year's final round in third place, two shots off the lead. However, Gilkison was the most consistent player of the weekend with a 72 and 71 for a 1-over-par 143 total.

Coach Justin Martin said, “The only thing I told (Jordan) was after he made that birdie putt on 18: ‘You’re a state champ.’”

Pumpkin Globes at Five Points
Five Points' students participated in a fun and engaging project designed to connect their learning in social studies. After learning about maps, students in Mrs. Baratko's class focused on a map of the world. The students then learned about the seven continents and oceans, as well as landforms.

The class completed their unit by making pumpkin globes. The kids did such a great job and had a blast with the pumpkin globes.
Five Points Gives Back to Community

Oct. 23 - Oct. 31 was "National Red Ribbon Week," a Drug and Alcohol Prevention Campaign observed by schools and organizations annually across the United States. In addition to themed dress days, Five Points Elementary hosted a canned food drive for the Springboro Community Assistance Center (SCAC) with the slogan “Be Happy, Be Healthy, We CAN Be Drug Free."

Students from every grade level brought in needed items for our local food pantry, which supports many families in our community. Volunteers then picked up the items from Five Points Elementary to deliver them to the SCAC.

Thank you everyone for your support!
SHS Senior Earns JP Scholarship Award

Congratulations to Springboro Senior Joey Kopp, who was the recipient of the 2020 JP Scholarship Award from the Baroque Violin Shop in Cincinnati. The scholarship prize is a brand new instrument, valued at $5,000 on up.

This award was created in memory of owner Paul Bartel’s wife, whose mission was to ensure talented musicians in our area have the proper tools to succeed. Joey Kopp is pictured here at a Dayton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra rehearsal, where he plays principal viola (1st chair).
Scribble Art
Springboro High School (SHS) students recently completed 2D "scribble portraits" with Mr. Berwald.

Aerospace Gliders at SHS
After studying Aircraft Control Surfaces (center of gravity and airfoils), students in Mr. Broderick's Aerospace Engineering class were tasked with designing balsa wood gliders.

The students spent a week modeling, cutting and then sanding every edge of their glider before launch. After slight modifications, most student gliders doubled their initial flight distance!
District's Week-to-Week COVID-19 Data Dashboard

Springboro Schools will be posting the number of confirmed, positive COVID-19 cases for both students and staff, throughout each school building, within a one-week time frame (this is not a rolling total), as is required to be reported to the State of Ohio. Each week's data, for the current school year, will be archived for view.

PLEASE NOTE: Students/Staff who are listed as quarantined are NOT considered a confirmed, positive COVID-19 case. The district is required to follow State of Ohio and Warren County Health District (WCHD) guidelines, in regards to quarantine protocols. Any student/staff that has met state and county health guidelines on possible exposure, will be quarantined. Any student/staff member listed as quarantined, is NOT a confirmed, positive COVID-19 case.

AP Research Students' Capstone Projects

Fifteen (15) SHS AP Research students conducted their first round of poster presentations and elevator speeches for district administrators, teachers, and staff. Each student focused his/her research on a variety of topics, including: Mental Health Education, Social Media/Political Polarization, How Diet Affects Students’ Mood, Leadership, The Impact of OCD/Anxiety, and Multicultural Literature/Racial Perceptions. 

SHS Teachers Bridget Lewellen and Gail Dauber put together a format for this activity, which involved the following: each student had 3-4 minutes to explain his/her topic or focus, research question, and initial research approach to an adult; the adult would then have 2 minutes to ask questions or provide feedback to the student; and then the adults would rotate and start all over again with another student. One of the AP Research students was able to present online, as an at-home/virtual learner in Model B.

The students will complete multiple rounds over the course of the next few months during the school year, in order for them to see the progression of their research throughout the entire research process.
Student Health Services

As a reminder, Springboro Schools has a dedicated Student Health Services Web Page. Each of our schools has a Registered Nurse (RN) in the school clinic. Their goal is to promote health services and education for all students. Educational outcomes for students are impacted by physical, social, and emotional health, and our school nurses serve as liaisons between education and health care, linking the school, home, and community. 

Healthy children make better students and better students make healthy communities. You can find all school health forms under the Student Health Forms page, as well as parent guides and resources on our COVID-19 page.

Student Health Services Staff:

District Nurse
SI Clinic Nurse
(937) 748-6054
SHS Clinic Nurse
(937) 748-6025 

Junior High Clinic Nurse
(937) 748-3960 Ext. 2401

SI Clinic Nurse
(937) 748-6052
Five Points Clinic Nurse
(937) 748-6093 

Dennis Clinic Nurse
(937) 748-6073 

Clearcreek Clinic Nurse
(937) 748-3958
Area Eligibility Extended On
Free/Reduced Meals

A new statewide update regarding area eligibility during the COVID-19 pandemic has been issued, as it relates to meal distribution in school districts throughout the State of Ohio.
This policy provides guidance to a) National School Lunch Program (NSLP) School Food Authorities operating under the Seamless Summer Option (SSO) or b) Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) sponsors about expanding area eligibility during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) meal distribution process.

Under this new guidance, lunches served to ALL students will be at no cost for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year. Details are listed below, as to the specifics on what constitutes a school lunch under this policy.
Lunch at No Cost Includes:
Grades 1 – 8:  Entree, grain, choice of 2 different vegetables, 1 fruit & milk
Grades 9 – 12: Entree, grain, choice of 2 different vegetables, choice of 2 different fruits & milk.
Students must select a minimum of 1 fruit or vegetable + 2 other items to be considered a lunch meal. Students are encouraged to take all 5 components (entree, grain, fruit, vegetable & milk). All students will be charged for ala carte purchases, just as they always have been.
Families are still encouraged to submit free/reduced meal applications to ensure that they do not lose their free/reduced status at the conclusion of this statewide policy. This is very important, as there is no guarantee when funding for this statewide policy will expire.
This policy is effective immediately and remains in effect until June 30, 2021, or until expiration of the federally declared public health emergency or until funding is depleted, whichever is earlier.

 Kathleen Poor, Food Service Director
937-748-3950 (x4664)
SCAC Will Continue to Help Community Families In Need During COVID-19 Pandemic

Springboro Schools will continue providing meals to families on a weekly basis, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Students who are on Free/Reduced Lunch or apart of the “Boro Backpack Program” will still be able to receive food thanks to the Springboro Community Assistance Center (SCAC). Springboro Schools has been in contact directly with these families throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, regarding details on food pickup and distribution.

Free/Reduced Lunch with Springboro Schools:
Meals Picked Up Are Intended to Last One Week

Mondays (3:00 - 4:00pm)
Springboro Community Assistance Center (SCAC)
1629 S. Main St. Springboro, OH 45066
Perishable, Meats, Dairy, Cleaning Supplies, & Boxed Food Only

Please know that the SCAC is here to help all families that are in need during this time. We understand there are a lot of families that have not used a food pantry before, and this can be uncomfortable at first. It’s safe to say that this is a first for almost all of us. 

Also, the Springboro Community Assistance Center (SCAC) will provide further details on their Facebook page. 

Thank you to the City of Springboro, Springboro First United Methodist Church, Springboro Eagles, the district's Food Services Dept., as well as the Springboro Community Assistance Center (SCAC) for making this possible.
Class of 2021 - Senior Information
The SHS Guidance Office is posting important information for our Senior Class of 2021. Be sure to visit the webpage to find out all the latest information.

Did You Know?
This section will share facts from our Treasurer's Dept.
Did you know? Springboro Schools implemented a Cost Containment plan during Fiscal Year 2020 (FY20), that is projected to save nearly 5 million over 4 years.

Reductions include; overtime, staffing, contracted services, and supplies. The reductions are in response to anticipated annual deficit spending.

The District currently spends 27% less per child than the state average, and 40% less than similar Districts. Even with continued cost containment efforts, the district anticipates deficit spending annually. 
Interested in viewing more?
Springboro Schools Featured in Springboro Neighbors Magazine

Each month the Springboro Neighbors Magazine releases a new edition. Springboro Schools will have an advertisement and article in each edition, in order for the community to learn more about the great stories happening in Springboro.

Student Safety Reporting App
The district Student Safety Reporting System now has an App, "Stay Safe. Speak Up!"

This is tied to the same safety reporting system used by Springboro Schools. It is just now offered as an App for convenience. Download it today from your preferred App Store.
Share Your Story Idea

Have a story idea? Share it with Springboro Schools!
While we prefer to know about events or activities before they happen, we still encourage you to share your story afterwards. Please send us a summary of what occurred and any photos you may have taken by e-mail to the Communications Coordinator, or by filling out a Story Idea Submission Form.
Cell phone photos are acceptable, however we prefer them to be horizontal and at least 1024 x 768 pixels. Low quality, or out-of-focus photos, run the risk of not being usable. Please note, if you send the district photos, any students visible in the photos must have a signed media release on file for the current school year. The main office in any school building will have this information.

COVID-19 Resources & Guidelines

Springboro Schools is committed to protecting the health and safety of our community. The steps we are taking in response to COVID-19, as a district, are guided by the recommendations from the medical experts of the State of Ohio, the Ohio Department of Health, the Warren County Health District, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These steps are in the best interest of the students, parents, and staff of Springboro Schools, as well as our surrounding community.

Below is an updated list of resources and parent guides to view during this time. More information can be found on the district COVID-19 Web page.


How Parents Can Support Teens During Shelter-In-Place


Student Safety Reporting
If you believe your child is being bullied, harassed, or you suspect any type of suspicious behavior, contact your child’s principal or report the incident through our Student Safety Reporting System.

PeachJar is an electronic flyer communication tool that will send you emails regarding important PTO information and other district and community updates.

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